Yotpo vs Stamped.io – Pricing + 2 Alternatives

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Editor’s note: Check out table below for some of the best online reviews platforms that can be found out there!

Are you looking for the best online review platforms for your business? Have you been struggling to choose between Yotpo and Stamped.io? Or would you rather check out alternatives to these two companies? My name is Francisco and today, I am going to provide you with answers to these questions! In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you a table comparing Yotpo and Stamped.io’s pricing.
  2. Show you the similarities and differences between Yotpo and Stamped.io.
  3. Give you 2 alternatives to these companies.

Yotpo vs Stamped.io + 2 alternatives table

Gets you Star Ratings in Google Price/m Get it now!
Yotpo YesCall to get a quote
Stamped.io No$29/m
Shopper Approved Yes $79/m Planet Marketing discount (Normal Price is $99/m.)
Trust Pilot Yes$299

Yotpo vs Stamped.io

Pricing is, without doubt, one of the things that you are going to be looking at when it comes to choosing between the reviews aggregation sites that are out there. So, what’s the difference between Yotpo and Stamped.io and which is best for your business?

1) Yotpo will get you both seller and product star rating extensions in Google

Unlike Stamped.io, Yotpo will get you Star ratings in Google.

Star ratings are, without doubt, an important way through which you can give your business greater visibility in Google and other search engines.

The great thing about Yotpo is that it is licensed by Google to syndicate both product and Store Ratings.

Yotpo will get you star ratings like these

Which companies can syndicate product ratings?

Google has basically licensed about 23 companies to push product rating extensions. You can find the list by following this link. One thing that you will notice is that Stamped.io is not on the list.

Which companies can push Store Ratings?

Google also has another list of companies that have been licensed to push seller rating extensions. Now, the great thing, as far as Yotpo is concerned is that, you will also find it on this list. Again, you will not find Stamped.io on the list.

2) Stamped.io will only get you star ratings in organic traffic

Stamped.io is great if you are looking to ONLY get star ratings in your organic search results. You will notice that the company does not appear anywhere in the two lists that we have given at the top. The company has not been certified by Google to push either seller or product ratings.

Stamped.io only gets you ratings in organic traffic

Now, what you need to know is that anyone can syndicated product reviews into Google organic Search Results, as we mention in this article.  However, getting rating extensions to appear in Google PLAs and in AdWords is an entirely different ballgame. You NEED to work with the companies that have been approved by Google to be able to do that, and Stamped.io is not one of them!

3) Yotpo vs Stamped.io: Pricing

Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about the issue of pricing. Which one is the best, between Yotpo and Stamped, as far as online reviews are concerned?

Yotpo hides its pricing structure

One of the major gripes that we have with Yotpo is that the company does not have a clearly spelt out pricing structure. Visit their website today, and you will notice that they have a free plan and a premium plan.

So, what’s the starting price on the premium plan? Well, you will actually have to get in touch with the guys at Yotpo to find that out. This may be well and good for the big guy with an unlimited budget, but for the small guys, this setup tends to be rather put-offish. If that does not concern you, however, you can check out Yotpo by following this link.

The thing to note here is that, based on our research, Yotpo’s price tends to fluctuate depending on the size of your business and how much it is growing every month.

Stamped.io’s pricing

On the face of it, Stamped.io is cheaper than Yotpo. However, there are questions on whether or not it will get you star ratings in Google and other search engines.

Like Yotpo, Stamped.io also has a free plan. However, you will find that the company’s products, at least on the face of it, appear cheaper than those that are offered by Yotpo. The basic plan starts at only $15 per month, as an example. The caveat, however, is that this plan does not have what we are concerned with in this article, star ratings.

The Enterprise plan, which, surprisingly enough, claims to offer Google Shopping Product reviews, starts at $199. Now, why we say its surprising is because stamped does not appear on the list of companies that are licensed to syndicated Product and Seller reviews, so, unless they are doing it through another company, we don’t know how they are going to be able to do what they claim.

Yotpo vs Stamped.io alternatives

The following are some of the best alternatives to Yotpo and Stamped.io;

Shopper Approved

Now, Shopper Approved is a company that we have already mentioned in this write-up. That’s largely because it is a company that we highly recommend as an alternative to both Yotpo and Stamped for our readers. The great thing about this company is that it has a clear pricing structure, and is affordable for small to medium sized businesses.

Shopper Approved is a great alternative to Yotpo and Stamped.io

We have already mentioned that you can get a huge discount from Shopper Approved by signing up using our affiliate link. Another great thing is that you can actually haggle with the guys at Shopper Approved to get a better pricing structure. So, as far as pricing is concerned, Shopper Approved is a great Stamped.io alternative.

Editor’s Note: Shopper Approved’s normal pricing is $99/m. However, we have negotiated a discount on your behalf and you can sign up for only $79/m using this link. What’s more, you get the first 60 days free!

Trust Pilot

Trustpilot’s pricing

Trust Pilot is another alternative to both Yotpo and Stamped.io. Its prizes start and $299 per month, which is payable annually. The great thing about Trust Pilot is that it is licensed to push both product and seller reviews, which means you will pretty much have both features under one roof.

It also allows you to easily showcase your reviews on your website, thus boosting the level of trust that people have in your products and services. Trustpilot also comes with easy social media sharing, which is essential, particularly now that social media has pretty much taken over the world of marketing.

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