Outsourcing Your Work

Outsourcing your work can be your way to financial prosperity.  The incredible thing about outsourcing is that any task can be employed to someone over the internet, even if they are across the world!  These don’t have to be the normal tasks such as:

  • Writing/Editing
  • Web Design
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry

Some people are using outsourcing to acquire a personal assistant that can help them with their personal lives as well including things such as budgeting, setting up appointments, doing basic data entry, managing a personal Facebook friend list, and more.  We are going to go over some of the basics of outsourcing your work.

Where Do I Go?

Before you begin outsourcing work, most people have a hard time to know where to go.  It all depends on what you need, for example, if you need a writer, you can try a website like TextBroker.Com.  Many people looking for excellent logo and web design work will try a website such as 99designs.com.  If you have a task and have a hard time finding a specialized website, some of the most popular websites to find a freelancer are:

  • com – A very popular marketplace that employs nearly every major skill that one can provide online including writing, programming, design work, customer service, and more.
  • com – This website is very similar to Elance.com in terms of popularity and in functionality. Most of the freelancers on oDesk are willing to work for a lower rate, however, one may notice the quality of work to be a little lower – therefore, this website is not recommended for advanced programming needs.

How Do I Find The Right Candidate?

Welcome to the great employment problem, finding the right candidates.  This is both an art and a science.  First of all, it’s a good idea to check the ratings for a contractor, but this is not the end all.  Sometimes, you can have a contractor with excellent ratings on these websites, yet, will still let you down.  Therefore, when you are hiring, it’s ALWAYS a great idea to send them through a trial run with handling your tasks.  If they are handling personal information, then give them dummy information and see how well they perform their job.

Some of the questions that you may want to ask are mostly dependability and work ethic related.   So for example:

  • This job requires strict deadlines on a regular basis, and the penalty of failure to meet these deadlines consistently is termination – are you prepared to deal with that?
  • Tell me about your morning routine?

Also, for assignments, always under promise to a client when you are going to deliver their work, because many times, freelancers may experience delays in their work, whether it’s because they are busy, or if they’re work ethic is lacking!


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