Determining Email Frequency: How Often Should You Email Your Customers?

The last thing you want to be is that annoying company that sends out pointless emails on a daily basis. It’s sort of like the boy who cried wolf: you send out too many meaningless updates that don’t offer a clear value to your demographic and that one time you have something really special to offer, no one is going to listen. They’ll be too busy hitting delete.

Some experts say email marketing is dead. Social media is where it’s at! Well, that may be so, but there’s no question that email is still a viable and successful way to reach your audience – provided you do it right. Remember, that saying “too much of a good thing” is never truer than with email marketing. However, there’s no denying the power of email still exists – particularly during this meteoric rise of mobile device technology. In fact, Forbes says there’s a 500% increase in the percentage of emails opened on mobile devices, which increased from 8% in 2011 to 53% in 2014.

A Delicate Balance

There’s a fine line that demands a delicate approach when it comes to crafting and sending emails. You have to know which ones are important enough to bother people with, and indeed which audience you want to target. While you want to email your customers just enough to pique their interest, you don’t want to go a touch too far and end up turning them off. It takes skill, time and patience to know when to say when, which is where Planet Marketing comes in. We can craft a comprehensive email marketing campaign for you!

Respect Your Recipients

Regular communication with your core group of customers is critical, of course. How else will you tell them about that new gadget that will save them time, or all the new summer fragrances you’re offering or even that new x ray machine your doctor’s office just got in. Those are all important things, but above all, it’s important to show some mutual respect to the recipients of your email. If you send them too many updates, they will tune out and delete them all. Instead, reserve those emails for the truly important announcements, money-saving coupons and relevant offers. Don’t end up in the trash folder. Send fewer, yet more relevant and engaging, emails and it will pay off in the long run.

Check Out Your Open Rates

You may be at a loss to know how much is too much. Well, do your research and compile information on how frequently you’ve been sending out emails over the last year. Are they consistent? Are they sporadic or evenly spaced out? Have you noticed the impact on your open rates? These will tell you whether your recipients are actually opening those emails once you sent them. They’re very telling.

Open rates are just one part of the research we can compile for you to analyze and create a better email marketing campaign for your business. Call Planet Marketing now to find out where you’re going wrong.

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