Real Example for A San Diego Pawn Shop

Here at Planet Marketing we have been working with a popular pawn shop in San Diego called Monte de Piedad. They have 13 locations and are trying to achieve organic rankings. By looking at their current rankings, it looks like Google Plus Local is doing okay, but their organic rankings can be better.

So our marketing strategies for this particular company is going to be very different than many other companies. We never do a one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing. Besides, MDP (Monte de Piedad) has a unique audience many other companies cannot reach. 1st thing is 1st, organic rankings; that’s what we were hired to do. After that, MDP and Planet Marketing can talk about doing something for the long term. Since Francisco, the owner of Planet Marketing, is the target demographic for MDP, he understands the target market very well.

Looking at the competitors is one of the easiest things to do. We see what’s working for them and what’s not. But MDP’s approach cannot just match the competitor’s marketing strategies. We need to smash the competition because if not, the competitors will make a comeback. After all, one of the main competitors is owned by an SEO company! WOW! So we will always need to stay one step ahead of them.

Getting organic rankings is not going to be an over night job. We estimate 3-6 months until results are shown. But there’s one thing that Planet Marketing wants to focus on, reaching people in Mexico and educating them about taking advantage of the US dollar. The Mexican peso keeps dropping in value and Mexicans keep getting poorer. Francisco, coming from a Mexican family, understands the struggles Mexicans have to deal with. He studied Economics while attending UCLA and has a vision of taking MDP internationally online and to educate people on both sides of the border. He wants to build a community learning center for people to understand that because the Mexican Peso drops in value (or any currency), doesn’t mean that you automatically become poorer. A person just has to be smart and willing to learn to utilize pawn shops like Monte de Piedad to better one’s financial situation. Take gold from Mexico and exchange it in USA. Get American dollars, not Mexican pesos.

Contractors for Planet Marketing do this every week, but these people are in India, Bangladesh, Philippines. Our point is if people get paid in USD in Asia, then people right across the border can do it too.

So in the end, the marketing strategies for Monte de Piedad’s 13 pawn shop encompass what the competitors are doing + a custom marketing strategy which we cannot disclose.

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