Top 10 Blogging Tools Bloggers Use to Write Posts

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Let’s look at the top tools that increase your productivity. Whether you want to organize your time better, stay focused while writing or automate time-consuming tasks, I’ve listed some new exciting blogging tools that simplify your blogging experience.

Blogging Tools that Enable You to Brainstorm Blogging Ideas

BuzzSumo, an information powerhouse, provides you the most relevant data on the content that does best for sharing via social media. You need to merely enter a URL or a topic into the search box. This swift tool provides a bird’s eye view of the content in your niche that’s doing well.

Quora, the popular crowdsourced answer website, lets you know the questions real people are asking. Consider answering these questions with a detailed blog post. Search for the finest keywords in your niche. Follow the most relevant topics within your niche.

Quick Sprout, a veritable idea generator, permits you to analyze a site’s content and performance. Enter any URL you want to explore. The “Social Media” tab displays the posts that have done exceptionally well. Use the highlights on this list for inspiration.

Blog Topics Generator, a title maker, is a HubSpot tool. Just enter three keywords. You get five great titles. That’s enough content ideas to work with for a week.

Portent Title Maker provides useful and witty breakdowns of your title. Just enter a subject or your title into the Portent tool. The tool tells you the reason the title makes a good read. For new ideas, just refresh.

Twitter trending topics, a tool on your Twitter homepage, is a fantastic idea generation spot. This tool empowers you to tailor your trending topics. You can receive fully personalized tweets that complement your location and followers. (On your Twitter homepage, click the “Change” link located at the top of the section “Trends.”)

Blogging Tools that Speed Up the Writing Process

Evernote, a superfast idea collecting tool, permits you to store anything. Drop notes, images, web pages, snippets, and more. Even your thoughts get into Evernote. The incredibly robust tagging system allows you to retain your ideas using simple tags. Since this blogging tool syncs across all platforms, it’s indispensable for writing posts quickly.

OmmWriter, a text editor, is a powerful iPad app. This tool integrates an easy, yet artful, interface of captivating audio and attractive backgrounds with deliberately restrictive features that encourage writing well. The magnetic quality of this tool makes it easy for you to sustain the writing process. Editing as well as inserting tags and media are swift too.

Blogging Tools that Help You Organize Your Ideas

Google Calendar, an effective scheduler, can be used as your editorial calendar. Save your ideas and move them to suit your schedule. You can even schedule multiple posts on a single day. To check your publishing ideas for a given day, just zoom in and out.

Dropbox, the finest cloud storage tool, promotes your productivity. If your ideas come in files, this is the best tool. You can store and share design files, PDFs, Word Docs, images, and more. Files saved in your “Dropbox” folder are synchronized and available via the web interface on your mobile, your laptop, and other digital devices. You can share folders with others swiftly, as well.

Grammarly, an online proofreading software, checks for sentence structure errors, grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and more. You get suggestions for changes to be made. You know what to change and why. This tool ensures that your post is plagiarism free too. Overall, this is a great blogging tool for improving your content.

Yoast WordPress SEO plugin helps you refine your idea and blog post into a specific focus keyword or phrase. Your post will do well with search results because it’s focused. The plugin lets you key in your keyword. Then, the tool indicates the different places on the post your keyword appears. You get a nice green dot when your post is ready.


Writing blog posts has transformed into something serious. For many, it’s life changing. There are several other astounding blogging tools that make your writing experience extremely fruitful. The key to using any writing tool optimally lies in not viewing it as a mere tool, but enhancing what you’re already proficient in.

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