Trustpilot vs Ekomi + Alternatives

Now, this article has been a long time coming. We have, over the past few months, received a number of requests from our readers for a comparison article covering Trustpilot and Ekomi. Things kept cropping up, but now, here we are. If you have been following this blog, you will know that online reviews are a subject that we have covered quite extensively in our articles. One of the companies that we are constantly talking about in this regard is Shopper Approved, which, without doubt, is one of the biggest and the best online review syndication companies that you are going to find out there. But, this is a Trustpilot vs Ekomi write-up, so here we are;

Star Ratings are the way to go

If you are like a large chunk of the businesses that are out there, then your company probably already has a viable online presence.

You probably also already know about Star Ratings and how you can get them as a way of boosting your business’ visibility in organic traffic, in Google Shopping and in your Google AdWords ads.

Those that need to learn more can refer to our article in which we talk about Star Ratings and how you can get them for AdWords ads.

Google Approved Review Syndication Companies

If you are looking for a Review Aggregation service, then the one thing that you need to take note of is that though there are hundreds of online review companies out there, very few of them have been approved to push product and Store Ratings to Google PLAs and Google Shopping.

The good thing is that you can actually get a list of the companies that are approved for Store Ratings by following this link. You can also check out the list of companies that are approved for product ratings on this link.

Trustpilot vs Ekomi: Which is the best?

So, which, between the two companies is going to win this Trustpilot vs Ekomi head to head? And what alternatives can be found out there?

  1. Ekomi and Trustpilot are both approved for Seller and Product ratings

Ekomi and Trustpilot have both been approved for Seller and Product rating aggregation, which makes then a one stop shopping as far as getting reviews to appear both in your company’s and on your products’ listing is concerned. This is one of the major similarities between the two entities.

  1. Ekomi and Trustpilot operate in pretty much the same way

Here is another similarity; Ekomi and Trustpilot, along with most of the other review syndication companies that are out there, operate in pretty much the same way. The companies gather both product and customer reviews, which are then syndicated online to the biggest search engines that are out there.

The great thing about the companies’ service is that they also allow you to use the gathered reviews on your own website, thus increasing its appeal. The fact that product and seller reviews are shown on your listings allows you to increase your click through rate and your SEO conversion rate.

  1. Both have Widespread Integration

Another great thing is that you can easily integrate both Trustpilot and eKomin with a wide range of e-marketing and e-commerce solutions. These include;

  • Magento
  • PrestaShop
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • DreamCommerce
  • Mailchimp
  1. Trustpilot vs Ekomi: Pricing

If, as is the case with most businesses, pricing is your major concerned, then you need to know that Trustpilot has, considering all the other review aggregation services that are out there, what one may term an average pricing model. The company’s plans begin at $299, and you can check them out by following this link.

 Ekomi’s Pricing

Ekomi’s pricing is, unfortunately, not laid out on the company’s website. This is something that is common as far as review syndication companies are concerns. Another company that follows this model is Yotpo.

What this means in reality is that you actually need to get in touch with the company to find out what its services are going to cost you. That is all well and good if you are a large company. For small operators, however, this model of doing business can be rather intimidating.

The essence of this is, in reality, that a company such as Yotpo or eKomi first wants to hear who you are before charging you, which means that large businesses are likely to end up paying much more for the same basic services.

  1. Ekomi and Trustpilot Alternatives

This last section in our write-up looks at some of the alternatives that exist out there as far as Trustpilot and eKomi are concerned. Remember that we have advised you to get the services of a company that has been licensed by Google to push Star Ratings into Google PLAs and in Google AdWords. This is what gives you an edge, as far as increasing the visibility of your business is concerned.

Shopper Approved is the best alternative

If you are looking for an alternative that really packs a punch, as far as collecting reviews and giving your business star ratings in both organic and paid search are concerned, then Shopper Approved is what you should opt for.

Of all the review aggregation sites that are out there, this is one that we most recommend to our readers. And that is not only because we are a Shopper Approved affiliate (we are also a Yotpo and Trustpilot affiliate), but mainly because the company offers a nice balance between affordability and service.

How much does Shopper Approved cost?

Shopper Approved costs $199 per month, which makes it cheaper than Trustpilot. The major drawback, and this applies to both Trustpilot and Shopper Approved, is the fact that you are actually required to pay for the entire year in one go. What this means is that you will end up needing thousands of dollars just to sign up!

The Shopper Approved Discount Offer

The great thing is that we have stuck a deal with Shopper Approved, and should you sign up using our link, the company will give you a substantial discount on all plans. You also get an entry level plan at a discount. Along with that, you get 30 days completely free.


This is another great alternative, as far as Trustpilot and Ekomi alternatives are concerned. The good thing about Reviews is that it is affordable.

Another great thing about this company is that, unlike most of its competitors, you are not required to tie yourself down with a year long contract when you sign up with Reviews.

Payment can be made on a monthly basis, which makes this the review syndication company that’s likely to appeal to small businesses.

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