How to properly run a Facebook Business Page

Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform, is probably one of the biggest marketing opportunities into which businesses, large and small, can tap. That is hardly surprising, considering that the platform has over 2.2 billion monthly active users, all of whom are drawn from a wide range of demographic, interest and behavioral groups. This article shows you manage a Facebook business page

Facebook Business Pages

Creating a Facebook business page is something that we are always recommending to people on this blog. As is the case with a listing on Yelp and Google, creating a page for your business on Facebook comes absolutely free of charge. Yet the benefits that you can expect to get when you do so are exponential;

  • A Facebook page allows your customers to review your business.
  • This gives you the opportunity to engage your customers in meaningful conversation.
  • Facebook pages create free marketing opportunities, as people share your content with their own friends.
  • A page is a good representation of your brand on the world’s biggest social networking platform.

How to Manage a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are important, but how do you go about running one? Here are a few tips on how you can effectively manage a Facebook business Page;

  1. Appoint someone to manage your Facebook business page

One of the major failings, when it comes to Facebook Business pages, emerges when people fail to take their pages seriously. The whole point of creating a Facebook page for your business is to engage in meaningful conversation with your clients, as a way of promoting your brand.

Depending on the size of your business, it may actually be useful to have people who are engaged full time with your Facebook Page and your online review asserts. This allows you to quickly respond to any feedback that you may get from people, which is a great way of making sure that you create and promote brand loyalty.

  1. Strive to respond to all comments

Not all brands that are out there ever bother to respond to the comments that are left on their Facebook Pages by their customers. In fact, only about 30% find it necessary to do so. This, clearly is a failing. What you need to do is recognize that each customer is unique, and responding to only a few comments is not going to be enough to answer their questions.

Realistically speaking, it may not be possible, if you are a really big company, for you to respond to everything that is said about you over the internet. However, for everyone else, there is really no excuse for not responding in a timely fashion.

  1. The importance of quick responses

This is something to which we have already alluded in the foregoing. Most of the people who post on your Facebook Business Page are looking for answers to their questions. It’s important, therefore, for you to make sure that someone is on point to respond to their queries as a way of capturing and retaining their attention. Show them a human face in as quick a fashion as is possible, and they will understand that you care and will be more willing to do business with you.

  1. Regular posting

This is another related point. Running a Facebook Page for your business is not the task of a single day. Rather, you should strive to create ongoing engagement with your customers by posting regular content onto the platform. If needed, create a content management calendar highlighting the optimal times when you should post content to your page.

  1. The person managing your Page should have an in-depth understanding of your business

Facebook has, over the past few years, grown to become one of the world’s biggest online review sites. It’s inevitable, therefore, that when you create your page, you are going to get questions from your customers that relate to your products and services.

The person that you appoint to manage your Page should, therefore, have an in-depth understanding of your business. People expect answers, and they usually expect them real quick. It’s not going to help, therefore, to put someone in charge who clearly is less knowledgeable about the business that they are representing than the customers themselves.

  1. Your focal person should also have a clear understanding of Facebook

One of the things that make Facebook so competitive is the fact that the platform is in a constant state of flux. Though its core business remains the same, Facebook is ever changing as new products are brought on board.

It’s important that the person who is appointed to manage a Facebook Business Page has a detailed understanding of how the platform operates. That is the only way through which they are going to be able to navigate through its sometimes murky waters.

  1. Make use of Facebook’s features to get greater visibility for your brand

Assigning people who are knowledgeable to run your Facebook Business Page means that they are going to be able to fully capitalize on the raft of features, which exist on the platform, to enhance your brand’s visibility. These features include;

  • Offers
  • Milestones
  • Questions
  • Events
  • Highlighted posts
  • Pinned posts
  • Facebook Live

There are many more features that can be used to enhance a business’ reach on Facebook.

  1. Advertise on the platform

Though Facebook Pages are, as already mentioned, free of charge, it actually pays to invest in their promotion. Facebook advertising is something that every business should be doing. That’s because, as already noted, the platform constitutes a vast potential source of customers, and also because it’s so easy to target the people that you wish to reach on the platform.

  1. Providing value

It may be tempting to concentrate only on your greatness as a brand in your Facebook Page posts, but the most effective way through which you can get through to the people that you are targeting is by providing them with value. In this regard, Facebook is not really that different from any other content marketing platforms. Aside from creating catchy, shareable content, there is a vast, untapped opportunity in posts that educate people about one aspect of life or the other.

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