buySafe Guaranteed vs Norton Shopping Guarantee vs 4x Buyer Protection

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is a partner of some of the companies that are mentioned in this post. However, our recommendations are based on real data from real customers (including us)!

Are you looking to boost sales by increasing the trust that people have in your business? Have you been thinking about signing up with a buyer protection program? My name is Francisco, and I am here to point you in the right direction in this regard. Through my company, Planet Marketing, I have advised hundreds of companies such as yours on this simple way of ensuring that people have confidence in doing business with you. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Talk about why improving trust matters for websites.
  2. Compare buySafe Guaranteed with Norton Shopping Guarantee and 4x Buyer Protection.

Why use buyer protection programs?

One fast way to improve sales is to increase the trust in your site from your prospective customers. Any of the buyer protection software programs that we look at in this article will you get more sales by boosting the trust that people have in your eCommerce website. What’s more, these programs may pay for themselves within the first month! All three (buySAFE, Norton Shopping Guarantee and 4x Buyer Protection) offer the following;

  • Identity Theft Protection,
  • Purchase Guarantee
  • Lowest Price Guarantee

Before we delve into the individual companies, let’s define the following:

Identity theft protection

Identity theft protection is important for eCommerce websites

Identity theft protection is important for eCommerce websites. If your customer somehow blames your website for identity theft, they will be covered for a certain amount. Protecting your customer’s identity and financial information online is important if you don’t want to get sued as part of a security breach.

From customers’ names to their social security numbers to their financial info, there are so many pieces of information vital to your customers’ identity that could leak to the wrong people…that’s why identity theft protection for your customer is so important. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17.6 million U.S. residents were the victims of identity theft in 2014 alone.

Purchase guarantee

Purchase guarantee

Having purchase guarantee on you eCommerce website means that the company that you have signed up with (BuySafe, Norton, or 4xBuyerProtection) will refund your customers the full value of the items purchased up to the maximum amount. This is another great way through which you can improve people’s trust in your business.

Lowest price guarantee

This is pretty much a “price match” guarantee. HOWEVER, your company doesn’t pay for the difference! Let’s say you sold Product A for $100 and the customer comes back 2 weeks later and says, “Hey, this is $80 at Walmart. I want my $20 difference!” BuySafe, Norton or 4xBuyerProtection (not your company) cuts a check for $20 and sends it to your customer.
Terms of Service – If a merchant doesn’t do what they say they’re going to in their Terms of Service, you are covered.

Best buyer protection programs

The following are some of the best buyer protection programs that can be found out there;


With a $100 lowest price guarantee, buySAFE enables online merchants to provide a third-party Guaranteed Shopping program to boost buyer confidence and satisfaction. The intent is to reduce fear in users about breaches in information security and product authenticity, while increasing timely delivery and affordable pricing. Designed for online merchants, buySAFE aims to increase website conversion, sales and profitability through a three-tiered approach:

  • Merchant inspection: buySAFE investigates online merchants to ensure they are reliable, trustworthy and financially stable.
  • Merchant monitoring and display: buySAFE monitors merchants every day to make sure they follow through on their promises to customers, leading to a safer online shopping experience.
  • 3-in-1 Guarantee for 30 days

Norton Shopping Guarantee

Offering tools for both merchants and shoppers, Norton Shopping Guaranteed offers buyer protection for websites and individuals through its unique shopping guarantee. This company offers 20x ROI Guaranteed for merchants, which boosts confidence in shoppers, leading to a reduction in shopping cart and website abandonment for a better overall buying experience. Norton also promises higher conversion rates, more repeat buyers and happier customers. Like buySAFE, Norton offers a free 30-day guarantee with identical terms.

Shoppers who use the service receive several free benefits of the program. For example, when buying from a Norton Shopping Guarantee merchant, they receive a Norton Shopping Guarantee certificate which they can use in the event they need to file a claim. Free enrollment is an enticement to this service.

4x Buyer Protection

4x Buyer Protection (owned by Trust Guard) offers the best Lowest Price Guarantee at $500 compared to buySafe & Norton at $100, but lower Purchase Guarantee by $500. It has four strong features:

  • Shipping Insurance
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Terms of Service Guarantee
  • Identity Theft Protection

This buyer protection for business tool is designed to give shoppers increased confidence in their merchants. One of the highlights of this guarantee shopping program is the fact that the shopper is covered for a month after the date of purchase if their identity was compromised. If something goes wrong after buying from a certified Trust Guard’s 4X Buyer Protection approved website, the shopper is automatically enrolled into the TrueIdentity™ monitoring powered by Trans Union for a year for free.

Click the 4xbuyerprotection seal at the bottom left of this page to see it in action. Pricing is based off the number of orders. The first 30 days there is no charge since the 4xbuyerprotection system is accruing the sales. It will bill based off the previous month’s orders with no long-term contracts. If you don’t see an increase in sales that don’t justify paying the monthly subscription to, then cancel before the first bill arrives!

Disclaimer: Planet Marketing is a partner with the parent company of 4x Buyer Protection. Feel free to take advantage of our partnership pricing here: 4x Buyer Protection Partner Link. Also here is the regular site for : 4x Buyer Protection.


Here are some main points for 4x Buyer Protection

  • 4x Buyer Protection takes care of and pays all approved claims. Norton Shopping Guarantee works as a mediator to resolve the issue from the business owner and the customer.
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee only prices matches the same website where the product was purchased. 4x Buyer Protection does that as well as price matches against any website (other than market places like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc).
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee & BuySafe only offer Purchase Guarantee, Price Match and Identity. 4x Buyer Protection offers all 3 of those those and Terms of Service guarantee too.
  • 4x Buyer Protection is backed by a true insurance company. Norton Shopping Guarantee and Buysafe are not backed by a real insurance company.
  • 4x Buyer Protection’s price point is much less than Norton Shopping Guarantee and Buysafe. There’s no contract required with 4x Buyer Protection.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments below and I’ll look at your company.

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