Facebook Ads Marketing for Auto Repair Companies

Are you looking for high torque Facebook ads for your business? Have you been wondering whether or not Facebook Advertising is for Auto repair companies? At Planet Marketing, we have worked with businesses in the auto industry for over a decade! Sign up for our Facebook Ads Setup Plan using the above link to get top-notch ads for your business. In this article, we are going to;

  1. Tell you whether or not advertising on Facebook works for those in the auto industry.
  2. Show you how to create your own Facebook Ads.
  3. Talk about the Planet Marketing Facebook Ads Setup Plan.

Does advertising on Facebook work for those in the auto industry?

Should those in the auto industry advertise on the world’s biggest social networking platform? The answer to this question is a BIG YES! Facebook’s size may be intimidating, particularly if you are a small business. Take a small town auto repair company that operates only a single garage as an example. At Planet Marketing, we have, over the years, worked with countless such companies. And Facebook advertising works for them and for others in the auto industry because;

  • Facebook is large, and you are bound to find your target audience somewhere in there. The trick, of course, lies in knowing how to define, refine and narrow down on the people that you wish to reach with your ads.
  • Advertising on Facebook is actually cheaper than is the case with other digital marketing platforms. You can, as an example, get going for only $10, something that you would never think of doing should you opt for Adwords.
  • Once you have gotten the hang of it, creating your own Facebook ads is fairly easy.

How to create your own Facebook Ads

The process of creating Facebook Ads for an auto repair company is composed of four steps;

  • Creating an Advertising Campaign
  • Creating an Ad Account
  • Creating an Ad Set
  • Creating the Ad

Create a new Campaign

Choosing a Facebook Ad Campaign Objective

The magic, as far as creating Facebook ads for your auto repair company is concerned, happens in Ads Manager. Each Facebook Advertising campaign is composed of one Campaign Objective. The Objective allows you to choose what it is exactly that you wish to happen when people click on your ad.

Which Facebook ads campaign objective works best for the auto industry?

To be honest, a number of the campaign objectives that are above could work for those in the auto industry. It all depends, of course, on what your ultimate goal is;

  • If you simply wish to get the word out about your business, then “Brand awareness,” is the best campaign objective for you.
  • If, on the other, hand, you wish to direct traffic to a landing page or to your website, then “Traffic,” would be the best objective for your campaign.
  • You could also choose “Messages,” if you would like people who are interested in having their vehicles serviced at your garage reach out to you.

The Ad Set: Creating your target audience

The next thing that you need to do on your way to creating a Facebook Advertising Campaign for your Auto Repair Company is Create a new ad set. An Ad Set is really one of the most important settings in your entire campaign.

It allows you to define your target audience using location, budget, schedule, age, language and other settings. An Ad Set can have one or more Ads.

Be careful when creating your target audience

One of the things that we have discovered, at Planet Marketing, is that most Facebook advertising campaigns falter at this stage. Choose too narrow an audience, and you will miss out on some of your potential customers.

Choose too broad an audience, and you will be wasting your money on people who are not even remotely interested in what you have to offer. Showing an auto servicing ad to people who do not have cars, as an example, would be a waste of time.


One of the things that you need to acknowledge when choosing your target audience is that an Auto Repair Company is, by its very nature, localized. You are likely only going to attract clients from so far around you.

Choose the location for delivery of your ads. Our example Auto Repair Company is based in Chula Vista, California. The target audience should, therefore, be centered around this locality. As you can see in the above screenshot, we have narrowed down our target audience to Chula Vista, California, and have excluded Mexico.

Age, Gender and Language

Use the Age, Gender and Language settings to further define your target audience

You can also further refine your Facebook Ad by choosing the age range from which you are likely to get customers for your Auto Repair business. We have, in our case, narrowed our target audience to people who are between the ages of 18and 55.

You can also choose to have your Facebook Ad targeted only at men or at women. This would be useful if you are marketing gender specific products and services. A company that sells beauty products would, as an example, be better placed targeting women with its Facebook Ads.

You can also, as you can see in the above screenshot, further narrow down your target audience by targeting people of a particular language. If your products and services are specifically targeted at Mexican immigrants, you can, as an example, narrow down the focus on the delivery of your Facebook Ads by choosing to have them delivered only to people who speak Spanish.

Detailed Targeting: Narrowing down on your target Audience

Detailed Targeting

You can further refine your ads by targeting people using demographics, interests, behaviors and other parameters. In our example, we have targeted people who are interested in Auto mechanics, care rapair and roadside assistance.

Creating your Ad

Everything that we have been doing so far has been leading to this step. The Ad that you create for your Facebook Marketing campaign is what people will see. You, therefore, need to really work on it to make sure that it generates leads for your business.

Available ad formats

The following Ad Formats can be used when creating Facebook Ads for your Auto Repair business;

  • Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Single Image
  • Single Video
  • Collection

Ad Preview

Your Ad’s Preview appears to the right of your screen;

Finishing up

Once you are satisfied with the presentation of your Ad, click on the “Confirm,” button and, if you have set up a payment method, you should be able to launch your Ad to your chosen audience.

Facebook Ads Marketing Plans

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