Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Which is best for your business?

Google vs. Facebook. Where is your target audience?

Google is driven by keywords. When someone is in need of an answer, they turn to Google. They do not turn to Facebook. People will turn to Bing or Yahoo or any search engine before they turn to Facebook. The great thing about Google is no matter what they type in, people are somewhere in the buying cycle, whether it’s in the research phase or they are ready to buy.

…most likely people on Facebook are there wasting their time…

Now Facebook on the other hand is not keyword-driven. That platform is audience-driven. Nobody goes onto Facebook and types in a keyword search in the search bar. So how can Facebook work for businesses that are local-based? Now depending on what industry you’re in, Facebook can get you in front of the right target audiences. Whereas Google is more keyword-driven, Facebook is audience-driven.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you are in the wedding industry and you need to rent out your banquet rooms. You want to get your ads in front of women who are engaged. On Facebook, any time a woman gets proposed to, she’s gonna change her relationship status to engaged, and then you write an ad that says, “Attention engaged women,” and then you have them click the Learn More button and go to a landing page and submit their information. Now on Google, for the wedding industry, you would be bidding on keywords, like “wedding venues near me”. So if you’re in the wedding industry, your audience is on both Google and on Facebook.

Other companies, let’s say like auto repair, can go on Facebook and Google but works better on Google. Why? Because when someone needs auto service, they make up their mind right there. Or they need an oil change or the transmission went down. Now you can do brand-building on Facebook but most likely people on Facebook are there wasting their time, scrolling through and looking at pictures of their grandchildren or their friends’ walls or whatever it is, and then BAM, out comes the auto repair shop ad. If I owned an auto repair shop, I would only use Facebook for remarketing. I wouldn’t really use it to acquire new customers unless I am targeting a hyper-specific audience.

You got to think about what is going to be the best place for you to advertise your business. Now an e-commerce website, most likely you’re not gonna use Facebook to try to attract new sales. You’ll use it for sure when it comes down to remarketing, but Google and Google Shopping are your areas. Many of the companies that I work with are local-based companies. Their ads would be both on Google and Facebook but you have to really think about your target audience.

I highly recommend you take out a legal pad and write five columns, an Audience #1, Audience #2, Audience #3, #4 and #5. I have a client and they’re a café. People don’t go to Facebook to search for cafes, but guess what? This café serves beer and wine. So as a marketer, I target women who are in their forties and single who have an upcoming birthday. The ad reads, “Attention women. Have an upcoming birthday? Come on down for a free slice of cake. Bring your friends.” Well, instead of selling one cup of coffee, these women come in and buy five bottles of wine. You got to think about who your target audience is or what they are typing into Google. If you have any questions, just hit the reply button.

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