Network Solutions Review: Who is it for?

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Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is a Network Solutions affiliate and we may get a small payment should you sign up using our links. However, no worries! This is an objective article that is based on real data from real customers!

Are you looking for a home for your website? Have you been wondering whether or not Network Solutions is for you? In this article, we are going to;

  1. List the “solutions” that are offered by Network Solutions.
  2. Show you who Network Solutions is for.
  3. Explain who Network Solutions is not for.
  4. Talk about Network Solution’s pricing.
  5. Show you some of Network Solution’s pros and cons.
  6. The Network Solutions Deal.

What “solutions,” does Network Solutions offer?

Network Solutions offers the following Digital marketing solutions;

Domain NamesWebsiteseCommerceSecurityEmailOnline Marketing
Search for a Domain Name Web Hosting eCommerce Website SSL Certificates Professional Email Local Business Listings
Transfer to Network Solutions Do It Yourself JumpStart Store Set-up Site Seal Professional Email Plus Facebook Boost
Website Forwarding We Build It For You Custom eCommerce Design Website Security Mobile Email Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
Private Domain Registration WordPress Take-a-Payment Microsoft Exchange Email ReputationAlert
Domain Expiration Protection Mobile Website Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Email Marketing Done For You Local Leads

Who is Network Solutions for?

Network Solutions is for the following;

  • Those that are looking for a strong domain registrar. Network Solutions is owned by and has over 6,722,545 .com domains.
  • Medium and large scale businesses.
  • Those that are looking to go beyond simple web hosting. Network Solutions offers such services as Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing.
  • Those that wish to create vibrant eCommerce portals for their businesses.
  • Those that are concerned about security and backups.

Who is Network Solutions not for?

Network Solutions is not for;

  • Individuals and businesses that are looking to rock bottom web hosting prices.
  • Those that are only looking to create entry level sites that are not sophisticated.
  • Those that are looking for top level performance.

Is Network Solutions Affordable?

Network Solutions pricing

If you are a small business that is looking for a simple online presence, then you are better off looking elsewhere for a web host. That’s because unlike some of the shrill web hosts that are out there, including HostGator, GoDaddy, and iPage, Network Solutions does no attempt to mop up the bottom levels of the web hosting arena through cutthroat pricing.

The entry-level web hosting plan at Network Solutions is priced at $9.96. Compare that with $1.99 at iPage, and you will understand what we are talking about. So, is Network Solutions affordable?

The answer to that is, Network Solutions is not an entry-level host and you get much more bang for your buck, including tools that are essential for your SEO efforts. One of the things that we are always mentioning is that price should be the least of your concerns when it comes to web hosting. Instead, you should look for a host that is able to work for you and to help you achieve growth going forward.

Network Solutions Pros

  • The company offers web hosting and internet marketing solutions under one roof.
  • Sign up and you get the following options; Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing and much more .
  • Network Solutions is strong for eCommerce.
  • You can use the site builder to quickly create and launch you website.
  • Network Solutions offers a wide range of products.
  • Network Solutions offers Web Development to customers (at an extra cost). Should you choose this option, you won’t have to worry about creating your own website.

Network Solutions Cons

  • It’s not the most affordable when it comes to web hosting.
  • Network Solutions is not really geared for entry level players.
  • With the company offering so many products, there is bound to be some upselling.
  • Support at Network Solutions is, according to customer reviews, not so great.
  • According to customer reports, performance at Network Solutions is okay, at best.
  • Reliability is another issue that has been raised by former and current customers.
  • Billing for non existent services and overcharging.
  • Reports of unauthorized selling of domains.

Is Network Solutions for you?

You probably landed on this page because you have been wondering whether or not Network Solutions is for you. One of the things that you will notice is that the company does have a larger than normal number of customer complaints, so be warned.

However, that is only to be expected considering the sheer size of the company. What we can say here is that Network Solutions is not for small players requiring simple websites.

However, mid-level and large enterprises can benefit from signing up with this company. The fact that you get so many solutions under one roof means that you won’t ever have to worry about looking for services such as SEO and internet marketing from other vendors.

This integrated approach to an online presence is clearly advantageous.

The Network Solutions Deal

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Disclaimer: We are a Network Solutions affiliate and may get a small reward should you choose to do so using our link.

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