Are Facebook Ads For My Company?

Hi, everyone. My name is Francisco with Planet Marketing. We specialize in getting companies in front of the right target audience via Facebook ads, Google Maps, Instagram, Snapchat and more. Today, the topic is going to be about, I get asked this question all the time, is Facebook ads for my company, will it work? I want to first make a distinction between what many business owners think about Facebook marketing, between that and Facebook ads.

Over the past, I would say, eight, six years, eight years, there were people who would post wall posts. They would post something like an image or something happening in their company on their Facebook company wall page and those types of marketers, they were called community managers because they try to build an audience on Facebook and get a following and get engagement, get shares and likes and stuff like that. Well, that type of marketing really is very ineffective today. Why? Because Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, changed the algorithms in, I think, 2016 or maybe early 2017 basically forcing companies to advertise, to pay for their boost.

Now a long time ago, I would say probably about four, five years ago, Facebook would show probably about 80% of the traffic or a wall post to 60% of the audience. I remember it went down to 40%. Then from there down to like 30 and then today what Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook does, only about 4% of your audience or your fans of your company page will see the Facebook wall post and that’s why I say you’re basically as a company, if you’re trying to market on Facebook the way you had been doing before which maybe worked, it doesn’t work today.

Here are some things that you got to think about if Facebook would be a good platform to advertise on. The number one thing I think is can you find your target audience on Facebook? Normally when I go and meet with a prospective client, they have kind of an idea about their target audience. I actually walk in with a notepad, one of those big, yellow legal pads and then I write audience number one, audience number two, audience number three, audience number all the way to 10 or how ever many audiences they have. I come out with the target audience, male, female, based off of household income, parents, engaged, married, single, divorced. There’s a lot of factors going in there and it depends on the company. If you’re able to find the target audience on … Let me rephrase that. If you can create the target audience on Facebook and then show highly relevant ads to that specific audience, then you should be on Facebook ads.

Here is an example. I have a client. It’s a butcher shop. What do they do? They sell meat. How interesting can that be? They didn’t even have a Facebook page. Nothing. They didn’t have a damn website. Can you imagine that? Anyway, but they’ve been in business in the community for about 50 years. Think about them as a old school, dinosaur type of grocery store. In Spanish or in San Diego, they’re known as a carnicerĂ­a, so a butcher shop. They were known for their marinates and they’re still known for their marinate. It’s just that all these competitors who came out the last couple of decades or at least last year, they … My client had been losing business.

What I did, and pay attention here, is I started leveraging Facebook and targeting people based off of their actual purchasing behavior. Let’s say you, as a customer of, I don’t know, some grocery store. You go and you’re just buying food. You put in seafood and you put meat and you put broccoli into your shopping cart, bananas, vegetables, fruits, whatever and then you go and you go to the checkout line and you enter in your phone number into the keypad because you want to get the points or maybe the club discount.

What happens there? When you enter in your phone number, all that information is recorded and it’s pretty much categorized and then a marketer, like me, can market to you based off of what you have physically purchased in the supermarket. If you had purchased, let’s say charcoal, it gets classified as barbecue, I don’t know, someone who’s interested in barbecue or stuff like that. Meat, it gets classified as meat when you go through purchasing. Why? Because when you enter in your phone number, which is probably tied to your cellphone and you have the Facebook app on your cellphone, it’s all tied together. The company that runs all that stuff is Datalogix owned by Oracle. Oracle is the one that runs practically the internet and it’s just sharing offline purchase behaviors with online marketing platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter. I went into Snapchat, Facebook ads and Twitter ads and I looked to see if that was possible. Yes, it is possible. I actually do that with my client who owns a butcher shop.

Now, that ad, what I do is I create an ad and I target people who bought meat or who barbecue. The ad shows relevant ads about barbecuing or buying marinated meats and to go barbecuing. Another one that you can think about … Well, first off, if you can find your target audience on Facebook, you may want to think about using Instagram and Snapchat ads and maybe even YouTube video ads. Another time you should use Facebook is for retargeting or remarketing, same thing. It’s synonymous. If your website has traffic coming to it, you want to have the Facebook pixel on it so that when someone goes to your website, then they start getting followed around with your ads on Facebook.

If we use an example like Nordstrom’s, you go to and you’re looking for shoes or something like that. This is for the ladies. Then you go to your Facebook page to go waste time and look at your friend’s pictures and see what they’re doing, partying and living it up. Then, boom, a Nordstrom’s ad pops up. Buy your shoes here at Nordstrom, 20% off or something. I don’t know. That is Facebook remarketing.  It works well if you have traffic coming to your website already.

Another reason to use Facebook is if you have a spreadsheet with a bunch of emails and/or phone numbers and you could create what’s called a Facebook custom audience. Let’s say you’re going to throw an event or something and you got a bunch of emails. You upload those emails from the spreadsheet into Facebook. If someone signs in using that email or maybe they have the phone number, I don’t know, registered with Facebook, your ad may show to that person.

I actually had done those campaigns many times. I normally don’t recommend … It’s tougher in some situations to use Facebook ads than others. For instance, eCommerce websites. Driving people from Facebook ads and they see a coupon or something about eCommerce pointing over to the eCommerce website, people aren’t really going to drop what they’re doing and then, “Oh, I saw this offer. I’m going to buy.” Maybe they would. I don’t know. But the chances I think are going to be a lot lower. They’re not going to drop their credit card and just start making a purchase right there off the fly seeing your first ad. But if you have traffic coming to your eCommerce website, you may want to think about doing remarketing on Facebook. All the purchases that have gone through your CRM or your CMS, Shopify or whatever you’re using, you can download those purchases and use those emails, re-upload them into Facebook and show ads to hopefully get some repeat customers.

If any of this is a yes to you, then you should be using Facebook ads. Right now it’s still relatively cheap but I’ve seen in the last year it seems overall the prices are starting to go up. Remember, it’s a bidding platform much like Google AdWords. You’re bidding to get in a certain position or to get your ads into a certain position. You don’t necessarily have to be the highest bidder. I tell this to people all the time. They trip out when I tell them. When someone is on their sofa and they scroll through and they see the first ad, your ad doesn’t have to necessarily be the first one on there. You don’t have to have the highest bid to be there. If you’re fine being the second or third or the fourth, fine, then pay less. Consider Facebook ads as a good way to market your company.

Google AdWords is also awesome but it’s just going to depend on who your target audience is. Google is keyword driven so that’s a whole different ballgame. Facebook ads, you’re basically interrupting what people are doing on Facebook while they’re scrolling through and, boom, outcomes your ad. It has to be a great ad to make someone want to click and leave or if they’re just staying on Facebook, to just take action within Facebook like a form submission or something like that.

My name is Francisco. If you need any help getting any of this set up for you or you have some questions and you’re still not 100% sure if Facebook ads is for your business, contact me. Contact me, 619-642-2500, or just go to my website, Fill out the contact form. Talk to you soon.

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