Trustpilot vs Bazaarvoice + Alternatives

The thing that you may not realize is that, as far as getting Star Ratings in Google Shopping and in your AdWords Ads is concerned, your success is very much going to depend on the company that you choose to do business with. Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice are, without doubt, two of the biggest companies that can be found out there as far as online reviews are concerned. The fact that you are here probably means that you have been struggling to choose between the two, in which case we are going to help you make the choice. Not only that, but we are also going to take a look at Shopper Approved, which, we believe, is the best alternative to Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice.

Star Ratings and why they are important.

We have previously produced quite a number of articles on this blog in which we talk about Star Ratings and their importance in today’s business environment. The system, which is based on five Stars, may appear simple at the onset, but its impact as a way of attracting customers tends to be rather outsized.

Star ratings can exponentially increase your Click Through Rate (CTR), by telling your potential customers that your business is a reputable one, which they can freely work with. You can get more information about Star Ratings and how to get them by following this link.

Comparing Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice

So, how do Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice compare against one another? Just take a look at this Trustpilot vs Bazaarvoice head to head.

A bit on Seller and Product Ratings

Google collects the data that it uses on its star rating systems from a number of sources, including companies that it has approved to aggregate and push online customer reviews.

Store Ratings

There are 32 companies that have been approved for Store Ratings, which means that they are able to push online reviews for your business into Google Shopping and in Google AdWords. This is a useful way through which you can help boost your business. You can check out the full list of companies by following this link.

Product Ratings

The same situation applies when it comes to product ratings. There are about 23 companies that have been approved to aggregate and push them into Google PLAs. You can check out that list here.

Both Bazaarvoice and Trustpilot can push Seller and Product Reviews

What you will note is that there are companies that have been approved to push both product and Store Ratings, and Bazaarvoice and Trustpilot fall into this category. This is great, for those that wish to have both of these services under one roof.

Bazaarvoice does not advertise its pricing structure

If you go hunting for Bazaarvoice’s pricing structure on its website, then you are likely to be greatly disappointed. The company does not actually advertise any of its plans on its website, which probably means price is not the biggest of its attractions.

It also probably means the company is big enough to charge what it wants, depending on the size of your own business and how well you are going to be able to negotiate.

This trend may appear to be strange, but it is something that you will find among a number of the Review aggregators that are out there, including Yotpo. Those that wish to learn more about pricing actually need to get in touch with the company, which makes the whole thing rather…interesting.

Trustpilot pricing

Trustpilot does have its pricing structure (mostly) prominently displayed on the company’s website. The enterprise plan, though, requires that you also get in touch with the company to get a quote. So, how much does the entry level plan at Trustpilot cost?

Well, you will discover that Trustpilot charges $299 for its least priced plan. A major caveat is the fact that you actually need to pay for the whole year in one go. This is another thing that is seemingly common among the review aggregating companies that are out there.

The companies probably all wish to tie you up to a contact for a whole year, which tends to work against you.

Shopper Approved as a Bazaarvoice and Trustpilot alternative

As mentioned at the top, we are going to give a couple of alternatives to Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice. Of these, the one that we recommend the most is Shopper Approved. Like the two companies that we are comparing in this writeup, Shopper Approved has been licensed to syndicate both Seller and Product reviews, which means that you will pretty much have everything under one roof should you choose to sign up.

Shopper Approved Pricing

The thing that makes Shopper Approved a good Trustpilot alternative is the fact that it comes with a better pricing structure, where, beginning from $199 per month, you get up to 2000 accumulated ratings and reviews.

Planet Marketing’s Shopper Approved Discount

If you are looking for a further discount, then feel free to use our link when signing up for online review aggregation with Shopper Approved. You will discover that the link gives you a huge discount. Not only that, but you also get 30 days absolutely free.

Again, it’s worth noting that though we are an affiliate and are bound to benefit financially should you choose to use our link, Shopper Approved is a company that we have been working with for a long time. Not only that, but we have also recommended the company to many of our readers, and almost all have been satisfied with the kind of service that they have received.

 Why we have included on our list of Trustpilot and Bazaarvoice alternatives is the fact that the company has a unique pricing structure, which should make it attractive to small to medium sized businesses.

Unlike its competitors, Reviews does not tie you down with a long contract, which means that you can sever your ties with the company at any point in time!

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