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Who is Shopper Approved For?

Shopper Approved can handle large, mid-sized, and small companies. While many service-based businesses use Shopper Approved, about 80% are eCommerce companies. You’ll notice when we talk about their features later on, many of the features are geared toward eCommerce sites. However, Shopper Approved is mainly known to get reviews for both service-based and ecommerce companies.

Ecommerce CompaniesService-Based CompaniesNOT for Local Retail Companies
Shopify Plus
WordPress (WooCommerce)
or any other ecommerce platform.
CPAs & Accountants
Catering Companies
Real Estate Agents & Lenders
Insurance Brokers (Personal, Commercial, Medical)
Health & Wellness (Personal Trainers, Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage)
Restaurants (both sit-down & fast food)
Auto Repair
Shopper Approved is for eCommerce & Service-Based Companies.

Shopper Approved Features

Google Store Ratings

Store Ratings are the star ratings that show on your Google ads. They display on CPC text ads and on Google Shopping listings (the free version). Shopper Approved is 1 of 29 Google third-party review partners. Shopper Approved’s job is to gather reviews for your website and syndicate them via an XML feed into Google Ads.

Google Product Ratings

In addition to being a Google 3rd-party review partner, Shopper Approved is 1 of 28 Google approved third-party review aggregators. As a third-party review aggregator, Shopper Approved will gather reviews for your products and syndicate them to Google Shopping. Product Ratings are only for eCommerce companies.

Product Reviews on Right-Hand-Side of
Product Reviews in Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLA)
Product Reviews Directly on

The main benefit is that your products start looking more like Amazon’s product pages. As time goes by, your products will gain new reviews and create more trust.

Think about when you go to Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Do you look at the reviews for the product you’re looking to buy? Your site isn’t any different. This is where Shopper Approved shines! Not ony will they get your star ratings on Google Shopping, but they will also display your reviews directly on your product pages! Style Reviews


In addition to Google Store Ratings and Product Ratings, Shopper Approved has a Q&A feature, just like Amazon! The great thing about this is that many of the questions people ask will show in Google Feature Snippets as questions.

Want an Amazon styled Q&A? Compare Shopper Approved and Amazon Q&A Side-by-Side

Social Evidence


Steaks show how many actions (purchases, registrations, downloads, etc.) were taken over any time frame you choose.


Evidence of sales, opt-ins, or subscriptions. You can even display the geo-location of the customer.

Visitor Count

This shows how many people are viewing a specific product on your website, in real-time. It creates reassurance and urgency.


Create special offers for promotions, discounts, or sales events. You can pretty much tell people whatever you want across your website.

Survey Destinations

Google has over 200 ranking factors. If you really want a boost in Google Organic, you’ll want to look into Shopper Approved’s Survey Destinations feature. Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines clearly show that ratings and reviews are something they look for.

Without Survey Destinations

Company “A” Overall Ratings Without Shopper Approved’s Survey Destination Feature

With Survey Destinations

Company “B” Overall Ratings With Shopper Approved’s Survey Destination Feature

Video Reviews

Video Reviews by Shopper Approved are uploaded into your YouTube channel and often display directly on Google search. Shopper Approved will get your customers to take out their cell phones and record their reviews via video. While Store Ratings and Product Ratings are solid features, video reviews are more powerful because they are more believable.

Video Reviews Hosted on Shopper Approved

Video Reviews on Google Search Results

See what Betty’s video reviews look like in Shopper Approved.

Shopper Approved Pricing

The pricing you see here is higher than Planet Marketing’s built-in pricing. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the discount our website visitors get, but we can tell you that the 30-day free trial will make you more than what you’ll be paying.

FeatureStarting PricingPlanet Marketing Built-in Pricing
BUNDLE Google Store Ratings, Google Product Ratings, Video Reviews$350WAY TOO LOW to Mention Publicly
Google Store Ratings$199Too Low to Mention Publicly
Google Product Ratings$199 Too Low to Mention Publicly
Q&AToo Low to Mention Publicly
Social EvidenceToo Low to Mention Publicly
Survey DestinationsAsk for this in your Planet Marketing Deal
Video ReviewsAsk for this in your Planet Marketing Deal
TrustGuard Website SecurityAsk for this in your Planet Marketing Deal

Shopper Approved Benefits

  1. Increases CTR (click-through-rate) on Adwords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo. This is great especially when your competitors don’t use star ratings.
  2. Increases Credibility. There is nothing better than showing a prospective customer your 3rd party reviews. Put the Shopper Approved badge on your site and make a point of saying, “These are 3rd party reviews. We cannot control them.” Use this as leverage that you are a real company that takes care of its customers. For a client, we use Shopper Approved and BBB (Better Business Bureau) to show credibility.
  3. We found break downs in communication. One of the best things I like about asking for feedback is our clients’ customers tell us their problems. Many of them tell us before they leave a bad review! A break down in communication is normally the problem, but if you’re not getting reviews, then your customers will not be able to help you out. Even a bad customer experience can help out your company by uncovering break downs in communication. A Shopper Approved subscription is, therefore, worth getting feedback from your customers. You want to be able to know what your customers are saying; negative or positive. That way you can grow your business.
  4. Refer a few people and you don’t have to pay! You’ll need to be an affiliate so you get credit for this.
  5. Great for getting a jump start on reviews. Competitors charge for this feature. Shopper Approved allows you to email your past customers for a review.

Is Shopper Approved Legit?

Sometimes people ask us via live chat or on the phone, “Is Shopper Approved legit?” We have found that there are two reasons why people ask this question.

  1. The person has never heard of Shopper Approved
  2. The person suspects that Shopper Approved gathers fake reviews

The first one deals with credibility. It’s reasonable that someone who has never heard of a company (whether or not it’s Shopper Approved) thinks they may get scammed. Here are a few LARGE companies that use Shopper Approved. We linked to their Shopper Approved Review Page. Reviews with over 2 million reviews Reviews with over 2 million reviews
B&H Photo Video Reviews with over 750,000+ reviews
Planet Marketing Reviews with only 70 Reviews (🤣)

The second one deals with authenticity. Shopper Approved is a closed platform where only previous customers can leave a review. It’s not like Yelp or Google Reviews where anyone can leave a review, whether or not they were a customer.

Now if those 4 companies don’t convince you (okay, Planet Marketing reviews probably didn’t convince you 😂), then check out Google. Shopper Approved is approved by Google and on this list of third-party review partners:



If you’re on the fence about getting Shopper Approved, get the FREE 30-day trial. You don’t even need to put down your credit card! If you’re thinking of getting more than one feature, let’s say Store Ratings and Product Ratings, you’ll get a bundle pricing discount, but make sure you tell the sales rep, “Does that include Planet Marketing’s Built-in Pricing?”

We didn’t mention other features like badges, widgets, Facebook integration, etc., because we felt we should cover the money-maker features.

Planet Marketing has been sending business to Shopper Approved since 2014. We are proud to work with Shopper Approved and will continue to send business to them, especially our clients who use Google Ads.

PS. If you ever need help with Google Ads, check out our Google Ads pricing page.

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