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What are Google Review Snippets?

A review snippet is usually an aggregate rating of many reviews. It’s a summary of ratings based on a 1-5 star rating scale. Review snippets display on Google organic search engine results pages. There are 9 content types and 8 content subtypes where review snippets can be applied.

Types of Structured Data

These are the 9 types of content where review snippets can be applied.

  • Book
  • Course
  • Event
  • How-to
  • Local Business
  • Movie
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Software App

These are the 8 subtypes of content where review snippets can also be applied.

  • CreativeWorkSeason
  • CreativeWorkSeries
  • Episode
  • Game
  • MediaObject
  • MusicPlaylist
  • MusicRecording
  • Organization

Shopper Approved

Learn more about Shopper Approved’s features.

  • Google Review Snippets
  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Ratings
  • Q&A like Amazon
  • Social Evidence
  • Survey Destinations
  • Video Reviews


Learn about Yotpo’s features.

  • Google Review Snippets
  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Ratings
  • SMS Marketing
  • Loyalty & Referrals
  • Visual UGC

Use a Plugin

These are 3 very popular ecommerce providers. The links go to plugins that have rich snippet features. The benefit of this is that you can buy a plugin instead of paying a programmer to do all the work for you. We recommend buying a plugin instead of using a free plugin. Most companies that have free plugins do not update them and may make your website vulnerable.

Hire a programmer

This option is the most expensive. It’s for companies that have a custom website or website software that’s not that popular. You’ll need a programmer to integrate the code into your website.

Review Snippets for Other Content Types

Before trying to build out reviews snippets on your own, look into a plugin that can do the job. If you’re using WordPress, there are many plugins in the WordPress repository. Also, there are paid plugins that will help. Most free plugins have a paid version.

The following are the 9 content type examples. These content types can have reviews attached to them.


Google Review Snippet for Books


Structured Data for Course


Structured Data for Events


Structured Data for “How-to” stop a nagging wife!

Local Business

Structured Data for Local Business


Structured Data for Movie

Product Review Snippet

Structured Data for Product “muzzles for nagging wifes”


Structured Data for Recipes “old hag brew”

Software App

Structured Data Software App

Rich Snippet Testing Tools

As mentioned above, you can work with a Google approved third-party review aggregator, use a plugin. or hire a programmer. Any review aggregator is going to be up to date on the latest structured data changes. If you hire a programmer to implement your structured data, most likely that person isn’t going to be up to date regarding the latest code changes.

If you want to check your website for the rich snippet structured data, use the Google Rich Results Test Tool.


There are many types of structured data way beyond the ones we mentioned here. Basically, if you’re looking to display reviews via rich snippets directly on Google, you’ll want to get a demo from one of the third-party review aggregators (Shopper Approved or Yotpo), buy a plugin, or hire a programmer.

If you’re paying a programmer, expect to pay $10,000 or more. And that’s not including a retainer to maintain the code.

Supplementary Content

If you want to show ratings not only on Google organic via rich results, we have provided further reading so you can dominate SERPs with your own ratings. In addition to Google review rich snippets, there are 3 other ratings that Google shows on SERPs: 1) Google Store Ratings 2) Google Product Ratings 3) Google Reviews

Google Store Ratings

Learn about Google Store Ratings. These ratings show on Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Google Product Ratings

Learn about Google Shipping Star Ratings. These show on your Google Shopping product listing ads.

Google Reviews

Get Google reviews. These reviews show on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

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