Google Adwords / BingAds vs Facebook Ads

The three headed monster of paid advertising includes Google’s, Microsoft’s, and Facebook’s advertising centers.  If a person focused on profiting from the internet creates any type of revenue from any of these efforts, they can see major return on investment.   AdWords and BingAds are very similar in regards to targeting customers.  When using these platforms the key to success is trying to predict what buyers are typing into major search engines such as Google & Bing when they want to purchase your specific goods or services.

Facebook Ads are slightly different. While there is a keyword element, success in Facebook Ads will depend on how well you can target a specific demographic based on more human and personalized criteria.  Let’s go into detail.

So which platform can benefit your business the most?  Keep in mind that there isn’t a clear winner – and different businesses have different needs.  The ideal goal is to implement both systems and to improve revenues with both over time; however, if you are just starting, here are some of the major differences.

The platform with the most potential is Google AdWords.  The reason why is because it historically has a higher conversion performance as compared to the other services.  This can be attributed to the fact that it allows users to target specific keywords as opposed to groups of people like on Facebook.  Also, Google has an additional advantage because of their integration of Google+ which allows them to collect more personal data, and sooner than later – one can expect Google’s database to surpass Facebook’s.

So why not simply just choose AdWords over Facebook?  AdWords is far more complex to use if you are just beginning.  It is equivalent to trying to navigate the Star Trek Enterprise with no prior training.  Therefore, it’s best to experiment with Facebook Ads, which has a less of a learning curve.  This will allow you to experiment, fail, and learn.  Eventually you’ll be equipped to try Facebook ads.

Bing Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

Both Bing and Google are going to have many similarities, however Bing Ads has its unique advantages.  For instance, it’s going to have the same capabilities as AdWords, yet, competition is going be less competitive and less expensive than both Facebook and Google AdWords.  Furthermore, one may witness higher click through ratio and conversions when using Bingads simply because of the lack of competition with competitive bidding and ad display optimization.  BingAds combined with Yahoo Ads to create a more comprehensive targeting tool set. By the way, you can import your Google Adwords campaigns into BingAds. Make SURE you lower your bids in BingAds once you do the import. Also don’t forget to copy your Negative Keyword Lists from Adwords because those are not imported into BingAds.

 Questions To Ask Yourself

Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when deciding which advertisement service to use:

  • Are you simply trying to learn how everything works? We recommend trying out Facebook Ads because it requires less tech savviness.  For example, you can target people based on their interests – if you run a pet shop and target people who are own pets, then you have the perfect match! We highly recommend Facebook if you have a local “neighborhood” business like a pizza shop or hair salon because you can target people in your zip code.
  • Are you kind of familiar with internet marketing? If you know the basics of search engine optimization, keywords, and other internet marketing areas, then BingAds is recommended because it’s going to give you cheaper cost per click and offer more room for failure and learning.
  • Google AdWords is for the people who feel they have a pretty good feel for PPC and want to maximize their earning potential. Google Adwords, while advanced, offers the most profitable experience. Be sure you have a good budget here and be careful with using broad match keywords. Use Exact, Phrase and Broad Modifiers and try to stay away from Broad.

By trying  all three services, one can ensure that they are getting the most out of their internet marketing campaign!

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