Facebook Ads for Microbreweries

Microbreweries are, more often than not, steeped in tradition, yet the traditional forms of marketing that many would have relied upon in the past have been facing competition from new entries into the marketing arena. Though television, radio and print media remain forces to be reckoned with, the internet age has given birth to a new type of reaching out to customers; Social Media Marketing.

About Facebook Marketing

Perhaps the greatest social media platform on which you can market your business is  Facebook. The planet’s biggest social networking site boasts of having a user base of over 2.19 billion, a figure that continues to grow by the day. It is clear, therefore, that Facebook is the place to be for businesses that wish to remain competitive in today’s cutthroat operating environment.

How to create Facebook Ads for Microbreweries

Creating Facebook Ads for Microbreweries is a simple matter of knowing what it is that you wish to achieve and following the steps that are needed in order to achieve your goals;

  1. Choose your Objective

In Facebook Ads Manager, the first thing that you need to do when creating Facebook Ads for your microbrewery is choose your Objective. Facebook Objectives act as a guideline on the path towards the creation of Ads on the platform for any business. There are, in Ads Manager, a number of Objectives from which you can choose the one that best speaks to your aims;

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • App installs
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Messages
  • Store visits
  • Catalog sales
  1. Be authentic and creative

This is one of the things that you need to seriously think about when creating Facebook Ads for Microbreweries. People who drink Craft beer are usually very knowledgeable about beer in general. They are also usually fiercely loyal, which can be both a curse and a blessing.

A blessing in that the people who love the beer that you produce are likely to remain with you for a very long time, and a curse in that it can be difficult for you to attract new clients. There is, therefore, need for you to be creative, while remaining authentic.

These two goals may appear to be at odds with each other, but they are what are going to ensure that you generate the new leads that you need in order to give your business on the right path.

  1. Target your Audience

Knowing and targeting the right audience is absolutely critical when it comes to advertising on Facebook. We have already noted that the platform has over 2,19 billion users. You may think that this is a blessing, but it won’t remain such, from an advertising point of view, unless you can sift the chafe to remain only with those people that are interested in whatever it is that you have on offer.

That is particularly the case when it comes to craft beer. This is a field that is absolutely specialized, and trying to make your pitch to everyone will only mean that your ads will be delivered to people who are not interested in your line of business. So, how do you target your audience when creating Facebook Ads for your Microbrewery?

  • Location

Once you have chosen your Objective, you are taken to the Ad Set section of the Facebook Ad creation process. This is where you do most of the targeting for the ad that you are creating. The location setting, in particular, allows you to choose the place(s) where you wish to have your Facebook ads delivered.

The thing to remember here is that every business is going to be different when it comes to the kind of reach that it has. Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops can only attract clients from certain distances around them, whereas online retailers have the luxury of a Global customer base. For microbreweries, the client base is spread out, though their reach is not as wide as that of online retailers.

For the sake of our example, we are going to assume that our Microbrewery is based in the U.S State of California.

  • Age

The age setting allows you to restrict the delivery of your Facebook Ads to a particular age range. For this example, we will set that to between 21 and 65. The age limit is going to be different depending on the country to which your ads will be shown, but in the U.S, ads for alcoholic beverages have a limit of 21.

  • Gender

If your products are designed to appeal to only people of a particular gender, then this is where you make the selection as part of the process of narrowing down on your target audience. For this example, we are going to go with both males and females.

  • Language

This is another setting when creating Facebook Ads that allows you to home in on the people that you are targeting. For this example, however, language is not an important targeting parameter.

Demographics, Interests, Behaviors

This is the most important section, as far as creating Facebook Ads for our Microbrewery is concerned. Here you can choose to have your ads delivered only to people who fall into a particular demographic group, of to those that expressed particular interests and have shown particular behaviors. For our example, we are going to target people who are interested in;

  • Craft Beer
  • Microbreweries
  • Beer Festivals
  • Domestic Beer
  1. Introduce yourself

We have already noted that when it comes to Craft Beer, people generally like to stick with what they know. Its important, therefore, for you to properly introduce yourself to the people that you are targeting with your Facebook ads in order to convince them that your beer is worth trying out.

There are a number of ways through which you can do this, including by promoting Events, such as beer tasting festivals and offering free tours of your brewery. You can also have people who click on your ad taken to your website, where you will explain more about your brewery.

All of this is designed to convince people to try out your brand. In addition, you can build brand awareness by offering interesting tidbits about the industry through your Facebook Ads. What this means is that people do not just wish to hear about you. Give them something useful, and they will remember you in the long run.

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