Transfer Praha: Website Review to Analyze Shopper Approved Applications

This site audit is for Transfer Praha, a Shopper Approved customer, to determine how to increase conversions and sales through Shopper Approved merchant and product reviews. Transfer Praha offers private transportation services in Prague, as well as airport transfers, Czech transfers and European transfers.

Product Search

Before even getting to the main site, I ran a search for one of the company’s more popular Prague transport packages: Prague to Harrachov. The first listing in organic popped up as Transfer Praha, which is great; however you can see it’s pretty straightforward text with no stars:

As you can see, there is no star review rating in bright orange. People love to know what other people think about a company. It helps them make decisions, particularly on such a subjective topic as transportation. Did others think the price in relation to the service was great? Were the transport staff members friendly and helpful? With Shopper Approved, you can improve your overall ratings score and make them visible to people who are looking for your services.

In contrast, check out this Trip Advisor search, which features the star rating system right on the search page for your direct competitor, Prague Airport Transfers:

Immediately, the eye is drawn to the reviews which total 5/5 stars and 3,000 reviews. Shopper Approved star ratings can boost your credibility and trustworthiness so you can grab the attention of your target market right away. You don’t want to lose them to a third party site like Trip Advisor.

You can pull in more customers with 5-Star Ratings and product reviews while boosting your sales, average transaction amounts, and customer satisfaction. Consequently, you can lower your product return rates. Shopper Approved makes it easy to quickly assimilate, format, and display your product reviews where you need them most, thanks to the Hand-Picked Reviews feature. This helps you maintain a growing list of your best product reviews to proudly show on certificates and widgets. In addition, take advantage of the Shopper Approved Facebook App which displays all your customer feedback, ratings and reviews.

On the Transfer Praha Site

Right away from the first page, you can see two top reviews, followed by the Shopper Approved badge at the bottom:

You can see the company has a five-star rating from 95 reviews – not too shabby! Those numbers are guaranteed to grow as you move forward with Shopper Approved.

You may be wondering: what about other sites for reviews like Shopify? Yes, many websites these days use Shopify for online reviews; however, it can be very work intensive for the customer, who has to return to the website, locate the product page, and then write a review. With Shopper Approved, however, it’s all part of the survey. You can see what it looks like here:

Trust Badges

Upon clicking on the Harrachov package, we’re taken to this:

First thing I notice is the text bubble on the right-hand side with a 4.5-star review, plus a “Click here for more reviews” box by Shopper Approved. This is excellent placement in terms of the star ratings and reviews. However, the one thing that IS missing is some kind of trust badge or seal telling customers they can trust their transport booking with you. At this stage it’s not even that big a deal. However, once I go through the process of booking a transfer and get to the payment page, there’s still no trust badge telling me my identity and financials will be protected once I hand over my money. See here:

This would be a great place for a trust seal from Trust Guard to help build instant credibility, especially at this point of the transaction when people may be a little skittish to make such a purchase. Put their minds at ease with Trust Guard seals, which offer an alternative to sites like McAfee Secure, Scan Verify, Symantec, TRUSTe and BBB Online. With Trust Guard, you not only protect your customers’ identities, you also secure your website and build loyalty for your business.

Shopper Approved is owned by Trust Guard. Check out our partner page if you would like a discount on badges, security scanning seals, privacy seals and verified business seals:

Security breaches are a very real possibility in today’s day and age. You don’t want to be hit with millions in fines and legal fees, which will no doubt tarnish the reputation you took so long to build. 4x Buyer Protection, owned by Trust Guard, is another way to build trust. With that, you get:

  • Shipping Insurance
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Terms of Service Guarantee
  • Identity Theft Protection

4xBuyerProtection pays any differences that may crop up with price matching. If a customer of yours places an order for a transport, then finds a better rate elsewhere, would shell out the difference, not you.

We can do a site audit for any Shopper Approved customer. Just tell us your thoughts in the comments below, then go to my partner site at: for an exclusive offer from Planet Marketing.

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