5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs SEO

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You have probably heard acclaimed marketers mention countless times that your small business needs SEO. You receive emails from SEO businesses intent on marketing their services. But none of them tell you WHY you need SEO.

SEO definitely plays a key role in the online success of your enterprise. It contributes to favorable search rankings and helps in the branding of your enterprise as well. Detailed here are the reasons your enterprise should invest marketing dollars for being ranked favorably in the organic search results.

Reason #1: SEO Delivers Your Small Business a High ROI

No other online marketing strategy delivers a return comparable to SEO. Most often, a small business won’t have significant success with SEO because they engage an inexperienced SEO agency or one that simply outsources the work. Low-quality companies are clueless when it comes to the essentials of a successful SEO campaign. They are incapable of delivering results.

Nevertheless, when done correctly, SEO is capable of delivering nonstop organic traffic to your business website. This scale of traffic would cost you a tremendous amount if you paid for it via a paid search marketing campaign.

Reason #2: Your Competition Does It

Many small businesses mistakenly assume that SEO is needed only until top rankings are attained. However, this assumption is inaccurate. When your business website reaches a Page 1 ranking, it requires even more SEO work to maintain this ranking. In fact, you must strive to improve your rankings.

Remember, your competition is desperately vying for these top positions too. Hence, you need to compete hard and beat them to the top spots. If you sit back, your competitors will usurp these elite spots. They will usurp your business website’s share of traffic as well.

Thus, you need to understand that by sitting back, you permit your competitors to grab the traffic in your industry. Ignoring SEO is equivalent to handing your traffic to your competitors without a fight.

Reason #3: Your Potential Customers are Mobile

Currently, mobile traffic has increased rapidly and outpaced the traffic from desktops and laptops. SEO makes your enterprise more visible to customers who are busy searching for the products or services your business dispenses.

Local search engine optimization makes it simpler for potential customers to find your business. These favorable search results can turn into phone calls, store visits, or even immediate online purchases. Mobile search is unquestionably the future. Just ensure your business website is prepared for mobile search.

Reason #4: SEO Will Remain in Vogue

SEO will never disappear. Your small business just needs to evolve over time as SEO evolves. The companies that understand the dynamics of SEO adapt constantly to it without skipping a beat. In the past decade, Google has penalized the popular link building spam. Now, the focus centers around creating first-rate content and earning links from relevant and authority websites.

The fundamental attributes of SEO will remain the same. Nevertheless, the techniques to maintain top rankings will change rapidly. Hence, SEO will be around so long as the Internet is in vogue. Therefore, your small business must get involved in SEO now instead of waiting on the sidelines.

Reason #5: Everyone Searches For Business Enterprises Online

Putting an SEO strategy in place empowers you to increase the odds of potential customers locating your business website and engaging with your enterprise. Think from your customer’s perspective. Understand how convenient the Internet has become for your customers.

Any individual can search for an enterprise, review their business, review their products/services, and even make purchases. And they can do all this either from the luxury of their home or on the move using a mobile device. Therefore, if you want customers to find your business online, you need SEO.


For customers to find your small business online, your business website needs a robust SEO strategy to attract organic traffic. Today, SEO is more of a branding play and less of a marketing strategy. Given Google’s relentless improvement of search engines’ algorithms, it’s worthwhile to invest in a solid, SEO web infrastructure. Work with an experienced SEO consultant to get your small business website to Page 1 and keep it there.

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