Facebook Ads Marketing for Fitness Supplements

Are you looking to boost your supplements business? Are you aware that Facebook has regulations governing advertising supplements on the platform? Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a digital marketing agency. My company specializes in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Remarketing. I have been doing marketing for over 2 decades and I can safely say I have become an expert. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Talk about Facebook regulations and other things that you need to think of before getting started.
  2. Help you decide whether or not you should do Facebook Marketing for your supplements business.
  3. Show you the best way of creating Facebook Ads Marketing for supplements.

What you need to know before getting started

Before anybody gets started with Facebook Ads, there are several questions that need to be asked and answered. First of all, what type of audience do you normally appeal to? Obviously, for businesses selling supplements, the answer to that would be people who are health conscious.

Facebook regulations on marketing supplements

Facebook prohibits marketing “unsafe supplements.

This is another thing that you need to know before getting started. Facebook has a number of regulations with regard to marketing supplements on the platform. The following are some of the things that you need to be aware of;

  • No misleading claims
  • No before and after images
  • Don’t sell unsafe supplements
  • Whatever it is that you are selling also needs to be legal

Know the nature of your target audience

Facebook ads for supplements

Supplements mostly appeal to a health and fitness audience

Next, you need to have a complete understanding of your target audience. From which age ranges do they normally come? What are their interests? And what are their genders? You will realize that these questions are important when it comes to setting up your target audience.

What are your objectives and how can they be achieved?

This is an essential question. Of course, every business wishes to get more sales. Having said that; you need to ask yourself how you are going to go about doing it. If you have decided that Facebook Ads are the answer, you need to be certain about the nature of your goals on the platform. Do you wish to get people to a landing page? Or do you wish to increase your visibility on the market. You will see below that these questions have a bearing when it comes to setting up your ad.

Should businesses that sell supplements advertise on Facebook?

This is a question that we get a lot from people. I always tell them that they should have started advertising their supplements business on Facebook yesterday. The platform is great for the following reasons;

  • Facebook is the perfect place for this type of business. Why? Well, because it is home to so many people, many of whom are health enthusiasts. Facebook currently has a monthly active user base of over 2.6 billion. And that figure continues to grow. So, there is a vast audience for you on the platform; whatever it is that you wish to market.
  • It’s easy to target the right audience on Facebook. That’s because Facebook collects so much personal information about its user. If you compare Facebook and Google, there is really no debate. Facebook knows way more about what it’s users are doing. In fact, many people will say Facebook knows a bit too much. As an advertiser, this is something that you can exploit to ensure that your ads have a high conversion rate.
  • It’s not too expensive to run Facebook ads for your supplements business. I often get asked whether Facebook is more expensive that Google when it comes to advertising. The answer is; Facebook tends to be cheaper. In fact, you can start advertising on Facebook for as little as $10 or even less.
  • You can create your own Facebook Ads for your business. Being able to do this will be particularly useful if you are the owner of a small supplements business. Perhaps you are a stay at home mom looking to boost your passive income by selling supplements. You don’t quite have the money to hire somebody to do advertising for you. If that is the case, the good news is that you can get started creating Facebook ads on your own by reading through this article. Below, we show you how to do it. But, if you would rather not go through the hassle, feel free to get in touch with me and I will get you set up for a reasonable fee. With my Facebook Ads Setup Plan, I do all the initial donkey work on your behalf.

How to create Facebook Ads for Fitness Supplements Brands

So, based on the above discussion, it is clear that Facebook advertising works great for supplements businesses. This applies whether you are a manufacturer or somebody selling on behalf of others. The great thing is that you are never going to be too small to do marketing on Facebook. But where do you get started? Facebook Ads are created in Ads Manager. Logging in is a simple matter of using your personal credentials. Creating Facebook Ads for your supplements business is a 3 step process;

  • Choose a Campaign Objective
  • Set up your Ad Set
  • Create your Ad

1. Choose a Facebook Ads Campaign Objective for Kindle Books

Choose a Campaign Objective

In Facebook Advertising, a Campaign Objective is basically as description of the direction in which you wish to have your ad flow. You will notice that there are many options when creating Facebook Ads. What you end up with at the end of the day is going to depend on the nature of your business and on what you wish to achieve.

Facebook gives you 11 campaign objectives, from which you can only have one for each campaign. How you set up your ad will be different depending on the campaign objective that you choose. The following are the available campaign objectives when creating Facebook Ads for supplements;

  • Reach
  • Store visits
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Traffic
  • Messages
  • Video views
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales

Which campaign objective works best when creating Facebook Ads for Fitness Supplements?

Most people have trouble choosing between the available campaign objectives for their Facebook ads. It’s why I emphasized the need to know what you want to achieve at the top. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be glad to help you out.

For this example, we are going to assume that you have created a landing page where people can buy your supplements. So, you want to get people who click on your Facebook ad to this landing page. The best Facebook Ads campaign objective for you, if that is your aim, would be “Traffic,” so, this is what we are going to use here.

Note that I am not saying “Traffic,” is the only campaign objective that can be used when doing Facebook ads marketing for supplements. You could use any other Facebook ad campaign objective. You could use “Video views” if you have made a video ad. You could also choose “Brand awareness,” if you wish to market your brand.

2. Setting Up Your Target Audience: The Ad Set

It’s important, when creating Facebook Ads, to get your audience targeting right. Most people fail at this stage. If you do not set up your audience right, your ads will be lost in the vastness that is Facebook Advertising. The great thing is that Facebook provides you with a number of useful settings that give your Facebook ads a greater chance of success;

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections
  • Languages


Set the location(s) for delivery of your ads

The location setting allows you to choose where you wish to have your Facebook Ads displayed. Let’s assume here that you are a startup operating from your garage somewhere in Chula Vista, California. You supplements using your website. The question to ask yourself is, do I ship only in my city or statewide?

Maybe you ship countrywide, or even worldwide. That’s the beauty of the internet age. You can sell across the globe. So, you target location is going to depend on your objectives and on how you operate. Sometimes it’s strategic to focus on a small area. That’s particularly the case for small businesses.

For this example, we will go with 25 miles around our location in Chula Vista. We will target people who live in this area. Note that you can also target people who have recently been in this location. You can also choose to target multiple locations.


This is another useful setting that you can use to define your target audience. Which age groups are you going to be targeting with your Facebook Ads? For somebody that sells supplements, the right age groups are probably going to between 18 and 45. Those are the ages that are obsessed with living healthy. But you could go all the way to 65. It depends on your product.


Some products work best for one gender rather than for another. Choose whether you wish to target men, women or both with your Facebook Ads. For Facebook Ads for supplements, you can go for both genders, depending on the nature of your campaign.

Detailed targeting

Narrow down on your audience

The detailed targeting section is where you really zoom in on your target audience. So far in this example, we have defined our target audience as being composed of people living in Chula Vista who are between 18 and 45; both male and female.

That’s a rather wide target audience. The good news is that the detailed targeting section allows you to narrow down on your targeting audience based on people’s demographics, interests and behaviors. For Facebook Ads for Supplements, you can choose the following options;

  • People who have expressed an interest in “affordable supplements.”
  • Those that are into fitness and wellness.
  • Those that are into herbal tea
  • People who have expressed an interest in natural foods
  • Those that are interested in organic products.


The language setting can be useful if your target audience predominantly speaks one language. It’s a good way of further narrowing down on the people to which you wish to have your Facebook Ads delivered. So, you could target people who speak Spanish or Spanish and English. For this example, we are not going to use this setting.


One thing that you need to do as part of the process of promoting your supplements business is to ensure that you have created a Facebook Page. This can be done free of charge, so you have no reason not to do so. A Facebook page is a platform on which you can engage people who have bought or those that are interested in your products. You should also run events to promote your products.

The Connections setting is another one that you can use to narrow down on your target audience when creating Facebook Ads for supplements. Your connections are people who have interacted with your Page, Event or app in one way or the other.

Let’s say you have decided to sell to people who have previously liked your Facebook Page. You will have better chance of convincing them to buy than when dealing with complete strangers. So, this is a great setting for zooming in on your target audience.

Budget and schedule

Set a budget and schedule for your Facebook Ads

We have already noted that advertising your supplements on Facebook is actually way cheaper than on other platforms. My advice is that you should set a limit date for your ads to avoid cost overruns. You can see in the above screenshot that I have set my Ad to run from August 7 to August 14 2020.

I have set my daily budget at $20. So, at the end of the week I will have spent $140 on my Facebook Ads. For that, I can expect a between 74 and 214 clicks. The challenge will be to convince people to buy my products once they have been redirected to my landing page.

3. Creating your Ad

The Ad itself is the thing that you will create last as you set out to market your supplements on Facebook. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important. In fact, the ad is what people see, so it needs to be done in a convincing way. Again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need help here. Facebook Ads can be created in the following formats;

  • Carousel
  • Collection
  • Single image or video

Best format for Supplements Ads

To be fair, any of the above formats could work great when marketing your supplements on Facebook. Just remember to stay within the regulations. We have already noted that you cannot have before and after pictures. Also remember that people are always in a hurry. They don’t have the time to spend pondering over the meaning of your ad. Short and catchy should be what you aim for.

Important settings when creating Facebook Ads

A view into how our ad will appear

The following are the most important settings when creating your Ad. You can see the finished example ad in the screenshot above. You are going to have to tweak the settings to fit your business.

  • You need to come up with primary text that resonates with your target audience.
  • There is an option to have a heading in your ad.
  • You need to put in a link to your landing page. Make sure that the landing page is geared to turn people’s interest into a purchase. Again, this is something that you can talk to me about.
  • You can add a call to action button to get people do take the next step.


Hopefully, these steps will help you gain the confidence that you need to start doing Facebook Ads Marketing for your supplements business. Remember to stay within the law and within Facebook’s regulations. Otherwise, your ad will be rejected. And remember to get in touch if you need help. This is what I do best. So, call me if you want to start marketing your supplements business on Facebook today.

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