Trustpilot vs TrustSpot + Alternatives

Are you looking for the best company to handle online reviews for your business? Have you been wondering which, between Trustpilot and TrustSpot, is the best for you? My name is Francisco and I am here to help you decide. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you a Trustpilot vs Trustspot + alternatives comparison table.
  2. Talk about why online reviews are important.
  3. Compare Trustpilot and TrustSpot.
  4. Give you two alternatives to Trustpilot and TrustSpot.

Trustpilot vs TrustSpot + alternatives price comparison table

Store Ratings to Google Product Ratings Price Get it now!
Trustpilot Yes Yes $349/m
TrustSpot NoNo$29/m (no syndication of seller
and product reviews to Google).
Shopper Approved Yes Yes Get a Discount!
Sign up using our link!
Plus 30 Days Free! Yes Yes $29/m for early stage startups

Why online reviews are important

Online reviews are all about creating trust. Not only do they help convince consumers to buy from you, but they also form part of the data that is used by Google and other search engines to generate Star Ratings.

Why you should get star ratings

Reviews help you get star ratings

Reviews are great for displaying on one’s website, or when they are read on the reviewing company’s website. However, a better manifestation of the process involves those seemingly harmless stars that appear in Google Shopping, in organic traffic and in Google AdWords.

Star ratings are a favorite topic of ours on this blog, and you can read more about them in any one of tens of articles; including this one, which talks about how to get star ratings in Google AdWords.

Google Approved Online Review Aggregators

When it comes to star ratings, the ones that matter the most are Store Ratings and product ratings;

Store Ratings

An example of Store Ratings

So important are these ratings that Google has put together a list of 32 companies that are approved to aggregated Store Ratings into Google PLAs and in AdWords. Store Ratings are something that we explain in detail in the article that we have given above. Needless to say here that they are about a business as a whole, and not individual products.

Product Ratings

There is also another list, this one containing 23 companies, that have been approved to syndicate Product Ratings. Product Ratings cover individual products that, as an example, may be on your online store.

Tustpilot vs Trustspot: Which is better

Comparing any two companies is never an easy task. However, we are going to take the plunge in this article for the sake of our readers. So, what are some of the similarities and differences between Trust Spot and Trustpilot and which company is better than the other?

1) Trustpilot is approved for both Seller and Product ratings

Trustpilot is on the list for Store Ratings

If you are looking for star ratings in your AdWords ads and in Google Shopping, then Trustpilot is the best of the two companies. That is because it is approved to syndicate both Seller and Product ratings. You can check that out by revisiting the lists that we gave earlier.

2) Trustspot is nowhere on the list

Trust Spots on the other hand, is nowhere on the lists. This tends to be a deal breaker for those that wish to have star ratings in paid.

3) Both companies can push star ratings in organic traffic

You will notice, should you visit the Trust Spot website, that the company is able to push rich snippets in organic traffic. Though this is useful, it, in reality, is something that even you can do on your own (with a bit of effort, of course).

You can read about the process in our article on how to get star ratings in Google Organic and Google shopping.

Trustpilot has both organic and paid search covered, as far as star ratings are concerned, which makes it the clear winner for this round.

Trustpilot vs Trustspot: Pricing

TrustSpot is cheaper than Trustpilot

If star ratings in paid search are not your major concern, then you will be interested to note that TrustSpot is, by far, the cheapest of the two companies that we are looking at here. The company’s services begin at 79 Euros per month, which is cheaper, when compared to Trustpilot, which charges around $299 per month.

Trustpilot vs TrustSpot: Trustpilot has a higher price, but offers the services that we are looking at here

We do have to emphasize, however, that the fact that TrustSpot is not able to push ratings into paid search tends to be a deal breaker.

If you are interested in checking out TrustPilot, feel free to do so by following this link. However, before doing that, you may wish to check out the alternatives.

Alternatives to Trustpilot and TrustSpot

Still not convinced about Trustpilot and TrustSpot? Well, in that case, here are two alternatives that also offer great services as far as the management of online reviews is concerned;

Shopper Approved

Although we have given Trustpilot as the clear winner in the battle with Trust Spot, the good news is that there is an even better company, when it comes to online review syndication.

Shopper Approved is, without doubt, the best Trustpilot alternative that you will be able to find out there. The good thing about this company is that, unlike TrustSpot, it is actually licensed to push ratings for both organic and paid search. You will, therefore, find it in both of the lists that we gave at the top.

Shopper Approved: Pricing

The thing that makes Shopper Approved so popular is that it has found a winning combination of affordability and service. You get a big discount when you sign up for Shopper Approved using our link. What’s more, you also get 30 days free! is a great Shopper Approved alternative

This is another great alternative to Trustpilot and TrustSpot. The great thing about (same as is that the company is approved by Google for both Seller and Product Ratings.

If you are an early stage startup, you can expect to pay as little as $29/m. However, everyone else will need to get in touch with Reviews to get a quote.


Hope this article has been of help to you. We have to say, worked with quite a number of companies that offer online review services. And of these, the ones that appear at the top are some of the best. At Planet Marketing we have, as an example, referred a number of people to Shopper Approved and all of them have expressed satisfaction with the services that they have received.

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