Yotpo vs Reviews.io – Pricing + 2 Alternatives

Are you looking for a great online reviews platform for your business? Have been struggling to choose between Yotpo and Reviews.io? My name is Francisco and I am here to help you decide. In the over a decade that I have been in business, I have helped hundreds of companies get the most out of online reviews. In this article I am going to;

  1. Give you a table showing the pricing models for Yotpo, Reviews.io and two alternatives.
  2. Make a comparison of Yotpo and Reviews.io.
  3. Talk about the best alternatives to these two companies.

Yotpo vs Reviews.io + 2 alternatives table

Gets you Star Ratings in Google Price/m Get it now!
Yotpo YesCall to get a quote
Reviews.io Yes$45/m for early stage startups
Shopper Approved YesGet a Discount!
Sign up using our link.
Also get 30 days free!
Trust Pilot Yes$349

Yotpo vs Reviews.io: Similarities and Differences

In the world of online reviews, Yotpo and Reviews.io are, without doubt, some of the most recognizable brands. So, what are the similarities and differences between the two platforms and which one should you go for?

1) Both Yotpo and Reviews.io are licensed for Seller and Product Ratings

One of the major reasons why businesses go for online reviews is to get the star rating extensions that are so instrumental in boosting their online visibility.

Online reviews are used for star rating extensions in Google PLAs and in Google Ads

Google’s list of Store Ratings licensed companies

Though there are probably thousands of online review companies out there, what you will find is that not all are created the same. For one thing, Google has a list of 32 companies that are license to syndicate Store Ratings.

Both Reviews.io and Yotpo are licensed by google for Store Ratings

These companies collect reviews from customers, and based on them, are able to provide the ratings that you see for sellers in Google Shopping and in Google AdWords Ads. As you can see in the above screenshot, both Yotpo and Reviews are on the list.

Google Approved List of Product Ratings Aggregating Companies

Google has another list; this one of companies that have been approved to syndicate Product Ratings in Google PLAs and in Google AdWords. The thing that you need to note here is that a number of companies, including Yotpo and Reviews, have been licensed to aggregate BOTH product reviews and seller reviews. So, there is, in this regard, a similarity between Yotpo and Reviews.

2) Reviews.io is cheaper

Editor’s note: Reviews.io used to have clearly laid out pricing plans on it’s website. However, it now appears to have mainly fallen in with the competition by hiding it’s pricing. Now the only plan that you will see when you visit the website is the “Early Startup Plan,” which is available to only those that qualify. This plan costs $29/m. Generally speaking, however, Reviews.io (the same company as Reviews.co.uk) tends to be way cheaper than Yotpo.

This plan is the only one that’s displayed on the Reviews.io website. You will have to call to get a quote for anything alse.

3) Yotpo also hides its plans

Yotpo’s pricing structure is also hidden. Go to their website, and you will notice that they have two plans, the free plan and the premium plan. If you were expecting to see a price on the Premium plan, then you will be sorely disappointed.

Yotpo mentions on its website that it’s pricing structure is based on your order volume per month, your domains and your traffic.

This does seem to be patently unfair, particularly with regards to small businesses. You want to be able to, when doing business with a particular company, know the starting point, as far as your negotiating position is concerned.

We can, nevertheless, tell you that Yotpo’s plans generally average at something around $400 per month. That all depends on your negotiating prowess, of course.

4) Reviews.io does not do long contracts

One thing that you will notice about most of the review companies that we have been talking about is that they pretty much tie you down with a long contract. Trust Pilot, another Yotpo alternative, asks that you pay for a one year contract in one go.

The great thing about Reviews.io is that it does not follow this pricing model. In fact, it is one of the few review syndication sites that offer a month by month pricing model. What this means is that you can easily and quickly get seller and product ratings without having to be tied to a long contract.

Best Yotpo vs Reviews.io alternatives

The following are some of the best Yotpo and Reviews.io alternatives that you will be able to find out there;

Shopper Approved

If you are looking for an alternative for both Yotpo and Reviews, then you wont go wrong with Shopper Approved. This is a company to which we have referred many of our readers and most have been satisfied with the kind of service that they have received.

Shopper Approved pricing

The great thing about Shopper Approved is that it is one of the cheapest when it comes to online reviews. Okay, it does have the setback of tying you down to a whole year’s contract, but other than that, the company offers a wide range of features and ensures that those sought after stars appear in your Google Product Listing Ads and in Google AdWords.

How much does Shopper Approved cost?

So, how much does Shopper Approved Cost? Well, the company no longer displays pricing information, but you can get a HUGE discount by signing up using our affiliate link. Click on the Planet Marketing button now and you will get the Shopper Approved discount.

As if that is not enough, you also get two months totally free of charge should you use our link to sign up with Shopper Approved.


Trustpilot is another great alternative to Yotpo and Reviews.io

Trust Pilot is another great alternative to both Yotpo and Review.io. Like Shopper Approved, Trustpilot is licensed to syndicate both Seller and Product reviews, which is great for those that are on the hunt for both services under one roof. You can get Trustpilot by clicking on this link. On pricing, Trustpilot’s plans begin at $349 per month, which is payable annually.

Disclaimer: We are affiliated to some of the companies that we mention in this post and could get a small fee should you decide to sign up using our links.

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