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Over the years, Planet Marketing has referred 100s of companies over to Verified Reviews. The great thing about Verified Reviews is it fits most budgets. The competitors are normally priced at $549/mo and up! Verified Reviews is a small company which doesn’t have outside funding, therefore, it can keep the prices down.

This article will address the following:

1) Who should choose Verified Reviews?
2) Main Features on how Verified Reviews helps to make sales
3) Verified Reviews Discounted Pricing
4) Conclusion

1) Who should choose Verified Reviews? is for eCommerce and Service-Based businesses. Below we will be showing the money-making features that will land more business for eCommerce sites and service-based businesses. I have found that local retail-based companies (where foot traffic is needed) aren’t a good fit with Verified Reviews. Local retail-based companies should look at getting Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and Facebook Reviews.

Online StoresService-Based CompaniesNot really for local transaction-based businesses
Companies that have an ecommerce site.CPAs & Accountants
Catering Companies
Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Insurance Brokers (Personal, Commercial, Medical)
Health & Wellness (Personal Trainers, Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage)
Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food)
Auto Repair

2) Main Features on how Verified Reviews helps to make sales

Ready To See Verified Reviews’ Money Making Features?

The POWER of Verified Reviews comes in the relationship it has with Google. is one of the very few companies that can syndicate both Store Ratings and Product Ratings into Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

FYI – throughout this post, you’ll hear us talking about ratings and reviews. The ‘rating’ is the stars itself. The word ‘review’ refers to the stars and a written comment (the entire review).

What are Store Ratings?

Whether you have an eCommerce or service based site, you’ll need a 100 review average over the past 12 months. “If” you can get to 100 reviews WITH COMMENTS, Google will show your ratings directly on your CPC text ads, as shown below.

What are Product Ratings?

Product ratings are only for ecommerce websites. This is for ecommerce sites that are advertised on Google Shopping (PLAs). Sometimes Google will display both CPC text ads alongside PLAs. Since Verified Reviews is authorized by Google to syndicate both Store Ratings and Product Ratings, you can expect a higher click-through-rate.

3) Verified Reviews Discounted Pricing

This is Maud. If you decide to get a demo from Verified Reviews, you’ll probably be talking to Maud. She is a wonderful and funny person to talk to. Listen to her thick French accent! Maud has extended a 10% discount to any Planet Marketing fans along with a 30-day free trial. She even says, “No credit card needs to be on file!”

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4) Conclusion

Verified Reviews is GREAT for small companies that are either eCommerce sites or service-based businesses. From my perspective, for a large ecommerce site doing 5000 transactions per month or more, you may want to look into the more expensive companies that are a better setup for high volume, like TrustPilot or Yotpo. For the rest of us small companies, Verified Reviews will do the job. You don’t need all the bells and whistles that the big guys provide, but you do need help converting website visitors into more sales.

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