Yotpo Review and Pricing + 5 Alternatives (One of them is free)

Are you wondering if Yotpo is worth it? Do you even know how much it really costs? As a marketing agency and blog, we always refer companies to 3rd party review aggregators like Yotpo to help increase credibility, which then turns into sales. Feel free to jump ahead and check out the pricing and the competitors’ pricing as well.

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What is Yotpo and who is it for?

Yotpo helps companies get reviews, create loyal customers, create SMS marketing campaigns, and provide social proof. All this is to help a company make more online sales. Yotpo is well-known in the web development industry, especially known by eCommerce web developers and marketers.

Planet Marketing started referring people to Yotpo in 2015. They are a reliable company and are trusted by Google (more on that later).

Who is Yotpo For?

Yotpo is primarily for eCommerce websites. It seamlessly integrates with the following platforms:

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Adobe Commerce (Magento)
  • Volusion
  • BigCommerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Hybris

If you have a service-based business, most likely you don’t need Yotpo. But if you do, just don’t purchase anything that has to do with Product Ratings because it’s designed for Google Shopping. Also, Yotpo isn’t for a small business just starting out.


Yotpo has 4 programs:

  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Loyalty & Referrals
  • SMS Marketing
  • Visual UGC

We will mainly be talking about Yotpo’s Reviews & Ratings plan because that’s the main feature people get, and it’s the most powerful. If you want to see every feature Yotpo has to offer, go to their pricing page and click on ‘See all Features’.

Yotpo is approved by Google to syndicate your Seller and Product ratings into Google Ads. These reviews are collected by Yotpo on your behalf and are shown directly on Google search engine results. “Google Store Ratings” are for your company as a whole. “Google Product Ratings” are for a specific product and are only for eCommerce websites. While Yotpo has many features, we are only going to share the money-making ones.

Reviews & Ratings Benefit #1

Google Store Ratings

Here is an example of Store Ratings on a Google text ad. Want to grab attention? Credibility starts on Google. Let’s say you’re on Google and looking to buy something. Where does your eye gravitate to? An ad with star ratings or an ad without star ratings? 2,549 reviews are pretty credible to me. In this case, a company like Yotpo would syndicate reviews into Google Ads.

If you have an eCommerce site, Yotpo will come in handy when it comes to Google Shopping. As in CPC text ads, your Store Ratings will also display in Google Shopping. This is the organic version (aka FREE) of Google Shopping! What you’re seeing in the Tazo Tea image is a snapshot of an organic Google Shopping listing, not a Google Shopping ad. Thank you Google!

We wrote an in-depth article about Google Store Ratings here. There are currently 29 companies that are Google approved 3rd-Party Review Partners. Yotpo is one of them.

Reviews & Ratings Benefit #2

Google Product Ratings for Google Shopping PLAs

If you have an eCommerce site and are using Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs), then Yotpo can get your ratings directly on your ads as shown below. As mentioned above, where does your eye gravitate to?

Reviews & Ratings Benefit #3

Beautiful Reviews on Your Category & Product Pages

To see a real example of an eCommerce site (made in Magento) using Yotpo’s review software, visit Medelita REBECCA SLIM FIT LAB COAT (scroll down to the reviews area). Look at the image! These reviews are from ‘Verified Customers’ and will definitely help close sales for you! In other words, your own customers will help you close more sales. That’s what Yotpo brings to the table.

Who Yotpo Is Not For

Since Yotpo is mainly for eCommerce companies, most likely it’s not a good fit for small local-based mom & pop shops.

We won’t be going over Yotpo’s 3 other programs. If you want to learn more about them, just visit their website.

SMS Marketing – Used to engage shoppers with high-converting mobile experiences. Learn more about Yotpo’s SMS Marketing program here.

Loyalty & Referrals – Create custom-tailored loyalty and referral programs to engage existing customers or even reach new customers. Learn more about Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referrals program here.

Visual UGC – Showcase customer photos, videos, and reviews across the buyer journey. Learn more about Yotpo’s Visual UGC here.

Other Yotpo Features

Again, Yotpo is approved by Google to syndicate your reviews into your Google Ads account. Below are other features that Yotpo offers, but none of them are as important as the Google Seller & Product Ratings integration.

The moneymakers are Store Ratings & Product Ratings from above

  • Review Request
  • EmailsConsumer Insights
  • Walmart Syndication
  • Performance Analytics
  • Content Management & Moderation
  • Custom Monthly Orders
  • Multi-Channel Content Generation
  • On-Site Widgets & Galleries
  • Google & Facebook Integration
  • Advanced Content Management
  • Widgets & Emails Customization
  • Multiple Domains Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager

Yotpo Pricing & Plans
Including Premium Pricing

Yotpo’s pricing can be hard to figure out. You should learn about how the pricing works before you get a demo. Why? Because when the salesperson at Yotpo slaps you with a price you weren’t expecting, you’ll get discouraged & hang up the phone.

Yotpo has a free option, but it gives you nothing and your reviews aren’t syndicated to Google.

Yotpo has 4 Plans, each with 4 tiers (Visual UGC has 3 plans). There are 15 different plans! Confused?

Reviews & Ratings Pricing Program

Pricing is based on # of monthly orders.

If you are using Google Ads, you MUST use the $119/mo Prime Plan at a minimum.

Growth Plan – $15/mo
Up to 800 orders

Prime Plan – $119/mo
Between 801 – 2000 orders

Premium Plan – Starts at $700-$800/mo
For 2001+ orders

Enterprise Plan – ?

Loyalty & Referrals

Pricing is based on # of orders.

Silver Plan
Up to 200 orders – $29 ($0.35 per order after 200 total orders per month)

Gold Plan
Up to 800 orders – $249 ($0.20 per order after 800 total orders per month)

Premium Plan – ?
Starting at 801 orders

Enterprise Plan – ?

SMS Marketing

Pricing is not based on order, but off needs.

Growth Plan – $19/mo

Prime Plan – $59/mo

Premium Plan – ?

Enterprise Plan – ?

Visual UGC

Pricing is based off orders.

Growth Plan – $19/mo
Up to 2000 monthly orders

Premium Plan – ?

Enterprise Plan – ?

Here at Planet Marketing, we get a lot of small companies contacting us via live chat telling us they feel Yotpo is too expensive. Most say it’s $700/mo or more, but to us ‘if ‘ Yotpo is converting sales for you, then there should be no problem paying that price.

If you don’t need the “Loyalty & Referrals” solution, make sure it’s not baked into your pricing. Most likely you will need the “Reviews & Ratings” solution which we believe is your best bet on closing more deals. If you’re not sure you need one of Yotpo’s programs, don’t get it. You can always upgrade later.

Yotpo Competitors (with Pricing)

Yotpo is a great company, no doubt about it. I believe their pricing is on the higher end compared to the competitors, but they bring in more value for the price point. Yotpo isn’t for the startup website. The table below contains a list of Yotpo alternatives who can also help out “IF” Yotpo’s pricing is too much for you. Yes, there are cheaper companies, but the other features that Yotpo brings to the table are what separates them from every other Google approved third-party reviews aggregator.

Need Unlimited Reviews and Ratings?

If all you need are Reviews & Ratings, get a demo from Yotpo first, then from Shopper Approved (or one of the other companies in the table below).

To put it into perspective, a Shopper Approved client would be charged $5k – $7k/year. While at Yotpo, the same clients would be paying $12k-$14k/year.

Conclusion – Is Yotpo Worth It?

Yotpo is a good fit for eCommerce companies that have a lot of sales coming in. It’s for the mature eCommerce site. While we believe it may be too expensive for small companies, you can start on their FREE plan and then grow into their paid plan once it makes financial sense. If you’re on the fence about signing up with Yotpo’s paid version, we recommend signing up anyway because you can always cancel it later! Let Yotpo’s system do what it does best; getting reviews. Also, check out Yotpo’s competitors.

Sure Yotpo has some cool bells and whistles, but at the end of the day people pay for a review platform to do two things:

  • Collect reviews
  • Display reviews

The best thing I can recommend is to find out how much is the expected Cost-per-Review. Shopper Approved might quote someone $7k/yr, but Yotpo or TrustPilot might quote that same client $5k/yr. In the customer’s eyes, they might be thinking, “Sweet! Yotpo is cheaper! Score!” When in reality the customer will pay 5x – 10x more PER review with them because they’re only collecting 4-6 reviews for every 100 orders, whereas Shopper Approved is collecting 27-33 reviews for every 100 orders. Click on the “See It” buttons in the table above to get a demo and pricing. Get at least 2 demos, one from Yotpo and the other from either Shopper Approved, TrustPilot, or Verified Reviews.


Before signing up with any company, try to find out how much you’ll be paying per review!

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