Yotpo vs PowerReviews – Pricing + 2 Alternatives

Okay, so Yotpo and PowerReviews are some of the best companies for online reviews, but which one should you choose for your business? If you have been struggling to make your choice, then this article is for you. My name is Francisco and, through my company, Planet Marketing, I have worked with both Yotpo and PowerReviews for years. Both are, frankly speaking, great. However, your choice is going to depend on the size of your business, your budget and your needs. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you a Yotpo vs PowerReviews + 2 alternatives price comparison table.
  2. Talk about online reviews and why they are important.
  3. Make an in-depth comparison of Yotpo and PowerReviews.
  4. Give you alternatives to Yotpo and PowerReviews.

Yotpo vs PowerReviews + 2 alternatives price comparison table.

Gets you Star Ratings in Google Price/m Get it now!
Yotpo Yes Call to get a quote
PowerReviews Yes Call to get a quote
Shopper Approved YesGet a Discount!
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Plus 30 Days Free!
Trust Pilot Yes

Online Reviews and they are important

Yotpo and PowerReviews are, without doubt, some of the biggest names that can be found out there as far as online reviews and Star Ratings are concerned. But why are online reviews important?

  • Over 90% of people first look up online reviews before buying from a company.
  • Reviews are, therefore, important as a way of boosting sales.
  • Online reviews allow businesses to engage with their customers in a way that promotes loyalty.
  • They form part of the data that is used by Google and other Search engines for Star rating extensions.

Star Rating Extensions

Types of star rating extensions

Star Ratings are a five star graphic depiction of the review process. The higher the stars that you can get for your products and services, the greater the appeal that it is going to have on your target audiences. Star Ratings and how you can get them are something that we have previously extensively talked about on this blog. So, we are not going to really go into that. You can easily find out more by reading the article in the provided link, along with many others. Star rating extensions can be classed into three;

  • Store Ratings: These show the rating for a business/seller as a whole.
  • Product Ratings: Cover a single product, such as a camera.
  • Organic Ratings: Schema ratings that appear in Google organic traffic.

How do I get Seller and Product Ratings?

Google has two lists, one of which is made up of the companies that it has licensed to syndicate Product Ratings, and the other of which contains companies that have been licensed to syndicate Store Ratings. We are not going to print the complete lists here, but you can check them out for yourself by following the provided links.

Yotpo vs PowerReviews

Now we come to the subject in our title, a comparison of Yotpo and PowerReview. How do these companies compare against one another?

Yotpo and PowerReviews are both licensed for Seller and Product Review Aggregation

Both PowerReviews and Yotpo are licensed for Seller and Product Ratings

If you are looking to have your Seller and Product reviews aggregated, then these two companies are equally placed against one another, since they have been licenses by Google for both Seller and Product reviews. You can see that for yourself by checking out the lists that we provided at the top.

  1. Both companies do not display their pricing on their websites

This is something that, admittedly, can be worrisome to some people. The fact of the matter, though is that although Yotpo and PowerReviews have pages on their websites that are labeled “Plans,” these do not actually contain anything meaningful, as far as knowing how much their services are going to cost is concerned.

Yotpo’s pricing

Yotpo does not show pricing

Yotpo states that pricing is going to be based on your monthly order volumes, your products, the number of domains that you have as well as your products. What this probably means in reality is that they will charge you more as your business grows, and if they think that you are a sufficiently big business.

This none standardized pricing structure will probably see you paying different amounts every month. But, based on our research, the average that you can expect to pay with Yotpo is around $400.

Alternatives to Yotpo and Power Reviews

Still not convinced about Yotpo and Power Reviews? To be honest, these companies may not be the best, particularly if you are a small business. But don’t worry! The following are some of the best alternatives to PowerReviews and Yotpo;

Shopper Approved

The issue that we have just raised above is one of the reasons why we recommend Shopper Approved to our readers who are looking for a Yotpo or PowerReviews alternative.

Shopper Approved

The great thing about Shopper Approved is that it displays its prices on its website, and you know exactly what you are getting into before you even sign up with the company. This is probably one of the reason why it has grown to become one of the biggest Reviews companies that can be found out there.

The Shopper Approved Discount

Shopper is one of the cheapest for Store Ratings and Product Ratings. Get a discount by signing in using our link. Also get 30 days free!


Trustpilot is another Yotpo alternative that you can check out. TrustPilot is one of the few companies in the sector that display their pricing. The least priced plan at Trustpilot costs $349.

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is affiliated to some of the companies that are mentioned in this article. However, we are also customers, so everything that we say is objective and based on our own real experiences! So feel free to make your choice!

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