How to Get Reviews on Amazon 2021

Are you looking for information on how to get reviews on Amazon during the course of the year 2021? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a digital marketing agency. My company specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and remarketing. Over the years, I have ​​worked with quite a number of businesses that sell their products on Amazon. ​I have, therefore, gained an understanding of the importance of getting reviews on ​the platform. Today, I am going to share that knowledge with you. This article is divided into the following sections;

  1. Why ​are online ​reviews Important?
  2. Product vs Seller Reviews
  3. How to get reviews for your Amazon products.

Why are Online Reviews Important?

Are you aware that ​over 90% of shoppers around the world now read online reviews before​ making a purchase? That’s an amazing piece of information! Not so long ago, commerce was driven by word of mouth. People used to buy goods based on recommendations from friends and family.

Today, word of mouth has taken a digital form. People rely on reviews that are left on Yelp, Amazon, Google and elsewhere for recommendations on whether or not to buy a particular product from a particular seller.

But there is one major difference between online reviews and the word-of-mouth of yesteryear. Today, 8​4% of people say they trust online reviews, in spite of the fact that these reviews are left across the internet by complete strangers. So, why do online reviews matter?

They help a brand build trust

Online reviews are important for helping brands build trust

​Online reviews are ​a great way through which brands can prove that they are trustworthy. That’s an important thing in the world of eCommerce. People are mostly buying goods that they have not physically seen.

So, they need to be able to trust that you, as a brand, are able to deliver the right kind of product to meet their needs. Reviews go a long way in convincing them to buy.

Reviews offer social proof

Social proof is important in business. People want to tread where their peers have already trodden. Again, this boils down to the issue of trust. Very few people want to be pioneers, in spite of what everybody may think.

That’s particularly the case when it comes to spending their hard earned money. Online reviews tell them that others have already tried out your products and they were satisfied enough to leave ​positive feedback on the internet.

Getting positive reviews is important

Thing is, reviews can be either positive or negative. One thing that I am always pointing out to my clients is that disgruntled customers are much more likely to be motivated to leave a review than happy customers.

So, brands need to be proactive in their approach to online reviews. Today, up to 92% of people say they are likely to buy a product if it has positive reviews. Yes, negative reviews are a part of life, and there are several things that you can do to reduce their harm

However, you need to go out to there to look for reviews from your happy customers because too many negative reviews dominating your online profile can be devastating. As an example, a drop in one start on Yelp can mean a reduction in profit of ​between 5 and 9 % for businesses. That’s a lot!

Product vs Seller Reviews

Online reviews are a subject that I have covered a lot on this blog. I have an article on how to get Store Ratings in the year 2021. One thing of note is that online reviews can roughly be divided into ​​Product reviews and ​Seller reviews.

What are Product Reviews?

Product reviews cover a specific product that you may be selling on Amazon or elsewhere. Perhaps it’s a line of t-shirt, or an LG LED TV. Clearly, product reviews are important because they tell your potential customers a lot about the performance of the specific product that they are interested in.

What are ​Seller Reviews?

Seller reviews, on the other hand, rate your overall performance as a business. They are not just for a single product. So, if you are AJ Electronics, people can tell based on Store Ratings whether or not your meet expectations.

Things that people consider regarding Seller reviews are dispatch times, support, return policies, pricing and many other factors.

As a business, you want to get great marks for both Seller and ​Product ​ratings. People what to know that your products are good. And they also want to know that you, as a business, are friendly and up to the task.

Why are product reviews on Amazon important?

So far we have just looked at online reviews in general. Clearly, they are of importance to any business that wishes to survive in today’s cutthroat environment. At this point, I am going to look specifically at Amazon. Why is it important for sellers to get reviews on the platform? Well, the following are some of the reasons;

  • Reviews on Amazon are what ​helps ​convince people who may be hesitant about your products to buy from you. We have already noted that people depend a lot on what others say.
  • They convince people that your products are the best when compared to the alternatives. The marketplace is overcrowded. On Amazon, there are often hundreds of people selling ​similar products. Reviews tell people that you are the best seller around and your products are the best.

How to ​Get Reviews on Amazon

Reviews for a product on sale on Amazon

Reviews for a product on sale on Amazon

I hope I have convinced you that reviews on Amazon and elsewhere are important. Indeed, that’s a point that most sellers are probably already aware of.

In this section I am going to show you the best ways of getting reviews on Amazon. ​These tips will help take your business to next level as you sell on the world’s biggest online marketplace;

1. Sell only the best products

Why do people go to Amazon to buy this or that? Well, it’s ​because they have specific needs that they wish to ​fulfill. You, as a business, are there to fulfill those needs. But how do you do that? ​You do that using your products.

​One thing that I have discovered is that ​businesses are always on the hunt for information on how to get reviews on Amazon. They get told all manner of ​tips and tricks.

The funny thing is that people often neglect the fundamental aspect of getting positive ratings on Amazon; ​product quality. Yes, the product is what you are selling on the platform. It’s what people come to buy. They don’t come to buy because they like you​! They are there to fulfill the needs that we have just spoken about.

To get good reviews on Amazon, you need to sell products of the highest quality

So, you need to sell top of the range products on Amazon if you want to get positive reviews. If you sell archaic products that break down after a day or two, you will not be able to survive on the platform. You will be swamped with so many negative reviews that hardly anyone will be willing to buy from you at the end of the day.

Amazon is all about the product. It’s what binds you, the customer and the marketplace. Maybe you are the manufacturer. Make sure that you are putting only your best products on sale on the platform.

Or maybe you are merely a reseller. Make sure that you are sourcing your products from reputable manufacturers. Do that, and people will give you lots of positive reviews. You won’t even have to ask. Reviews will come flooding in organically!

2. Provide the best customer experience

You need to provide the best customer experience to get people to leave you reviews on Amazon

Customer experience matters a lot in the world of Commerce. I have written a number of articles on the issue, including on the tools that you can use to enhance customer service. Another good way of getting reviews on Amazon is by offering great customer service. But what’s great customer service?

  • It’s prompt shipping. People are usually impatient to get their products. You need to dispatch them to your customers as soon as is possible.
  • How you handle returns is also part of the process of offering better customer service. It’s probably inevitable that people will want to return products to you for one reason or the other. Your returns polic​y can determine whether or not you will get positive reviews.
  • Communication is another important component of customer service. Some people will have questions before or after buying your products. Taking the time to explain things to them reduces misunderstandings. You can confirm whether or not the product comes with the features that people are looking for. Communication is also important should the customer encounter problems with the product. Communicate well, and even unhappy customers will give a thumps up.

3. Don’t mislead people about your products

A lot of negative reviews on Amazon stem from the fact that sellers ​mislead people about their products. Before launching your products, you probably carried out lot’s of keyword research. That told you what people ​were looking for.

What then happens is that people write product reviews that are designed to make it appear as if these products meet what people are looking for. Let’s say you sell a headphones extension ​cable as an example. After researching, you discover that people are looking for one that has volume controls.

What do you do if the one that you are selling does not have this feature? Well, some sellers simply pretend that their products meet the desired criteria. There can be not much harm done, right? ​Actually, doing what I have just been describing is a good way of getting lots of negative reviews on Amazon.

​So, to get positive reviews, you need to be clear about what your products can and cannot do. That way, people won’t feel misled. And you will minimize returns, which can be expensive, both for your customers and for you as a business. Honesty pays when selling on Amazon. Don’t try to confuse your customers. Otherwise they will come back to haunt you with negative feedback.

4. Use email to ask your customers for reviews after a sale

The good news is that Amazon comes with build-in tools to help sellers get reviews. When someone buys something on the platform, they automatically receive an email asking them to review the product. That’s great! It’s how most businesses get reviews on Amazon.

However, you can take it a step further by sending out personalized emails. The emails that are send out automatically from Amazon are rather generic. There are a number of tools that you can use for this task. One of them is Feedback Express.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon

But when is it the right time to ask for a review? Well, the best time is usually just after they have received the product. At that point, they will still have the experience of buying from you fresh in their minds. So, they will be able to leave a positive review of your products.

5. Use the Amazon request a review button

In Seller Central’s Order Reports, you ​have the choice to automatically send out reviews to your buyers. You are allowed to choose a time-frame between 4 and 30 days when it comes sending out your reviews requests.

So, how many review requests can you send out to a customer? Well, you are allowed to send out only one request for a review.

​Remember, however, that you also have the review request that’s automatically send out by Amazon after a purchase. That makes it a potential 2 requests for reviews that can be sent to a customer.

6. The early reviews product

You can also get reviews on Amazon by participating in the Early Reviewer Program. Under this program, customers are offered gifts between $1 and $3 for writing a review. The Seller gets charged $60 per review.

But why is this important? Well, the program is designed to give new products a head-start on the crowded Amazon marketplace. We have already noted that people are rather wary about buying products that do not have reviews.

So, by participating in the Early Reviewer Program, you get the chance to gather the reviews that you need to give your products much needed visibility. Once a product has been on the marketplace for some time, it should then begin getting reviews organically or via the methods that we have just been talking about above.

​7. Send a card requesting for a review along with the product

That’s one thing that a lot of Sellers are doing. When you dispatch your product, you can include a card asking people to leave a review. However, make sure that you do not run afoul of Amazon’s terms and conditions while doing so.

Don’t solicit for positive reviews. Simply ask people to give you a review. You are also not allowed to offer people financial reward for giving you reviews on Amazon. If you do that, you will be breaking Amazon’s rules.

8. Address customer concerns to turn negative reviews into a positive

The inevitability of getting negative reviews is something that I have already mentioned. So, what do you do in the event that you have gotten one? The best approach is to try to resolve the issue with the customer. Most people only leave a negative review because they feel that their efforts to resolve an issue with a seller have been fruitless. 

​A negative review is, therefore, a shout for attention. What you need to do is to reach out to affected customers to find out what the issue is about. Once you have identified the issue, you can try to resolve it as quickly as is possible. If you go to Amazon today, you will come across several instances of people who have modified their reviews after getting satisfaction from a seller.

Amazon’s ​Reviews ​Guidelines

That’s how to get reviews on Amazon. However, one thing to note is that you don’t want to end up breaking Amazon’s rules regarding how sellers can ask for a get reviews from their customers. Otherwise, you could end up being suspended from selling on the platform. So, what are some of these rules?

Don’t offer your customers incentives for giving you reviews

​Amazon does not ​allow the practice of offering incentives for reviews. You can’t, as an example, offer people a free product in exchange for a review. Neither can you offer them a discount. If you do this, you could end up being suspended from Amazon.

Don’t try and manipulate people into giving you a positive reviews

This is something that a lot of people were doing. Manipulative language includes something like; “Get in touch with us if you are not satisfied with our product. Otherwise feel free to give us a 5 star rating!”

Clearly, this language is meant to manipulate the customer. Thing, is Amazon does not allow people to choose to get reviews from satisfied customers only. Your reviews should come from everyone, whether satisfied or not.

Stay away from fake Amazon reviews

I have previously written an article on how to get fake business reviews. Thing is, you can actually buy fake Amazon reviews. There are platforms such as and Fiver ​where the service is offered.

However, this is not a practice that we encourage. Of late, Amazon has been clamping down on the practice of buying reviews. So, you don’t want to end up getting your account suspected over the practice.


That’s how to get reviews on Amazon during the course of the current year. In this article, I highlighted the importance of getting online reviews. They act as social proof, getting people to trust your products. This trust is what you need to get people to buy from your business.

On Amazon, reviews are ​of paramount importance. They help convince hesitant buyers to buy from you. They also tell people whether or not a product meets their expectations. What do you think? Do you have tips on how others can get reviews on Amazon? If yes, leave a comment below!

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