Yotpo vs. Shopper Approved – I Sell For Both Companies

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of both Yotpo and Shopper Approved. However, we are also customers: so everything that we say here is based on real data!

Are you struggling to choose between Shopper Approved and Yotpo? If yes, then let me help you decide! My name is Fransisco and I am the owner of Planet Marketing. I have been working with both Yotpo and Shopper Approved for years and have referred hundreds of people to both companies. To prove that I send business to both companies, here are my affiliate links: Yotpo Link and Shopper Approved Link. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Giving you a table comparing Shopper Approved and Yotpo.
  2. Show you why online reviews are important.
  3. Compare Yopto and Shopper Approved.

Yotpo vs. Shopper Approved Table

Gets Your Star Ratings in Google Ads and Google PLAsPrice Per MonthGet it Now!
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Shopper ApprovedYesDiscount is built-in for Planet Marketing fans.
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Why Online Reviews Are Important?

I work with both Yotpo and Shopper Approved, as well as many other third-party review websites. So, why are online reviews important?

  • Most likely you have an e-commerce website, and you’re looking to increase CTRs and ultimately sales. Online reviews help you increase sales for your e-commerce websites.
  • Most people now first look up a business online before making purchases. In this way, reviews have replaced word-of-mouth as a driver of commerce.
  • Data from online reviews is used by Google and other Search engines to Seller and Product ratings.

Store Ratings

Currently, there are 31 Google-approved third-party websites that can do seller reviews. These are the star reviews that come out in your Google AdWords text ads.

Product Rating

There are only 12 companies that are approved by Google to do product reviews. Product reviews show up in your Google organic and your Google Shopping PLA ads within AdWords. Both Yotpo and Shopper Approved are authorized by Google to do seller reviews and product reviews. There are a handful of other companies that can do it, but this specific blog post is about the differences between Yotpo and Shopper Approved.

Shopper Approved vs. Yotpo

Since I work with both these companies, I have a lot of people who contact me about what is best for them. A lot of it comes down to what the e-commerce company needs and the pricing. Yotpo has now been around for about four years. Well, at least I’ve been working with them for about four years. With Shopper Approved, a little bit over three years, closer to four. The pricing for seller reviews and product reviews are a lot different (we’ll get to that part in a bit).


Before we start talking about product reviews, I want to go over what makes the price high for one company compared to the others.

Yotpo: Price fluctuates but is at around $700/mo

Yotpo has a free version, but you really can’t do anything with it. It’s very limited. And then they have a Premium option. Yotpo’s price is based off of the number of sales that you make per month, and what that really means is your price is going to fluctuate. They do not actually display their price, which is rather bad! With many of the people who I’ve talked on live chat with who are complaining about Yotpo being too expensive, their rates usually start around $400 per month or more.

Shopper Approved Pricing: Cheaper than Yotpo

Shopper Approved is the cheapest if your are looking for Store Ratings. They are also the cheapest for Product Ratings. Shopper Approved is definitely cheaper than Yotpo. Though they no longer display pricing on their website, you can get a 30 day free trial by signing up using our link. You also get a great Shopper Approved Offer if your sign up using our link. 

NB: However, you can get Shopper Approved at a cheaper price by signing up using our link! We have negotiated a great discount for you!

Disclaimer: We are Shopper Approved affiliates and could get paid should you sign up using our links!

Shopper Approved doesn’t have any outside funding, so they don’t have to pay back any investors; whereas, Yotpo has raised an additional $51 million recently, but a total of $101 million so far. So I guess that’s what warrants a much higher price, because Yotpo has to pay back their investors. With this funding, Yotpo will have an addition of 150 employees, bringing total Yotpo’s to over 400 employees.

In the end, almost every e-commerce company that I talk to only needs to get stars on their Google AdWords ads and their PLA ads, aka Google Shopping.


So how do you compare apples to apples (Yotpo vs Shopper Approved)? Well, what Google does is tell all of these companies to submit the reviews via an XML format. The image to your right (on desktop) below (on mobile) is what an XML feed looks like.

Here’s the actual format that Google requires: https://developers.google.com/product-review-feeds/. Google doesn’t make a special exception for any of these companies. All of them must submit the same format, otherwise the reviews will not show. So to compare apples to apples, you have to look at what really matters, getting stars on your Google AdWords ads to lift sales. You can basically ignore all of the other types of features that these companies try to upsell you on to make themselves look different. In the end, the XML feed needs to be the same. FYI – If you ever want to change review companies, you can export your reviews from one company and import them into another company.

If you look at Yotpo’s features, they’re going to show you things like analytics, maybe an Instagram curation program, some type of enhanced SEO (which does not make sense, since I am in SEO and these stars have nothing to do with SEO). So with these features, most likely you’re not ever going to use them. They look pretty at first, but in the end the owners of these e-commerce companies only care about sales. They could get a lot of this “Yotpo analytics” information through your Google Analytics, which is free.

Shopper Approved does not have as many features as Yotpo

Shopper Approved doesn’t have as many features, and the reason I send a lot of business to them is most companies that I talk to are only interested in getting reviews, not a lift in SEO or any other things. And by the way, these reviews go into Google AdWords, which has nothing to do with SEO. If you look at the image above, Yotpo shows a PAID ad and says it’s Enhance SEO.

I call BS! Even if you get product review stars on your Google organic listings, the stars themselves are not what increases your rankings. What increases your rankings is something called the click-through rate. So if Google sees that your listing on the organic searches is getting a lot of clicks, then it will increase your ranking for that particular keyword. The stars itself aren’t a ranking factor, but it does help increase click-through rate, which can increase your Google organic rankings.

Shopper Approved’s Store Ratings … these are the ratings that show in your AdWords CPC text ads … are some of the most affordable if you sign up using the PM link. Yotpo will not release their information, but I suspect they start at $400 a month. In the end, the only thing that matters is comparing apples to apples and to see if Yotpo or Shopper Approved meets your requirements. Again, I sell for both companies, so I’m unbiased. If you are a small company doing less than a thousand transactions per month, you may only want to look at Shopper Approved, because it’ll fit your budget. If you think about it, over a whole year, that’s about $2,000 versus $5,000. If you have any questions about which to choose, go ahead and email me or hit me up on live chat.


I do like Yotpo, don’t get me wrong. But I think they are a big enough company to handle some good criticism from a real marketer. Also, here’s a  Yotpo review from a developer named Mik at Miksmusic saying:

Your every sale is reported to Yotpo. Yes, you heard me right. The sales records along with your customers personal details are sent straight to Yotpo and (supposedly) remain there indefinitely.

If you want a demo for Yotpo, call John-David Klausner >>> USA:+1 646-927-0546 | Israel:+972 (0) 587-435-435

Here is a table of Yotpo’s competitors. Check out Shopper Approved as an alternative.

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