iPage Hosting Review: Is it for you?

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Are you looking for an affordable web host for your business? Have you been wondering whether or not iPage suits your needs? In this article, we are going to answer the following questions;

  1. Who is iPage for?
  2. Who is iPage not for?
  3. Why is iPage best for small businesses?
  4. What are the iPage pros?
  5. What are the iPage cons?
  6. The iPage deal

Who is iPage for?

iPage is for the following;

  • Businesses and individuals that wish to quickly put out a website. The iPage website builder is one of the most intuitive that you will be able to find out there. It simplifies the process of coming up with a website into a few drag and drop functions.
  • Small businesses and individuals whose major concern is simply to put out a website, and not to do anything fancy with it.
  • iPage is also for those that are looking for a cheap web hosting option.

Who is iPage not for?

  • Individuals and businesses who need to have full control over their sites. Having a site builder is all great for small operations. However, for big operations, you need to have something more.
  • Those that are into eCommerce and other complicated operations on their sites.
  • Those that are looking for speed and efficiency for their sites.

Why is iPage best for small operations?

The iPage site builder

This is something to which we have already alluded in the foregoing. The greatest iPage strength is it’s website builder. This makes creating a website a breeze. In fact, you can have yours up and running in less than an hour!

We have previously written an article in which we talk about the three levels of web host that can be found out there. Generally speaking, there are top, middle and low level web hosts.

The levels have nothing to do with performance, however. The classification has more to do with what you can expect to get from hosts at each level.

iPage and the levels of web hosting

iPage can be classed as a low-level web host. What this means is that it is well placed to offer a great service to those that simply need to have a website without having to worry about sophistication.

iPage is best for individuals and small businesses

If, as an example, you are a small town electrician who simply needs to put the word out about your business using a website, there would really be no need for you to sign up with a top level player like Kinsta. It would, in fact, be better to sign up with iPage, both in terms of ease of use and low costs.

What are the iPage pros?

  • Affordability
  • A great and intuitive site builder
  • Free SSL
  • Free email
  • Great support
  • Thousands of free templates

What are the iPage cons?

  • iPage is great for generic websites. However, it sucks when it comes to flexibility.
  • It is not really great for those that wish to do more with their sites beyond a mere online presence.
  • The site builder sort of puts you into a straitjacket.
  • It’s performance is good enough, but not great.
  • The one size fits all plan can be rather restrictive.

Is iPage Affordable?

Before looking at whether or not iPage is affordable, here is a piece of free advice; cost should never be the biggest of your considerations when it comes to web hosting.

If you are looking to create something great, then you should will have to be willing to pay for it. Otherwise you will end up having to migrate a few months down the line.

Beginning at $1.99 per month and with a free SSL and free domain, iPage is pretty much affordable, right? Well, that’s correct, but only for the first year.

After than, your hosting costs go to the industry standard of $7.99. Of course, that’s all in the fine print that nobody ever bothers to read. And before you rush off to another web host in disgust, here is another bit of advice; upselling and hiding information in fine print appears to be an industry norm.

Most of the hosts that are out there offer cutthroat entry level plans that revert to a more standard price from the second year onwards.

The iPage deal

Now that we have shown you who iPage is for, chances are high that this web host will work great for you. Let’s face it, most of us are just looking to have basic websites for ourselves and our businesses. If you would like to sign up, feel free to click on the link below to get the iPage web hosting discount offer today! If you are still looking for information about iPage and other hosts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for web hosting advice.

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