3 Things to Never do on Facebook

As far as social media tools go, Facebook is a pretty big one that can make or break your online marketing approach. Use it wisely and you will reap the rewards. Make some bad choices and you may live to regret it. Boosting your online presence through social media tools like Facebook can help you attract and retain customers but you need a strategy that will work for the long haul. Here are three things you should never do on Facebook.

  1. Don’t post without thinking it through. We all have that inappropriate friend on Facebook who thinks everyone wants to know what she had for dinner or that she’s at the grocery store standing in line. Perhaps you have a Facebook friend who posts rants in the heat of the moment, leading you to question the sanity of such a person on such a public forum. Just as you should think a post through before posting it on your personal page, so too should you use this caution in your business life as well. It’s important to sit back and reflect on the relevance of your business post before hitting that status update. Whether you’re posting a link to a white paper, article, video, study or presentation on the latest state of the art equipment or a controversial topic, do your due diligence and research the source first. Make sure it’s credible, make sure it’s timely, and make sure it impacts your audience in some helpful way. Sharing unfounded allegations, unproven research and gossip with your followers can result in a hit to your reputation that may take a long time to recover from.
  2. Don’t post without proofreading and spell checking. Sure, it’s so much easier to use shortcuts like “u” for “you” or glossing over proper punctuation, but what are you telling people about your professionalism when you fudge on those things? You may be able to get away with that on your personal page, but when it comes to your business page, use punctuation and capitalization and forget about the cute abbreviations, emojis, slang, and run-on sentences. After all, you should be using Facebook to boost the image of your company, not detract from it. You never know who’s taking note of your shortcuts! They may say something, they may not, but at the very least they will remember your less-than-professional approach. So, long story short: take your time, use spell check and read it aloud to yourself before hitting the post button. This quick yet simple double-check will save you later.
  3. Don’t go for the hard sell every time. Got an annoying friend who seems to think the world revolves around her on Facebook? Think about that when you start posting too many serious things about your business on social media. Yes, you should display your industry expertise in your field. Yes, you should show people something of value that reflects well on your business. However, taking yourself too seriously with videos, white papers, business information and company updates will only get you so far. When bombarded with that type of stuff day after day, people start to tune out and even get annoyed. Every once in awhile, use Facebook the way it was intended – to be social and show the fun side of yourself. Turn off the hard sell and start trying to create conversations with your followers. Ask them what they want, take polls, request feedback – anything to get them engaged. After all, you’re a business, not a robot. Show them you can see the lighter side of things and they will respect you for it.

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