How is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly, but steadily, bringing massive change to the business world. Al’s ability to drive efficiency in a number of business domains is paving the way for it to become a game-changer for many sectors of the economy.

With Al’s ability to respond rationally, as humans would, many aspects of business operations have become more efficient, including Digital Marketing. In fact, Digital Marketing and Al are already working together on this.

Using Al, marketers will be able to conduct digital marketing campaigns more efficiently. That will lead to higher ROI through better decisions. It will save time and resources, as well as provide better decisions.

Before proceeding, we think it is vital to make it perfectly clear that Al is not here to steal a marketer’s or advertiser’s job. Instead, it is here to unleash their true creativity.

Application of AI in Digital Marketing

Previously, digital marketers feared incorporating Al into their campaigns. Over time, however, the situation has gradually changed as Al has proven to offer so many benefits.

Recent research indicates that 61% of 1,600 marketing professionals believe Al will be the most significant data initiative in the coming years.(source)

There are rumors that Al’s tools will be able to surpass human capabilities one day.

Al has incredible capabilities of collecting, analyzing, and appropriately applying business data. So,  AI is redefining Digital Marketing in many ways, increasing productivity for marketers.

Besides, Al can learn from data enabling marketers to predict future market trends more proactively. It can react proactively to changing market conditions.

An excellent example of the recent application of Al in Digital Marketing is Amazon. They use Al to show only relevant products to specific website visitors based on their past purchases, searches, and views.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital marketing strategies could revolutionize the way marketers communicate with their target audiences. With Al’s expertise, it is possible to drive relevant traffic, acquire new customers, increase sales, and retain current customers through Digital Marketing.

So, let us take a closer look at Al’s benefits and options. We will also see how they can be integrated into a PPC agency’s strategies.

Creation and generation of a PPC agency content

Does a machine have the capability to write? That does not seem likely at first glance. They are not able to write on their own, like writing a newspaper opinion or a blog post. However, Al can produce content based on data and information.  This can be used to drive traffic to your website. Using this method, you will save both time and money.

To increase traffic to their sites, outlets such as Associated Press and Forbes use applications such as Articoolo, Quill, and Wordsmith to create their news. 

It can create unique, human-like content by using templates and fill-in-the-blanks. It allows the user to enter keywords and data. Another classic example is the Washington Post. It publishes several articles written by Heliograf.

Curating Content

As it is obvious now, Al is capable of generating the content, but what is next? The next step is the curation of content. It involves showing visitor-specific personalized content. It recommends options the visitor may find interesting such as “Customers who bought this also viewed” on Amazon product pages. 

In regards to Digital Marketing, it all boils down to this: Your website will attract more visitors, increasing your ability to connect with them and sell your products. For example, suppose you own a news website. Guests will be more likely to spend more time on your website if articles are displayed that are tailored to their individual interests based on the categories of news they already read on your website.

Email Marketing

Today, most brands are starting their email marketing campaigns with individualized content, based on user preferences and behaviors.

An email marketing campaign focusing on personalized email involves sending customer-specific emails with individualized subject lines, product recommendations, and messaging.

As a result, Al is able to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience, maximizing the likelihood of conversions.

Utilizing smart Machine Learning algorithms, artificial intelligence tools analyze millions of data points about a consumer. It determines in real-time the most effective times and days of the week contact a user. It finds out what types of content catch the user’s attention, subject lines that generate more clicks, etc. 

Digital Advertisement

Digital advertising is a field Al has already revolutionized. Increasing numbers of businesses employ Al to manage their digital advertising campaigns. AL is a technology that can analyze information such as gender, age, interests, demographics, etc. on online platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram to show them the most relevant advertisements, thereby increasing their chances of making a purchase. Research indicates the global digital advertising spend in 2018 was USD 273.29 billion.(source) This number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. PPC agencies can use Al to identify micro-trends and forecast future trends to make strategic decisions about how to spend their money and who to target. They can then ensure that the investment in digital advertising produces the best results possible.

Search on Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has already undergone a massive transformation due to two Al-based innovations: Google’s RankBrain and Voice Search. Due to the use of Voice Search, there is no need to type traditional keywords into Google searches, as conversations can be carried out online more easily.

According to Google’s own blog post, roughly 70% of searches on Google Assistant are in plain, natural, and conversational language. A brand that is able to take advantage of the benefits of Voice Search will significantly increase its organic traffic. A PPC agency should focus their verbal contents in such a way that a person would verbally express themselves, without keywords.

With RankBrain, Google’s voice-powered algorithm, the internet search results are more relevant by interpreting wording and context. 


A Chatbot, which is a common example of Al use, acts as a virtual assistant for customers. You can integrate a chatbot into your website, email, or app to create better communication with current and potential customers. The most common questions your customers may ask can be answered by chatbots. It also improves customer experiences by engaging in real-time conversations. This allows you to reach a large audience of people and provide them with support. Chatbots can also facilitate the automated response of prospective buyers’ questions by allowing them to search for the product or service that is relevant to their needs. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques are used to implement Chatbots’ functionality.

Chatbots can act as sales representatives for your company. Sephora, for example, offers beauty advice using its Chatbot and recommends products based on users’ needs. 

                                                                            ( Image source)

Predictive Analytics

Marketing appears to benefit from pro-action rather than reaction. And, in order to be proactive in the face of impending change, one must first gain an understanding of the potential future trend. Predictive Analysis plays an important role in this context.

It refers to data analysis that employs statistical algorithms and Machine Learning techniques to forecast future scenarios based on historical data. Predictive models are used in many areas of business, including digital marketing. It helps to forecast things like the likelihood of a specific prospect becoming a customer. It can also predict the quoted price required to make a conversion, or which customers are likely to make multiple purchases.

Prospect ranking or lead scoring is a common application of Al in digital marketing. The generated models can be trained to identify prospects as potential purchasers based on predefined criteria. It can then be followed up on by the sales team. As a result, the sales team will not waste time chasing down leads that will never convert. Implementing Al in Digital Marketing will result in not only increased sales but also significant time and resource savings.

Designing of a website

Al is capable of shouldering the entire burden of website design. For instance, the Al-powered website design platform-The Grid can create a website based on user data and how they interact with your content.

This means that brands do not need to deploy a design team, and the only thing that needs to be worked on is the content. Other AI-powered website design platforms are FireDrop and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence(ADI). However, these Al-based website builders are still in their infancy. You can expect them to become more sophisticated in the coming years.

These website builders, according to speculation, are the future of digital marketing.


Marketing has been transformed by AI, making it more precise and effective in its goals. Today’s PPC agencies have detailed insights into complex areas such as customer behavior and can automate mechanical processes. Modern businesses have already begun to use advanced artificial intelligence to create personalized campaigns and recommendation engines based on historical customer data. Smarter and more targeted campaigns assist these corporations in saving money.  They can establish brand leadership, and maximize the bottom line for long-term growth.

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