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Facebook Ads

We specialize in highly targeted Facebook Ads and Facebook Remarketing. These are the ads that you see called “Sponsored”. Most of our Facebook Ads marketing campaigns are for locally-based companies. Watch our video to get an idea of how we do it. If you are interested in learning how to do Facebook advertising, check out our Facebook course.

Google Ads

We have been doing Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) since 2007. We KNOW Google Ads very well. We use it for CPC text ads, banner remarketing, YouTube marketing/re-marketing, and Google Maps ads! If you are interested in getting more sales out of your Adwords marketing, watch our PPC video. We also can help you with Bing Ads (Bing’s version of Adwords).


The objective of our SEO marketing campaigns is to get you leads, phone calls, or online sales. Ranking for money-making keywords is our number one objective. We care less about what Google uses as ranking elements in their massive algorithm and more about what kinds of sites and pages tend to perform well. We don’t take on SEO projects in super-competitive industries.

Seller Ratings

Need to get an edge on the competition? Want Google on your side? Get Google Seller Ratings on your CPC text ads and Google Shopping. 

  • Get Seller Ratings to display on Google
  • Increase CTR
  • Decrease Cost-Per-Click
  • Increase Conversions

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