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Are you struggling to fill your dental clinic with customers? Have you been wondering how do marketing for your dental clinic? Now, before you pack your bags and move to another town or another country, I am here to tell you that you can rediscover your crowning glory through Facebook Ads. Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency. My company specializes in Facebook AdsGoogle Ads and Remarketing. I have been in business for over two decades, and in all that time, I can safely say I have seen it all. I decided to write this article to help dentists who may be struggling to find customers for their practitioners. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of dentists and have become quite familiar with marketing in the industry. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you a brief introduction to Facebook Advertising
  2. Show you how to create Facebook Ads for your Dental Practice.

Introduction to Facebook Ads for Dentists

Facebook advertising has really taken off over the past few years. That’s not surprising, considering that Facebook is one of the biggest social networking platforms that can be found out there. Many businesses around the world have adopted the platform as one of the best when it comes to reaching out to their customers. But, should dentists advertise on Facebook? The answer to that is YES, for the following reasons;

  • Facebook is the biggest social media site. The platform has over 2.5 billion monthly active users. And this number continues to grow on a daily basis. But what does this mean? Well, it simply means you will not have problems finding the right kind of audience on the platform.
  • Facebook is great when it comes to advertising local businesses. Dentists, like restaurants and bars, can only hope to draw clients from so many miles around the physical locations of the businesses. And this clientele tends to be fiercely loyal. This can be both a curse and a blessing for Dental Practices. A curse in that it can be difficult to draw customers whose loyalties are already elsewhere. And a blessing in that once you have build up a loyal following, they will remain with you for a long time.
  • Facebook Ads can be really targeted. If you are afraid that your ads will get lost in the sea of Facebook users, then you need not be worried. That’s because Facebook allows you to precisely target your audience. But what does this mean? Well, there are many targeting parameters available on Facebook. You can narrow down your audience based on such issues as age, language, demographics, gender and interests.
  • Advertising on Facebook is affordable. In fact, you can reach hundreds of people on the platform for as little as $10! The same cannot be said of other advertising channels, such as Google Ads. So, there is really no excuse for any business not to advertise on Facebook!
  • You can learn to create your own Facebook Ads. Yes, Facebook Ads are something that ANYBODY can learn to create. That’s what this article is for, to get you on the way to creating your own kick-ass Facebook Ads. We have also created a Facebook Ads Marketing Course, for those that are interested in learning how to create their own Facebook Ads. We can also setup Facebook Ads on your behalf if you wish to have use get the ball rolling on your behalf.

How to create your own Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads are created in Ads Manager. You can sign into Ads Manager using your personal Facebook login details. There are basically 3 steps involved when creating Facebook Ads for Dentists;

  • Create a campaign,
  • Setting up the Ad Set
  • Creating the Ad

1. Creating a Campaign: Choose a Campaign Objective

Creating a Facebook Campaign is a simple enough process. All that you need to do here is choose a Campaign Objective. The Campaign Objective needs to be carefully considered, however. That’s because your choice of Campaign Objective determines how your ad is going to be set up. Facebook provides you with 11 Campaign Objectives. You can only choose one per campaign. The following are the available Campaign Objectives when creating Facebook Ads for Dentists;

  • Messages
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • Store traffic
  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales

Best Campaign Objective for Facebook Ads for Dentists

What’s your Facebook Ads Campaign Objective?

A number of the Campaign Objectives that are outlined above could work when creating Facebook Ads for Dentists. It all depends, of course, on your goals. What is it that you wish to achieve with your campaign?

  • If you wish to have people message you to book for appointments, you may choose; “Messages,” as your Campaign Objective.
  • Perhaps you are new in your area and would like to advertise your presence. If that is the case, then “Brand Awareness,” would be the best Campaign Objective for you.
  • You may also have created a video in which you advertise your services. Should that be the case, then “Video Views,” will work very well for you.
  • Perhaps you wish to take people to a landing page or to your website. If that is your goal, then “Traffic” would be the best Campaign Objective for you.

For the sake of this example, I am going to choose Brand Awareness as the Campaign Objective for my Facebook Ads. My assumption is that you have just landed in the area and are looking to build a relationship with potential customers around you.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook now gives you the option to set a daily campaign budget soon after choosing you Campaign Objective. You can see what I mean in the above screenshot. Note that this budget is for all Ad Sets. How much are you going to be willing to spend on your ads per day? You can also set budgets within each Ad Set.

2. Setting up the Ad Set

Setting up your Ad Set

This is the second stage when creating Facebook Ads for Dentists. The Ad Set is important since it is where you come up with your targeting parameters. Essentially, it’s where you define, create and narrow down on your target audiences. In the “Audience,” section, you can choose to either create a new audience or to use one that you already have saved. The following are some of the settings that you will need to fill out in this section;

  • Ad Set Name: This can be anything so don’t stress over it.
  • Create a New Audience: Come up with the target audience to whom you wish to have your ads delivered.
  • Locations: Choose where you wish to have your Facebook Ads delivered
  • Age: Choose the age groups that you wish to target for delivery of your ads. For this example, we are going to target people who are between 18 and 65. The age range that you choose can be different. You may, as an example, only target people who are over 50.
  • Gender: Do you wish to have your ads delivered only to a particular gender. Perhaps you are looking to target only women. This would be appropriate if your company manufactures gender specific products, such as perfumes.

Detailed Targeting

Detailed targeting options

To edit any of the sections that are mentioned here, simply hover your cursor over the relevant section and then choose “edit.” The Detailed Targeting section is important, as far as targeting your audience is concerns. It’s where you really narrow down on your audience. You do this using the following parameters;

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

Exclude People or Narrow Audience

Note that you can exclude people using the relevant section under “Detailed Targeting.” You can also further narrow down on your target audience using the relevant section. As an example, you can choose to target people who have shown an interest in Cosmetic dentistry AND Dental hygienist. If a person has chosen only one of these options, then they won’t have your ads delivered to them.


For this example, we are going to let Facebook automatically set placements on our behalf. If you are wondering what Placements, are, they are simply the places where your Facebook Ads will be shown. If you choose Automatic Placements, then your ads will be shown across Facebook’s network of apps and services. This includes on such places as Instagram and on Facebook itself.

Budget and Schedule

Most people, particularly those that own small businesses, are afraid that advertising on Facebook is going to break the bank for them. However, that is hardly the case. I have already mentioned that advertising on Facebook tends to be cheaper than on other platforms, including Google Ads. So, how much do you need to spend on Facebook Ads for Dentists? Well, there is no set answer for that.

My advice is to start small and then build it from there. You can, as an example, start with a daily budget of $10. This should allow you to optimize your ad and see what’s working and what’s not working. Once you have come up with that kickass ad that everyone want’s to see, you can then boost your spending to make sure that it’s reaching the right kind of audience. By then, you should already be reaping the rewards by getting an increased number of customers for your clinic.

Set a start and end date

Have a timeline for delivery of your Facebook Ads

If you are on a budget, I advise you to set a start and end date for your ads. What you don’t want to do is to forget that you are running your ads and have them continue showing even when you no longer wish them to. Many people do this. They only realize what’s happening when Facebook bills them for their ads. So, setting a start and end date means you have control over when your ads are going to be delivered.

3. Creating the Ad Itself

This is the final step when it comes to creating Facebook Ads for Dentists. The Ad is important, since it is the one that people will see. You need to put a lot of effort, therefore, to make sure that it is up to scratch. That’s not saying, however, that it needs to be professionally crafted. Far from it! You can actually create an armature ad that goes viral on Facebook. It’s Facebook, after all, and there are no editing police waiting around to arrest you. What I mean here is that you can get away with being lighthearted, as far as your Facebook Ads are concerned. The key is to be as creative as is possible to attract people’s attention. If you have doubts about coming up with an ad that people will actually want to see, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Anyway, the following are some of the sections that you need to work on as part of the process of creating a Facebook Ad for your Dental practice;

  • Ad Name: Again, this is nothing to stress about.
  • Identity: You can use your Facebook Page or your personal profile.
  • Format: Choose any of the available formats. Facebook Ads can be in the form of a Carousel, a Single Image or a Video.
  • You can create Video Templates under Media. Video Templates are created using images. Facebook states that they may perform better than single image ads.
  • Text and Link: Here, you type in the text that will appear on your ads.
  • Add a website URL to your ad


So, how do you track the performance of your Facebook Ads. Well, if this is what you are looking for, you can do conversion tracking using Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel needs to be added to your website. When that is done, tracking can then be done.

Get in Touch

Note that I have given you the bare bones as far as creating Facebook Ads for Dentists is concerned. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch or enroll for my Facebook Ads Marketing Course. You can also choose to have me set up things on your behalf. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to start advertising your Dental Practice on Facebook.

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