List of Google Store Rating & Product Ratings Companies

Are you looking to get Google store ratings or Google product ratings? Have you been wondering which online review company will do the job for you? There are 29 Google third-party review partners that handle store ratings and 25 Google 3rd party review aggregators that handle product ratings.

Top 6 Google Store Rating & Product Rating Companies

These companies do BOTH Google store ratings and product reviews. Get a demo from at least two of them. All these companies have been approved by Google for at least 5 years.


  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • Q&A Software
  • Reputation Management
  • Video Reviews
  • Website Security
  • Social Evidence

Unlimited Reviews!!!

Shopper Approved offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to increase trust, traffic, and conversions for your business. By leveraging their integrated solutions, you can enhance your online presence and credibility.

Shopper Approved’s partnership with Google and Bing ensures that your review stars appear in search results, driving up to 107% more clicks and 44% more sales. Their easy-to-use platform and proven results make it an essential tool for any business looking to boost its online performance.

For every 100 emails review requests, you can expect 27-33 reviews.  With Shopper Approved had the lowest cost-per-review.

1-Click Integrations


  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • For Small/Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

400 Review Requests Per Month

Pricing is based on # of orders.

Verified Reviews helps businesses collect and manage customer reviews. Their service operates in 44 countries and 17 languages. They automate the process of sending surveys to customers after they make a purchase, and they moderate the reviews to ensure they are genuine and appropriate.


  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Ecommerce Companies

500 Review Requests Per Month

Pricing is mainly based on monthly orders.

Yotpo is a company that helps businesses leverage the power of customer reviews to drive sales and build trust with their customers [Yotpo Reviews]. They offer a suite of tools that include collecting high-quality reviews, managing and analyzing them, and then strategically displaying them across various platforms like a company website or Google Shopping. Yotpo even provides features to analyze customer sentiment and identify trends in the reviews to help businesses gain valuable insights and improve their products and marketing strategies.


  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Ecommerce Companies
  • For Service-Based Companies

200 Review Requests Per Month

Subscriptions must be paid annually

Trustpilot for Business is a robust platform designed to help companies collect, manage, and showcase customer reviews. Trustpilot is AWESOME if you have a high-volume eCommerce website doing 10,000+ transactions per month. It’s built for medium to large-sized businesses.

Businesses can attract new customers by showcasing reviews through widgets, social media tools, and marketing assets. The platform offers features like review invitations, response management, SEO benefits, and detailed analytics to gain insights from customer feedback. Integration with tools like Salesforce, Shopify, and WooCommerce further enhances its utility for businesses.



  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • For Enterprise Businesses
  • For Ecommerce Companies
  • For Service-Based Companies

200 Review Requests Per Month

Headquartered in UK

Feefo is a leading customer feedback platform that helps businesses collect genuine, verified reviews. With its advanced tools and analytics, Feefo enables companies to enhance their reputation, improve customer relationships, and boost sales.

The platform offers customizable review requests, insightful reporting, and seamless integrations with various e-commerce and marketing systems. Feefo’s focus on authenticity and transparency ensures that customer feedback is reliable and valuable for business growth.


  • Google Store Ratings
  • Google Product Reviews
  • For Small/Enterprise Businesses
  • For Service-Based Companies
  • For Ecommerce Companies

Unlimited Review Requests Per Month

You’ll have to hire your own programmer!

Google Customer Reviews allow merchants to collect valuable feedback from customers. After making a purchase, customers can opt-in to receive a survey about their shopping experience. The reviews collected contribute to a merchant’s overall store rating, which can be displayed on their website and in Google Shopping. This helps build trust and attract more customers.

The Importance of Store Ratings

People don’t ask their neighbors or friends for recommendations anymore. Today people look at online reviews before making a purchase. Think about it. Do you buy products from Amazon that have no reviews? I don’t! Why should you treat your site any differently? Getting reviews to display on Google Ads will most likely increase your CTR, lower your CPC, and increase conversions.

Over the years, I have helped many of my clients sign up with many of the 29 store rating companies that appear in this post. I made a list of them below in a table. There are about 5 out of 29 that I work with (or send business to).

29 Google Third-Party Review Partners (aka Store Rating Companies)

Here is the full list of all 29 Google-approved 3rd-party review partners. They are licensed by Google to syndicate your store reviews into your Google Ads CPC text ads. These also show in Google Shopping if you have an ecommerce website.

Company Country Language Description Germany German A German review platform providing authentic customer feedback.
Bazaarvoice USA English Offers review and user-generated content solutions to boost online engagement.
Birdeye USA English Helps businesses manage and leverage customer feedback across multiple channels.
Bizrate Insights USA English Provides detailed insights from customer feedback to improve business performance.
eKomi Germany English, German Collects and manages customer reviews to enhance online reputation.
Feedaty Italy Italian Italian review platform specializing in verified customer feedback.
Feedback Company Netherlands Dutch, English Offers review solutions to gather and display customer feedback.
Feefo UK English Provides verified customer reviews and analytics to build trust and sales.
KiyOh Netherlands Dutch, English Specializes in collecting and displaying customer reviews for businesses.
Klantenvertellen Netherlands Dutch Dutch review platform focusing on customer satisfaction and feedback.
Okendo Australia English Helps ecommerce brands collect and showcase customer reviews.
PowerReviews USA English Provides solutions for collecting and leveraging customer reviews and ratings. Australia English Australia’s largest consumer opinion site.
RA Trustvox Brazil Portuguese Brazilian platform for collecting verified customer reviews. Sweden Swedish Swedish platform for collecting and displaying customer reviews. USA English Provides reputation management solutions for businesses.
ResellerRatings USA English An online review platform focusing on customer feedback for online retailers. UK English A review platform that helps businesses collect and display customer feedback.
Reevoo UK English Collects verified customer reviews and feedback to build brand trust.
Shopper Approved USA English Helps businesses collect and display customer reviews to increase trust and conversions. Germany German German platform for collecting and displaying customer reviews.
ShopAuskunft Germany German German review platform focusing on ecommerce.
Sitejabber USA English Provides a platform for consumers to review and rate online businesses. Singapore English Offers review and rating solutions for ecommerce businesses.
Trusted Shops Germany German, English Provides trust-building solutions including reviews, trustmarks, and buyer protection.
TrustPilot Denmark English, Danish A platform for collecting and showcasing customer reviews to enhance online reputation.
TurnTo USA English Provides customer content solutions, including ratings, reviews, and Q&A.
Verified Reviews France English Specializes in collecting and managing authentic customer reviews for businesses.
Yotpo USA English Provides user-generated content solutions to help businesses build brand trust and sales.

The Importance of Product Reviews

If you have an ecommerce company and you advertise on Google Ads or Google Shopping, you definitely need product reviews syndicated into your shopping ads. Product ratings are collected for each of your product pages. From there they are uploaded via an XML feed into Google. There are 25 Google Approved third-party review aggregators.

25 Google third-party review aggregators

Annex CloudUSAEnglishProvides customer loyalty and engagement solutions.
BazaarvoiceUSAEnglishHelps brands and retailers capture, manage, and display consumer-generated content.
eKomiGermanyGermanCollects and publishes customer reviews for businesses.
Feedaty (Zoorate)ItalyItalianOffers review collection and management services.
FeefoUKEnglishSpecializes in collecting verified customer reviews.
Guaranteed Reviews CompanyFranceFrenchProvides guaranteed customer reviews for businesses.
JunipCanadaEnglishSimplifies review collection for e-commerce stores.
KudobuzzUSAEnglishHelps businesses collect and display customer reviews.
LooxUSAEnglishEnables brands to collect and display photo reviews.
OkendoAustraliaEnglishOffers review and UGC solutions for e-commerce brands.
PowerReviewsUSAEnglishProvides review collection and display solutions.
ReevoFranceFrenchCollects and manages consumer reviews and ratings.
ReStore RatingsUSAEnglishGathers customer reviews for online retailers.
Revi.ioSpainSpanishManages and publishes verified customer reviews.
Reviews.ioUKEnglishCollects and displays customer reviews and ratings.
Shopper ApprovedUSAEnglishOffers a review collection platform for businesses.
Shopping SatisfactionFranceFrenchProvides review management solutions for e-commerce.
StampedUSAEnglishCollects and displays reviews and UGC for brands.
TargetBayUSAEnglishSpecializes in collecting and managing customer reviews.
TestFreaksSwedenSwedishAggregates and manages consumer reviews and ratings.
Trusted ShopsGermanyGermanProvides trusted review collection and certification services.
TrustpilotDenmarkDanishOffers an open review platform for businesses and consumers.
TurnToUSAEnglishProvides review and UGC solutions for retailers.
Verified ReviewsFranceFrenchCollects verified customer reviews for businesses.
YotpoUSAEnglishOffers an integrated solution for reviews, loyalty, and referrals.
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