Why Killer Content is Essential to Your SEO Plan

As a business person with a website, you know content is king. This is no secret. What you may not realize is just how important good, solid, quality content is to the success of your SEO plan. This is especially important to businesses looking to launch new services or products that promote what they stand for. From small to large companies, implement killer content on your web pages.

Meeting the Need
Good content has to meet two stipulations: it has to supply a demand and it has to be linkable so all the important search engines can find it and rank it, says Moz. It’s no longer enough to simply get people to your website; you have to engage them so they stay. Web visitors are cagey – you never know what they’ll do or what will turn them off. That’s why you have to lure them in with an attractive website yet back it up with substance. Analogy time: take a beautiful women for instance. You’re attracted to the woman because she’s gorgeous yet soon into the first date you realize there’s nothing going on upstairs and you won’t make it to a second date. Pretty girl, check. Keeping your intellectual interest? Not in the least.

Same with your visitors. You can’t just keyword stuff your content. It has to make sense. Not only that but it has to convey some kind of subject matter expertise, all within a well-written context. People can smell poorly written copy a mile away and will go elsewhere for their needs is you don’t represent your brand well. Website Magazine says the average visitor will leave your website in 10 to 20 seconds. Of course, it’s not just the content that will deter them: it could have to do with long loading times, poor layouts or bad color choices. Half of consumers locate websites through search engine results, while the rest come in through social networks, blog posts, links to other websites and articles. Translation? Every page on your site has to be awesome.

Face of Your Business
Got boring content? Your readers will be bored too, and most likely they’ll leave. As the face of your business, your website has to act as the gateway to your brand. If you don’t give your readers a way to relate to who you are, you may lose them to your competition. A great way to stay relevant and up to date is to blog on a regular basis so your subject matter expertise shows through in an informal way. Balance these with thorough, informative articles, white papers and research that provide a value to your customers. It’s imperative to become the industry expert in your niche.

Planet Marketing can take the guesswork out of writing compelling content. Creating killer content on your site must lure customers in and keep them there – a delicate balance to be sure. Give us a call to implement your SEO content today.

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