Matt Cutts and Guest Blog Posting. Real Marketers say “Doesn’t affect us!”

So Matt Cutts came out saying he was going to bring down the hammer on guest blog posting. Then he corrected himself and said he’s going to hammer down on spammy guest blog post. Here at Planet Marketing, we get emails all the time from people who have gmail accounts. I’m actually kind of glad Matt Cutts is going to cut down on guest blog posting because we may get less email.

We Follow White Hat Guest Blog Posting Practices

We do link building for our clients via guest blog posts. I think a better phrase is “whitehat guest blog posting.” We aren’t worried about what Matt Cutts says because we only put our content on highly related websites that have been around for a long time and that are active. And yes. We do accept guest blog posts for our clients. But it’s highly relevant to the business.

We use a company called BuzzStream to do our link building campaigns and we don’t spam people. Here’s a real example. A former client of ours wanted to raise his rankings for Pearl Harbor Tours. So I did out reach to World War II websites and told the webmasters that there are still veterans that are still alive from the Pearl Harbor bombings. This is highly relevant because the audience of the WWII sites can go on a Pearl Harbor tour and meet a Pearl Harbor Veteran.

Another example is our beloved client Ship Overseas. For them, we conduct outreach to auto dealerships. Ship Overseas ships cars from USA to other countries. Sometimes dealerships sell cars via the internet and don’t have a contact to ship the car for their customer. See, this isn’t about link building. It’s about building relationships between Ship Overseas and auto dealerships (especially the ones close to the shipping ports).

Anyway, don’t worry about losing rankings if you have been doing good AND valuable guest blog posting.

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