Google Ratings 2019. How to Get Seller, Product, Local & Schema Ratings
How to Get Google Ratings

Google Ratings 2019. Seller, Product, Local & Schema Ratings.

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article and may get paid should you sign up using our links. However, the information that we give here is unbiased and based on real data from real customers.

Are you looking for Google ratings for your website as a way of boosting sales? Have you been wondering which companies can best get you star ratings in Google and other Search Engines? My name is Francisco, and I am here to answer all your questions. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you the best companies for getting star ratings in Google.
  2. Tell you about the 4 types of Google ratings.
  3. Talk about where you can get Google seller and product ratings for your business.
  4. Talk about Schema ratings
  5. Talk about local ratings

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The 4 Types of Google Ratings

There are 4 types of Google Ratings. All these show right on, as illustrated below.

  • Seller Ratings – Used by service-based sites and ecommerce. Shows in Google Adwords CPC Text Ads.
  • Product Ratings – Used only by ecommerce sites. Shows in Google Shopping (PLAs).
  • Google Local Ratings – Used by local based retail businesses and local service based businesses. Ecommerce companies can also use this to build overall authority. Google Local Ratings show in Google Maps.
  • Schema Ratings – Primarily used for ecommerce websites selling products or digital downloads. This shows in Google Organic.
  • Where do you go to get Google Seller Ratings & Product Ratings for your own website?

    So, where do you go to get star ratings for your own website? This is a question that I am always being asked by people that wish to boost their online visibility by having those pesky stars appear on their results in Google Shopping, Google ads and Google organic.

    Seller Ratings

    Currently there are 32 companies that are Google approved third-party review aggregators.  Many of them are in non-English language (like Japanese, Spanish, French, German, etc.) so we narrowed down the results for you in the table above.

    These 32 companies collect reviews for you and shows those SELLER Ratings (sometimes called Merchant Reviews) right within Google Ads.  Here is a list of all 32 companies.

    If you have an ecommerce website, you will want to choose a site that is certified by Google to show Seller Ratings and Product Ratings.

    For Local based and service-based companies, you have to hit an average of 100 reviews over 12 months in order to display Google Seller Ratings. This is about 13 reviews per month. If you cannot get to 13 reviews per month, don’t bother getting Seller Ratings because the stars will never show in Google Adwords. Instead, focus on Google Local Ratings (covered below).

    If you want to know more about Seller Ratings in detail, read our article How to Get Star Ratings in Your Google Adwords Ad 2019.

    Product Ratings

    There are 24 Google approved third-party review aggregators authorized to show PRODUCT Ratings right on Google Shopping. Here are all 24 companies.

    Only ecommerce websites that are selling on Google Shopping should choose this option. Star ratings will display on your Google Shopping PLA ads as shown below.

    Schema Ratings

    Schema ratings show in Google organic. There are Product Reviews, Event Reviews (like concerts), Brand Reviews, Creative Works Reviews, Offer Reviews, Place Reviews, Organization Reviews, & Service Reviews. You can find more info here

    Most likely an ecommerce website which is looking for Product Ratings will want Schema Ratings too. Many CMS’s like WordPress & Shopify have a plugin that can generate the schema code which will display product review stars in Google organic. Also, companies like the 24 I mentioned before, can handle this for your site and at the same time show these stars in your Google Shopping PLA ads.

    Google Local Ratings

    Where do you go to get Google Local Ratings? These stars show on your Google My Business listing. Google My Business is what populates your listing on Google Maps. I get many questions like, “Can my Google Local Ratings show in my Adwords Ads?”

    Although some people claim this can be done by using the Adwords review extension, it’s highly unlikely. If you need to automate getting reviews on Google Local, contact me. I have some friends who will get you Google Local reviews from your own customers. If you need to jump start your Google Local Ratings, send your Google Review URL to all your past customers.

    Here’s my Google Review URL. If this blog post helped you out in anyway, leave me positive review (hook me up with some SEO love!):

    Have a question about getting Google ratings? Leave a comment below or contact me via live chat. I’m always here, almost. What company interests you?

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