Trustpilot vs Trusted Shops + Alternatives

Editors Note: Check out the table below for a Trustpilot vs Trusted Shops + alternatives comparison!

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article. This post is, however, objective as it is based on our own experience and on the experiences of some of our clients!

Are you looking for the best platform to handle online reviews for your business? Have you been wondering which, between Trustpilot and Trusted Shops, is the best for you? My name is Francisco and I am here to help you make the best decision. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you a table comparing Trustpilot, Trusted Shops and a few alternatives.
  2. Talk a bit about star ratings and their importance.
  3. Compare Trustpilot and Trusted Shops.
  4. Give you two alternatives to Trustpilot and Trusted Shops.

Trustpilot vs Trusted Shops + alternatives table

Store Ratings to Google Product Ratings Price Get it now!
Trustpilot Yes Yes $299/m
Trusted Shops Yes Yes $79 (product reviews are only available from $159/m)
Shopper Approved Yes Yes $79/m Planet Marketing discount (Normal Price is $99/m.) Yes Yes$29/m for early stage startups

A bit about star ratings

Types of star ratings

Star Ratings are a favorite topic of ours on this blog. We have previously written tons of articles in which we dwell on the topic. This article is not, therefore, going to go in-depth about the issue.

Needless to say that the importance of getting online reviews and having them syndicated to Google AdWords, Google Shopping and to organic traffic can never be overemphasized.

In today’s world, a large chuck of the commerce that takes place around the globe is driven by the reviews that are given by individuals. Peer to peer marketing, as one may term it, has, nevertheless, always been there.

Today, the little stars that appear in front of your AdWords ads or in organic traffic serve the purpose of telling your prospects that their peers have already tried out your products or services and have found them to be to their satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about Star Ratings and how you can get them, feel free to refer to this article, which, by the way, is one of the most popular on our site.

Seller and Product Ratings

For those that are not in the know, Google has two list of companies that have been approved to push ratings into Google Shopping and Google AdWords.

Store Ratings

An example of Store Ratings

There are 32 companies that are approved by Google to push Store Ratings. Store Ratings are particularly important for companies that wish to stand out from within the crowd. You can check out the companies that are approved for Store Ratings by following the provided link.

Product Ratings

An example of product ratings

There are also another 23 companies that are approved to push product ratings into Google PLAs and into AdWords. Product Ratings are for a particular product; for example, a mobile phone, or a camera. Again, you can check out these companies by clicking on the provided link.

Trustpilot vs Trusted Shops

So, are there any similarities or differences between Trusted Shops and Trustpilot? How do these two companies fare when placed side by side? Well, read on to find out more;

1) Trusted Shops is based in Europe

The first thing that you will notice when comparing Trustpilot and Trusted Shops is that the latter company has a largely European slant. What this means is that this is the brand that you should probably opt for should your business be based that part of the world.

Trusted Shops also has a huge bias towards online shops, which is not really surprising, considering that much of today’s commerce is now taking place over the internet.

The company offers Google integration, which allows you to get star ratings in Google Shopping and in AdWords. These star ratings lead to a higher Click-Through-Rate, which, in turn, translates into greater business for your company.

2) Trustpilot and Trusted Shops are both licensed to push ratings extensions into Google AdWords and Google PLAs.

Both Trustpilot and Trusted shops are on Google’s list for Seller and Product ratings

This is the first similarity between Trustpilot and Trusted Shops. Both companies have been approved by Google to push Seller and Product ratings into Google PLAs and AdWords. What this means, essentially, is that you can have both of these services under one roof, should you be on the hunt for them.

3) Trustpilot vs Trusted Shops: Pricing

So, how do these two companies compare when it comes to pricing. Price is, after all, one of the major considerations when doing business in any part of the globe; unless of course if yours is a big company that is awash with cash.

Trustpilot charges beginning from $299 per month

The lowest cost plan at Trustpilot begins at $299 per month, which you are required to pay in one go for the whole year. This appears to be the trend with almost all of the review aggregating companies that are out there, so you should be prepared for it before even thinking about hiring their services.

Trusted Shops pricing: Charges are in Euros

Trusted Shops pricing

Trusted Shops, on the face of it, appears to be cheaper than Trustpilot. However, the least priced plan, which costs 79 euros /m, does not offer Product reviews. To get that, you would have to fork out 159 euros/m.

For the Trustmark and customer reviews, you are required to pay an additional 39 Euros, for which you get a handbook, certificate, guarantee and customer service. The company does offer the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection, which hedges your customers against the possibility of loss through none delivery.

Alternatives to Trustpilot and Trusted Shops

Still not convinced about Trustpilot and Trusted Shops? Then check out the following alternatives to these companies. is a viable Trustpilot and Trusted Shops alternative

If you are in Europe and are looking for an alternative to Trusted Shops, you probably should seriously consider The great thing about this company is that it is also licensed for both Seller and Product ratings, which means that you will get those little yellow stars where it matters the most.

The great thing about this company is that, beginning from 45 euros per month, it is also one of the cheapest review syndication companies that you will come across out there.

Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is another of the great review syndication companies that are out there. In fact, we have been working with this company for some time, and can safely say that it is one of the best.

The Shopper Approved discount

Beginning at $99 per month, Shopper Approved is cheaper than Trustpilot. You can, however, get a HUGE discount by using our link to sign up with Shopper Approved. The benefit of doing that is that not only do you get a great service, but you also get an entry-level plan that costs only $79 per month!

Not only that, but you also get a 60 day Free trial period, up from the normal 30 days! We, at Planet Marketing, have referred quite a number of our readers to Shopper Approved and can safely say that this is the company that you should go for as far as review syndication is concerned.

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article. This post is, however, objective as it is based on our own experience and on the experiences of some of our clients!

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