Planet Marketing’s Vision Statement

The Planet Marketing vision is to be recognized as a leading marketing blog providing first-class education, recommended tools, and marketing services to help business owners get sales through online marketing.

“Planet Marketing is an internet marketing company specializing in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Remarketing, and SEO. “

Francisco Meza

We get our clients qualified leads. We mainly work with local, national, and international service-based businesses. Our job is to get you leads; your job is to close them.


In 2006, Francisco (the owner) began to market online. Although he still worked in corporate world, Francisco started off marketing on Craigslist.

Current Business Mix

Currently, 1/2 of our business is servicing clients with internet marketing while the other 1/2 is focused on passive income coming from our blog and our courses.


We love internet marketing and we want to focus on building courses that make money for anyone on planet Earth. 

Francisco lives in San Diego, CA (USA). The rest of the Planet Marketing team lives in Mexico, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, & India. Francisco delegates a lot of the work to the team so business owners don’t have to pay Americans top dollar for results. For instance, if you need to upgrade a small website, an American website development company will charge $3000 MINIMUM. With Planet Marketing, the same site may cost $1000 (depending on the scope). Francisco is the head of the company and works directly with business owners in USA. The work is done by the rest of the Planet Marketing team. 

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