Facebook Ads for Aircraft Charter Rentals and Leases

Can Facebook Ads be used to promote companies dealing in aircraft charter rentals and leases? Let’s face it, not many people out there are going to be able to afford to charter, rent or lease an aircraft. That is one of the major reasons why this segment is a particularly difficult one, when it comes to Facebook advertising. Just consider the process of trying to reach out to the right kind of audience. How are you going to do that in the vastness that is Facebook? This article has the following sections;

  1. Why Facebook matters
  2. Facebook Ads for aircraft charter rentals

Why Facebook matters

The first thing that we need to acknowledge here is that Facebook is huge. The platform has, as of the 1st quarter of the year 2018, over 2.19 billion active users. What this means for business is that there is a pool, on the platform, of over 2.19 people that is waiting to be exploited!

It’s very easy to reach out to these people. Facebook provides you with a raft of tools that enable you to be as precise as is possible in your audience targeting. That’s another reason why Facebook is one of the best platforms on which to market any business. Targeting can be precise, meaning you will have a better ROI.

Advertising on Facebook for Aircraft Charter Rentals and Leases

Facebook’s vastness is, as far as advertising on the platform for Aircraft charter rentals and leases is concerned, both a challenge and an advantage. The challenge lies in trying, as we have already noted, to find the right kind of audience. It can end up feeling like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

The advantage is that, well, the haystack is so big that you are likely to, with the right kind of targeting, find more than a couple of needles. But, all that depends on how well you are going to be able to define your target audience.

Defining the Audience for your Aircraft charter rentals and leases business

The success or failure of advertising on Facebook for any business is largely dependent on its ability to properly define its target audience. We have already noted several times that Facebook is big, which means that you need to really know who it is that you wish to target with your ads if you are ever to reach the right kind of audience.

Otherwise, you risk wasting your money having your ads delivered to people who are not interested in any of the services that you have on offer. So, which targeting parameters are offered by Facebook to those who wish to create ads on the platform?

Facebook Ads Targeting options

The following are the available targeting options, as far as creating ads on Facebook is concerned;


The great thing is that you can target specific locations for the delivery of your Facebook Ads. This is important, and ensures that you do not waste money on ads that are delivered to people with whom you are not able to do business. Let’s assume, as an example, that your Aircraft Charter Rentals Company is only registered to operate in the United States. Having a worldwide audience may increase your CTR, but it will do nothing to your profit margins, since most of those clicks are going to be from people who you cannot do business with.


You can also choose to have Facebook Ads for your Aircraft charter rentals and lease company delivered to a particular gender group.


This is another available option, as far defining the audience for your Facebook ads is concerned.


For an Aircraft Charter rentals and lease company, this is another targeting parameter for your Facebook Ads. You can, as an example, target people who are interested in Air Charter Services.


Facebook also allows you to choose the demographics of the people who you wish to target with Ads for your Aircraft charter rentals and leases company. We have already mentioned that this is a specialized service, for which very few people are going to be interested in. For our example, we are going to be looking to have our ads delivered to people whose net worth is over $2,000,000.

Having Clearly Defined Objectives for your Facebook Ads

Another important thing, as far as creating Facebook Ads for your Aircraft Charter Rentals and Leases company is concerned, is that you need to have a clearly defined set of objectives. What is it that you wish to achieve with your ads? Facebook provides a number of objectives as part of the ads creation process;

  • Messages
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store visits

For your Aircraft Charter Rentals and Leases Company, the following may be your objectives;

  • To get people who click on your Facebook Ads directed to a landing page on your website, where you can give them more information about your services.
  • To generate brand awareness for your business.
  • To have people watch a video in which you talk about your aircraft.
  • To start conversations with your potential customers
  • To generate leads.

Having a Clear Sales Funnel

Whatever your objective, it’s important for you to have a clearly defined sales funnel before you even create and launch Facebook ads for your Aircraft Charter Rentals and Leases company. It’s all very well to have eye catching ads on Facebook, but without a proper route that leads to a conversion, all your efforts are likely to be lost.

As an example, you need to have a clearly laid out landing page, if you are going to have people directed to your website. The landing page also needs to have a clearly spelt out call to action. If you want people to get in touch with you, make your contact details a prominent part of your landing page.

Offer People Rewards

Okay, so your target audience in this instance is only going to be composed of millionaires but they, like every other human being, are going to respond positively to rewards. Indeed, they likely did not get where they are by splashing money around. Include aircraft charter rentals and leases discount to people who click on your Facebook ads, and you will discover that you will be able to get the attention of an even bigger audience.

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