Facebook Ads Marketing for Amazon Products

Does your business sell its products on Amazon? Have you been wondering whether or not Facebook Ads Marketing can boost your business? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a digital marketing agency. My company specializes in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and remarketing. I have been doing this for over a decade and in that time, I have helped many businesses overcome the challenges of advertising Amazon products on Facebook. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you why it’s worthwhile advertising Amazon products on Facebook.
  2. Briefly look at what you need to do before getting started.
  3. Give you a step by step guide to creating your own Facebook Ads for Amazon products.

Why Advertise Amazon Products on Facebook

Amazon, one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, pretty much has all the corners covered as far as marketing is concerned. Or so people will have you believe! However, that is not actually the truth. First of all, at Planet Marketing, we believe you can never have too much marketing. Yes, as an Amazon seller, you can take advantage of the platform’s reach to get exposure for your products. However, you should take things further by reaching out to your prospects through other channels. And no channel is better than Facebook for the following reasons;

  • To begin with, Facebook is vast. This is something that I am always reminding my clients. The platform plays host to a monthly active user base of over 2.7 billion. In fact, chances are high that by the time you read this article, that number will have grown exponentially. So, in terms of reach, Facebook is unparalleled. Any business that’s worth its salt needs to start advertising on the platform.
  • Advertising on Facebook can be cost effective. This applies whether one is talking about Amazon products or for any other product. I have previously written an article on Facebook Ads marketing for Kindle books. One thing that I noted there is that if you do things right, you are almost always guaranteed to break even. One question that I get a lot relates to whether or not advertising on Facebook is cheaper that Advertising on Google. The answer is yes. Not only is Facebook cheaper, but you also get significantly higher CTR and conversion rates.
  • It’s not that difficult to do Facebook Ads Marketing for Amazon Products. Okay, so perhaps I am just saying that because this is what I do on a daily basis. But it’s true nevertheless. Yes, there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid when it comes to Facebook advertising. However, once you have gotten the hang of it, you should be able to create your own Facebook Ads in no time. Most people struggle when it comes to getting started. That is why I have created my Facebook Ads Set Up plan. If you choose to sign up, I will do all the initial donkey work. I will also get you 2 live ads. After everything has been set up, you can take it from there.
  • You can use Facebook Ads to help create brand loyalty. Facebook is great as far as engagement with current and prospective customers is concerned. One thing to note is that you need to keep an eye out for both Amazon and Facebook terms and conditions when doing this.
  • You can set it up so that your Facebook Ads are also delivered on Instagram and Messenger. So, that’s a bonus for those that wish to reach out to a wider audience.

Before Getting Started

Hope the above will serve as motivation enough for businesses that have products on Amazon to start doing marketing on Facebook. Should you decide to go down this route, then there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before getting started. First, you need to be clear on what you wish to achieve. Having this clarity will help simplify the process of making your ad. As yourself; “what are my goals?”

The answer to that may appear simple at the outset. After all, the ultimate goal for every business is to make money. However, there are several way through which you can attain this ultimate goal. Perhaps you wish to create awareness for your brand. Or maybe you wish to get people from Facebook to your Amazon product pages where they can buy your products. Maybe you wish to have people get in touch directly with you about your products. There are many angles from which to approach this, but you need to be clear which way you will be going for each particular Facebook ad.

Steps to Create Facebook Ads for Amazon Products

Start creating your Ad in Ads Manager

Facebook Ads are created in Ads Manager. This is where you need to go to start doing Facebook Ads Marketing for your Amazon products. You can log into Ads Manager using your personal Facebook credentials. Once in Ads Manager, click on create to start creating your first Facebook Ad. Please note that the process of creating Facebook Ads is composed of roughly 3 steps;

  • You first need to choose a Campaign Objective.
  • You then need to set up your Target Audience in the Ad Set.
  • Finally, you need to create the Facebook Ad.

1. Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives

This step won’t take you long if you took the advice that I gave at the top. Facebook provides 11 Campaign Objectives from which you are required to choose one for each advertising campaign. The Campaign Objective speaks of your goals in doing Facebook Ads marketing for Amazon Products. The following are the available Facebook Ads Campaign Objectives;

  • Brand awareness
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Traffic
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Reach
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation

Best Campaign Objective for Amazon Products

Choose a Campaign Objective

There is no one best Campaign Objective when creating Facebook Ads for Amazon Products. The thing to note is that each ad is going to be different depending on what you wish to achieve. For this example, we are going to go with Traffic for our Facebook Ad. Don’t hesitate to choose differently to line up with your business.

You need to have a Landing Page

One thing that I need to point out here is that people do not go to Facebook to buy things. They go there to communicate with their peers and to read fake news. They also there to watch videos of poodles doing tricks. This is something that you should keep in mind. So, your ad and the products that you are selling are rather incidental.

But why does this all matter? Well, it matters because there is a lower search intent when it comes to Facebook Ads. People may be interested in what you have to offer, but they may not be ready to immediately make a purchase. You need to think about this when it comes to whether or not your are going to send people directly to your Amazon products page or to a landing page. It all depends on the product, of course.

If you are advertising your Kindle book, then there should be no problem sending people directly to Facebook. After all, books cost no more than $3 or so and people are not going to hesitate much before buying one. However, for bigger products costing more, you may need to create a landing page on which to direct traffic from your Facebook Ads. A landing page has the advantage that you can use it to gather more data about your prospects, for use in your custom audiences.

2. Audience Definition and Targeting

Now that you have chosen your Campaign Objective, the next thing that you need to do as part of the process of creating Facebook Ads for your Amazon product is to define your target audience. You have 2 possible approach angles in this regard. First of all, you can create a brand new target audience. We will show you how to do it later in this section. But first, let’s talk about the second option, the option to use Custom and Lookalike Audiences;

Using Custom Audiences in your Facebook Ads

Use Custom and Lookalike Audiences in your Ads

This actually tends to the most effective approach when creating Facebook Ads. But what are custom audiences? Well, if you are like many businesses out there, you probably already have a Facebook Page. You can set one up free, so there is no reason for not having one. But why are Facebook Pages important? Well, they are important before they allow you to promote engagement with your clients. If you set one up, then people will like it and share your posts.

But custom audiences are not just about Facebook Pages. They are composed of people who have interacted with your business in one way or the other. Perhaps they signed up for your email newsletter. Or maybe they have already purchased your products on Amazon. The important thing is that this interaction makes it easy for you to make your pitch to this audience. As a result, you are much more likely to have a higher success rate with them than with a completely new audience.

If you want to get information about who has bought from you, simply go to the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments section in Amazon Seller Central. Here, you will be able to get data about people who have already purchased your products. You can then use this information as part of your custom audience on Facebook.

Lookalike Audiences

This is another option when it comes to audience targeting when doing Facebook Ads Marketing for Amazon Products. What do you do if the custom audience that you created only has a handful of people? Well, you have the option to create a Lookalike audience. Once you have uploaded your custom audience to Facebook, you can set things up so that Facebook will look for people who share similar traits.

You can also determine the level of accuracy for your Lookalike audience. 1% means you wish to have Facebook only target people who are very similar to those in your custom audience. The accuracy level goes down as you increase your range from one to 1% and 10% etc. However, you do get the advantage that the size of your target audience will now be increased.

Creating a New Target Audience

Still in the Ad Set section, you can choose to create a new audience, or one that has hybrid characteristics. In this regard, you have different tools that can help you create the right kind of audience. Remember that it’s important to target the correct audience. If you do otherwise, then you will be wasting your time having your ads delivered to people who are not remotely interested in what you have to offer. When creating a new audience, you can use the following tools;

Where do you deliver your Amazon Products

You need to define the location(s) where you wish to have your Facebook Ads delivered. You could, as an example, choose to have your ads delivered to people in the United States. You could even go global. Note that most businesses are rather restricted in terms of reach. If you own a Café, then you should only target people who live near your location.

However, when doing Facebook Ads Marketing for Amazon Products, you can go as far as you wish. It depends on where you are willing to ship, of course. If you go to Amazon, you will notice that there are many sellers on there who are not willing to ship to some parts of the world. For this example, we are going to assume that we only ship throughout the United States.


There are some products out there that are Gender specific. If you sell one such product, then you can use this setting to further refine your target audience. An example would be if you sell perfumes for women on Amazon. It would be better for you to target women with your ads.


Age is also a parameter that you can use when creating Facebook Ads for your Amazon products. Some products tend to be age specific, and you should set the age ranges in which your customers normally fall.


Sometime, you may have products that you sell to people who speak a particular product. If that is the case, then use this setting to further define your target audience.

Demographics, Interests and Behaviors

These are the settings under Detailed Targeting that you can use to narrow down on your target audience. Let’s assume that you sell musical equipment on Amazon. To whom would you sell? Well, you should probably target people who are interested in music. You can also target people who have liked pages to do with headphones and other musical equipment. It would also be logical to target people who list themselves as musicians. So, it’s all going to depend on the nature of the products that you are selling on Amazon.


This section brings the advantages of custom audiences to new audiences. Instead of having a completely new target audience, where success is hardly guaranteed, you can sweeten things by targeting your ads at people who have interacted with you in one way or the other (your connections). Maybe they liked your page. Or they participated in your event. Or maybe they expressed an interest in your products on your website as tracked through Pixel.

Budget and Schedule

Budget and Schedule

This is actually the first section in Ad Set. Here, I will just point out that you need to keep control of your spending. You can do this by defining a campaign budget. Or you can set a daily budget and then have a start and end date for your campaign. That way, you wont exceed your budget on Facebook Ads. Otherwise, Facebook will keep running your ad while deducting money from your credit card.

3. Creating your Ad

This is the final step as we set out to create Facebook Ads for our Amazon products. All the preliminary work that we have looked at so far has been important. However, what people will actually see will be your Facebook Ad in your feeds. So, it needs to be good. I should point out, though, that you are rather hamstrung in this regard.

People, as already noted, do not go to Facebook to buy stuff. So, you have a hard time trying to convince them. Yes, you can be very successful, but you need to remember that you only have moments in which to convince people that your product is worth checking out. So, make your ad catchy, short and to the point.

Ad Formats

Facebook Ads can be created as videos, carousels and single images. For Amazon products, you may wish to go with a video. Maybe it may feature someone strumming on a guitar if we are to continue with our example. You could also go with a single image showing music equipment.

Do A/B Testing

There is one thing that I need to point out here; unless you are very good, it’s inevitable that you will create a Facebook Ad that sucks at some point. The good thing is that you don’t have to be stuck with that. It’s not the end of the world. It’s why you should learn how to create your own Facebook ads. Once you have the skills, you won’t have trouble doing lot’s of A/B testing. Keep doing that till you have stuck the right chord.

Primary Text

This is one section on which you need to dwell when creating Facebook Ads for your Amazon products. The Primary Text appears at the top of your ad. Make it good, and you will be able to convince people to click on your ad. Remember to keep things short and to the point, otherwise people will lose interest.

Sweeten your offer with discounts and other deals

Ad Preview

People love discounts. This is something that you use to hook people to click on your ad. If you say you are offering 50% off on music equipment to the first 50 buyers, you can be guaranteed that you will have more hype than when you simply advertise your products. The trick is in understanding the mind-frame of your target audience.

Website URL

Remember I mentioned that it’s probably better to direct people to a landing page and not directly to your Amazon page? Whatever you decide to do, you should use the Website URL section to point people in the right direction.


Tracking is important and should be done by all people who advertise on Facebook. What you need to do is to make sure that you install Pixel on your website. If you need help in this regard, get in touch with me. Pixel allows you to track people’s interest on your site and to then show them appropriate ads depending on what they are interested in. That is a good way of boosting your conversion rate.


I hope I have shown you how to do Facebook Ads Marketing for Amazon products. The topic is rather long. The thing to remember is that I am there to help you. Facebook Ads are what I do daily. So, if you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out to me using the section below. Just to summarize, I gave you some motivation for doing Facebook Ads for Amazon products. I also showed you how to create your first Facebook Ad. Before you go, share this article and leave a comment below!

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