Google Ratings 2021. Seller, Product, Local & Schema Ratings.

  1. ​The best companies for getting Google ratings​​​​
  2. ​​Seller Ratings​​​​
  3. ​Product Ratings
  4. Organic Ratings
  5. Google ​My Business Reviews
The 4 types of Google Ratings

​Get Google Ratings from these Companies

​The table below shows you some of the best companies for getting Google Ratings. I put it here at the beginning ​for the benefit of those that do not have the time to read this entire article. Note that I mostly recommend Shopper Approved when it comes to Google Ratings. It’s my favorite company for Seller and Product Ratings. ​Shopper Approved is good and over the years, I have referred ​thousands of ​businesses to this company. You can sign up for Shopper Approved using the provided link. Another good company for Google Ratings is Trustpilot. Again, I have referred people to them, but not as many as to Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved tends to be cheaper than Trustpilot. You can read my Shopper Approved vs Trustpilot article to compare the 2 companies.

Google Customer Reviews

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  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Ratings
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • Google Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

The 4 Types of Google Ratings

As already noted, there are 4 types of Google Ratings. All these show right on You can see 3 of these types in the screenshot ​below. Missing from the screenshot are ratings on Google Maps. But don’t worry. ​I will show them below.

  • Seller Ratings – Used by service-based sites and ecommerce. Shows in Google Adwords CPC Text Ads.
  • Product Ratings – Used only by ecommerce sites. Shows in Google Shopping (PLAs).
  • Google Local Ratings – Used by local based retail businesses and local service based businesses. Ecommerce companies can also use this to build overall authority. Google Local Ratings show in Google Maps.
  • Schema Ratings – Primarily used for ecommerce websites selling products or digital downloads. This shows in Google Organic.

​The screenshot ​above shows results from Google Maps. You can see that one of the results has Ratings. Though it is not on top, the ratings actually give it greater visibility than the other 2 results. Anyway, I will talk about Google Maps Ratings ​later in this article.

Seller Ratings

​Seller Ratings are one of the most important types of ratings that can be found out there. Carry out a search for “laptops for work,” or “auto insurance,” and you will probably get an example of Seller Ratings. It’s all going to depend on where you live, of course. Google localizes search results, meaning two people in different places will not get the same results for the same search.

​Who are ​Seller Ratings for?

​Seller Ratings can be used by both eCommerce and Service based businesses. This makes them a very flexible option for most businesses out there. You can see in the screenshot below that I carried out a search for “laptops for work.” Along with results from Google Shopping (to the right), I also get results from Google Ads. In fact, these g​o to the top of the page. As you can see, the first result is for Best Buy and it has a Seller Rating. The rating is not for a particular laptop, but for Best Buy as a Seller.

Seller Ratings

​Why Are Seller Ratings ​Important?

​This is a question that I get a lot from people. Why are Seller Ratings ​useful? Well, truth of the matter is, if your business advertises via Google Ads or is in Google Shopping then Seller Ratings are something that you need to seriously consider getting. But why?

​They increase your CTR by 17%​

​Those little stars that you see on Google Ads ads and in Google Shopping are of HUGE importance. That’s especially the case if your competitors do not have them. According to Google, Seller Ratings contribute to a 17% increase in CTR for businesses that use them. That’s a potential increase of 17% in sales. ​

​​They lower your Cost Per Click

​I have helped several hundred companies get Seller Ratings and one of the things that I have noticed is that their Cost Per Click gets lower when they start using them. This is important and can help your business get more out of its advertising budget. Instead of forking more to get the same number of clicks, you will get more clicks from a little less money. So, you can put the savings into other advertising ​campaigns.

​A higher Conversion Rate

​A higher conversion rate is another advantage of using Seller Ratings. Not only do those stars that you see on some results in Google Ads and in Google Shopping contribute to an increase in the number of people who are clicking on your Ads, but they also lead to an increase in your conversion rate. The reason for that is easy enough to understand; Seller Ratings are a beacon of trust. They increase the trust that people have in you as a business. This is based on the fact that others have already done business with you and have found the experience satisfactory. So, people who click on your ads are much more likely to be turned into conversions than would be the case if you were not using Seller Ratings.

​How do you get Seller Ratings?

Seller Ratings

​Seller Ratings are based on reviews that are left by people on your website. So, how do you get these reviews from your site to Google for use in Seller Ratings? ​Google is where it’s really important. Your credibility starts there and you want your ratings to appear on your search results.

The answer is, there are companies out there that are approved by Google to syndicate data from your website to the ​platform for use in Seller Ratings. Currently there are 32 ​Google approved third-party review aggregators. Many of them are in non-English language (like Japanese, Spanish, French, German, etc.) so we narrowed down the results for you in the table above.

These 32 companies collect reviews for you and shows those SELLER Ratings (sometimes called Merchant Reviews) right within Google Ads.  Here is a list of all 32 companies. If you have an eCommerce website, you will want to choose a site that is certified by Google to show  both Seller Ratings and Product Ratings.

For Local based and service-based companies, you have to hit an average of 100 reviews over 12 months in order to display Google Seller Ratings. This is about 13 reviews per month. If you cannot get to 13 reviews per month, don’t bother getting Seller Ratings because the stars will never show in Google Adwords. Instead, focus on Google Local Ratings (covered below). If you want to know more about Seller Ratings in detail, read our article How to Get Star Ratings in Your Google Adwords Ad 20​20. You can also get in touch with me and I will help you get Seller Ratings for your busines. It’s what I do, after all.

​Can you get Seller Ratings for Free?

​The companies that are approved by Google to syndicate data for Seller Ratings charge different monthly fees for their services. In my experience, this fee is entirely worth it. Seller Ratings are a real tool for getting more sales and they are worth the investment. Anyway, you​ should note that you can get Seller Ratings for free. This is possible through Google Customer Reviews. I have previously written an article covering Google Customer Reviews. Check it out for more information.

​All that I can say here is that Google Customer Reviews is a service targeting eCommerce businesses that allows them to push data from reviews to Google from their sites. However, there is a catch. Google Customer Reviews requires a lot of ​technical expertise to set up. So, you are probably going to need to pay an experienced​ programmer to get it done. ​That means it’s not entirely free. Programmers do not come cheap. You may end up paying thousands of dollars for the integration. So, you may be better off going with a company that has already been doing this for long.

Product Ratings

​Product Ratings are the second type of Google Ratings that can be found out there. Product Ratings are for specific products. Let’s assume, as an example, that you sell a certain laptop. A product rating would be for that specific laptop and not for any other laptops in the product’s range.

​Who are Product Ratings for?

Product Ratings example

​Product ratings are specifically for eCommerce businesses. That is one point in which they differ from Seller Ratings. We have already noted that Seller Ratings are for both eCommerce businesses and Service businesses. But, if you are not into eCommerce, you cannot have Seller Ratings. ​So, if you are a lawyer or a CPA, you don’t have a product to ship​ and Product Ratings are not for you.

​Product Ratings also Appear in Google Shopping

Product Ratings in Google Shopping

​If you go into Google Shopping, you will also be able to see ​Product ​Ratings. You can see in the above screenshot that there is a Product Rating and a Seller Rating for Blackout Coffee. The product rating is for that particular brand of coffee. The seller/manufacturer actually has many more brands of coffee, all of which have received different ratings from consumers. You can see that the rating for the Seller is 98%.

​Why Are Product Ratings Important?

​Product Ratings have the same importance as Seller Ratings. They are a means of building trust for a particular product among consumers. Whatever it is that you produce, people are much more likely to buy from you or from the retailers that you supply if your product has received lots of positive feedback. So, product ratings are really something that you need to seriously consider getting as a brand.

​How to get Product Ratings

There are ​about ​20 Google approved third-party review aggregators authorized to ​syndicate data for product ratings to Google. Here is the list. Some are in ​languages such as Japanese and German. Only eCommerce ​businesses should ​​bother getting Product Ratings. ​Below is another example of Product Ratings.

Product or Seller Ratings?

​I have already answered part of this question in the above discussion. Seller Ratings are for everyone. They apply for both eCommerce and service businesses. Product Ratings, meanwhile, only apply to eCommerce companies. So, if you are an eCommerce company, you will want to get both Seller and Product Ratings. That way, people will be able to review both your business and your products.

​I have also already noted that there are companies out there that are approved to syndicate data for use in Product and Seller Ratings. What you want to do is to make sure that the company that you are getting is approved for both. You don’t want to have to hire 2 companies. That would needlessly be expensive. Okay, so if you run a Service company, you ​will only need Seller Ratings. ​Service companies can get away with hiring only companies that are approved for Seller Ratings. However, if you are into eCommerce, you want to ensure that you sign up with a company that has been approved for both Seller and Product Ratings.

Schema Ratings

Schema ratings show in Google organic. The​y are Product Reviews, Event Reviews (like concerts), Brand Reviews, Creative Works Reviews, Offer Reviews, Place Reviews, Organization Reviews, ​and Service Reviews. You can find more info here ​The structured markup is done in a way so that the ratings can show in Google organic.

​Who are Schema Ratings for?

​eCommerce websites which are looking for Product Ratings will want Schema Ratings too. Many CMS’s like WordPress ​and Shopify have a plugin that can generate the schema code which will display product review stars in Google organic. Also, companies like the 24 I mentioned before, can handle this for your site and at the same time show these stars in your Google Shopping PLA ads.

Google ​My Business ​​​Reviews (For Google ​Maps)

Google Maps Reviews

​This is the 4th type of Google ​rating that’s out there.​ One thing to remember is that these 4 systems are completely different platforms for gathering reviews and turning them into ratings. Some feed into Google CPC Text Ads, the other ones feed into Google Shopping, while ​others feed into Google Organic. Now we are into Google Maps.

​Who are Google ​My Business Ratings for?

​Google ​My Business ​Reviews are for local businesses. If you are a local business, then they are something that you really really need to get. That’s because Google localizes search results. So, if you are the owner of ​a restaurant, you want to make sure that your establishment appears in local search results. Not only that, but you also want your business to show up on Google Maps.

​One thing that you will notice about Google is that results from Google Maps appear ahead of organic results from Google. So, if you are a local business and you have not set out to get Google ​My Business Ratings, you will be setting yourself up for failure. People will carry out their searches and they will come across Google Maps results for your competitors. So, even if you are at number 1 for Google organic, it won’t really matter because you will be somewhere down the list.

Google My Business Reviews

​How to Get Google ​My Business Reviews

​Where do you go to get Google Local Ratings? These stars show on your Google My Business listings. Google My Business is what populates your listing on Google Maps. ​Here is what you do to get Google My Business Reviews

  • ​Sign up for Google My Business
  • Verify your Business
  • Go to your business’ ratings pages
  • ​Copy the URL
  • Send it to your customers (and to your mom and dad etc). Ask them to review your business. ​

If you need to automate getting reviews on Google Local, contact me. I have some friends who will get you Google Local reviews from your own customers. If you need to jump start your Google Local Ratings, send your Google Review URL to all your past customers.

​Quick Recap

​Okay, let’s quickly recap. There are 4 types of Google ​Ratings​ and Reviews that can be found out there. ​First, you have Seller ​Ratings. These appear in CPC Text Ads and in Google Shopping. Who should they be used by? By both service based businesses and eCommerce websites. The other type of ratings ​are Product Ratings. They show on Google Shopping PLA Ads. They also appear on top of Google organic results under “Popular products.” Products ratings are only for eCommerce businesses that are able to ship products. There are companies that are approved for both Seller and Product Ratings. The 3rd ratings are organic schema ratings. The Google Approved companies mentioned above will be able to generate schema ratings for you. Finally, there are Google My Business reviews which are important for local businesses. They appear on Google Maps.

Here is my Google Review URL. If this blog post helped you out in anyway, leave me positive review (hook me up with some SEO love!): Have a question about getting Google ratings? Leave a comment below or contact me via live chat. I’m always here, almost. What company interests you?

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