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If you think it’s difficult for exclusive businesses such as limousine services to advertise on Facebook, you are very much mistaken. Facebook, with its over 2.1 billion monthly active users, offers a wealth of opportunities for all types of businesses. At no other time have so many potential customers been assembled in one place. But, how do you create Facebook Ads for Limousine Services?

Know what it is that you wish to achieve

Most people’s approach to Facebook advertising is to have a vague idea about the greatness of its potential, which they are now seeking to exploit. They do not really have clear cut objectives for their campaigns, which tends to be perilous for the whole campaign.

  1. Choosing the correct Facebook Ad Objective

The good thing is that Facebook provides you with a number of Objectives, from which you can choose the one that best fits your campaign. In fact, this is your first port of call, in Ads Manager, as far as creating Facebook Ads for Limousine Services is concerned;

  • Store visits
  • Catalog sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversions
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages

Best Facebook Objective for Limousine Services

So, which one is the best Facebook Objective for Limousine Services. The answer to this question is; its all going to depend on what you wish to achieve with your campaign. If you would like to have people directed to your company’s website, then Traffic would be the most appropriate objective.

If, on the other hand, you would like to raise brand awareness, then you are going to have to choose accordingly. For the sake of this example, we are going to have people who see our ads get in touch with us. We are, therefore, going to choose “Messages,” as our objective.

  1. Choosing the right target audience

Facebook is vast, as we have already noted at the top. It can be tempting, therefore, to try to generate leads from within as large an audience as is possible. However, doing this can only be regarded as being wasteful.

What you need to do is, instead, narrow down as much as is possible on your target audience. What this does is make sure that your ads are delivered only to people who are most likely to respond positively to whatever it is that you have on offer, which tends to increase your chances of converting.

There would be no point in, as an example, having your ad shown to a million people, none of whom are remotely interested in limousine services. So, how do your narrow down on the people that you are targeting?

  • Location

The good news is that Facebook provides you with a number of useful settings that allow you to really zoom in on your target audiences. The location setting is the first of these. Of note here is the fact that there are some businesses out there that are localized, while others do not have such restrictions.

A restaurant, as an example, can only get customers from so far around it, while a limousine service, while also restricted, has a far wider operating scope.

For the sake of our example, we are going to assume that our limousine service is based in Campbell, a city in Santa Clara County, California. The city has a population of around 42 thousand, and these are the people that we are going to be targeting with our Facebook Ads.

Note that you can choose the radius to which you wish to have your ads delivered. In this case, we are going to go with a radius of 25 miles around the physical location of our business.

  • Language, Gender, Age

These are settings that further allow you to narrow down on the people that you are targeting with your Facebook ads. You may, as an example, wish to have your ads delivered to people who speak a particular language, or to those of a particular gender. You, in any case, fully understand the demographics of the people that you wish to target. Which age ranges, as an example, typically hire your services?

Demographics, interests and behaviors

Coming under the Detailed Targeting section, these settings allow you to further narrow down on your target audience(s). You can either include or exclude people, depending on the objectives for your Facebook Advertising campaign. You can also have an and/or relationship between your targeting parameters.

You can, as an example, choose to have your ads delivered to people who have expressed an interest either in one thing or in the other. You can also, alternatively, choose to really narrow down on your target audience by choosing to have the ad delivered to people who have expressed an interest in one thing and the other. So, here, what it means is that the two settings need to be true before the ad is delivered, whereas in the first scenario, the ad can be delivered if either of the scenarios is true.

For the Facebook Ads that we are creating for our Limousine service, we are going to have delivery set to people who have set their relationship statuses on Facebook to Engaged.  We are also going to have them delivered to people whose anniversaries are due within the next 30 days.

  1. Messenger Setup

Because we have chosen Messages as our Facebook Objective, we actually need to set up Messenger to allow people to get in touch with us. Here, you need to input a greeting message, which can be text only, text and image and text and video.

You can also have preset buttons (quick replies) that allow people to quickly take a few specific courses of action. They can, as an example, click on a button that sends them to your website or to other destinations.

The one thing that you need to understand is that people respond better where you are able to quickly react to their messages. During the course of your campaign, you should, therefore, have someone available to answer all queries that are thrown in your direction.

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