How To Market Auto Shipping Companies

All companies, regardless of industry, need to market their products and services to survive. Auto shipping companies are not exempt from this. However, marketing auto shipping companies work differently compared to other businesses.

With other businesses, it’s easy to turn that interest into sales. For example, a customer who may not need an oven toaster may end up buying one anyway if the offer is good and the salesman is adept at convincing the customer.

However, you can’t pull this off with an auto shipping company. No matter how good your pitch is, a potential customer simply won’t opt for car transportation services because you sweet-talked them into it. People only seek out these types of services if they actually need them.

This is why marketing for auto shipping companies involves less convincing and more accessibility. To successfully market your services, customers should be able to find you everywhere. Here are some effective ways to increase your company’s visibility and accessibility to your target audience.

Optimize Your Website

When it comes to visibility and accessibility, the best place to start would be to have your website. While many auto transport companies own a website, a lot of them are not optimized. Your website is the best place to lay it bare for all your customers to see. This means that your website should contain the following:

  • All your licenses and certifications
  • Testimonials and reviews from previous clients
  • A description of all the services you offer
  • All the ways to contact you

You may have noticed that many auto transport companies have a form that you can fill out so customers can get an estimate of their car transport costs. This is one of the most critical aspects of your website. Giving potential clients the ability to receive their initial quotes in a few clicks gives them something to work with and will help build interest in your services.

Have a Social Media Presence

Almost everyone has a social media account, and because of this, most businesses have taken to social media to attract more customers. If you want potential customers to find you quickly, you need to be where they are. According to recent studies, people spend an average of 145 minutes on social media.

When it comes to social media, having an account on several platforms is not enough. You need to interact with your potential customers and post regularly to have a following on social media. Your hard work would pay off – social media is one of the most essential tools in brand awareness and name retention.

Join Auto Transport Directories

There are several directories online that list auto transport companies by location. Of course, this means that you’ll be competing with several other auto transport companies, but it’s better than not being included at all.

Aside from directories, create accounts on third-party review sites like and register your business on Google My Business. We cannot stress enough that the goal is to be visible on as many platforms as possible.

Widen Your Network with Transport Brokers

Transport brokers are third-party companies that match customers with auto transport companies. Your business would benefit significantly from transport brokers, so expand your network and get in touch with these brokers, who can send more clients your way.

While you’re at it, you should also try to know more people in your industry. Build connections with other auto transport companies, as well as professional movers. During peak season, auto transport companies that find themselves swamped with orders usually pass clients to other car shipping companies they trust.

Invest in SEO and Organic Content

Even if you have a great website, it’s useless if nobody visits it. People think that the easiest way to get more website traffic is to pay for ads. However, this is problematic for several reasons. For one, the auto transport industry is competitive, so your competitors are probably already paying for ads, and therefore, the cost per click for each ad can get very expensive.

Remember that you have to pay for each click, but clicks don’t automatically mean sales. So you may end up paying for clicks that don’t generate income in the end.

SEO and organic content are the best ways to get people into your website without paying for ads. This means filling your website with content that is not only centered around keywords that are important to your industry but also content that readers will find interesting and helpful. Creating auto transport guides, resources and tips will also give you more credibility in your field.

It’s Better To Start Local

Many auto transport companies make the mistake of trying to grow too much, too quickly. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting national success, it’s always better to start within your community. This means targeting local keywords in your content and running ad campaigns that target the areas closest to you.

Establishing yourself as a reputable company in your community can come a long way once you start to branch out and build your reputation.

Word of Mouth is Still The Way to Go

Despite how advanced our technology has become, nothing beats marketing other than word of mouth. Not only is it free, but it will always be relevant and effective. When it comes to word of mouth, you don’t even need to do much. Simply do your best at every job you take, no matter how small it is. Sooner or later, you’ll start to see more and more people recommending you to their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Word of mouth works so well because people tend to believe people they know more than some stranger on an online review site. This is why it’s crucial to deliver professional and quality services consistently. Word of mouth is indeed a powerful tool, but it can also work against you. Bad reviews have a habit of going around quickly, and if you’re not careful, you could tarnish your reputation because of one lousy job.

Effective Marketing for Auto Transport Companies

While marketing tactics centered on building need and interest do not work as well in the auto transport industry, it also means that when a customer is looking around for an auto transport company, they have a definite need for it. The goal then is not to build need, but to ensure that when you encounter a customer in need of car transport services, they will choose you instead of your competitors.

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