Business Verified Seals That Increase Conversions

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of the companies that are mentioned in this article. Sign up using our links and we will get a small token for our effort!

Why should your business get a business verified seal (also known as a business identity seal)? That is the question that I seek to answer in this article. All serious businesses that have websites need to have identity seals. Through my company Planet Marketing, I have experience recommending the best to countless businesses across the globe. In this article, I am going;

  1. Tell you why it’s important to have a business verified seal on your website.
  2. Take a look at some of the most popular business identity seals that can be found out there.

Why it’s important to get verified business seals.

Why should businesses get verified seals? The answer is easy. Have you ever been to a website and you cannot find their physical address? How about not finding a phone number? How do you know they exist and aren’t some spam site out of China?

You don’t. Any decent web developer can spin up a site and make it look professional. Any of these business verified seals will work better than not having one at all. That is why you need to have a verified seal on your website.

Having a business verified seal is great for both eCommerce and service based websites. You WILL build trust with these badges. I wish Google My Business (Google Maps) had a program like this, but at this time the only thing they do is send a post card with a PIN #. They don’t give a business verified seal. So, it’s all about trust. The internet is a jungle and having a verified seal tells people that you are who you say you are.

Most popular business verified seals

The following are some of the most popular business verified seals that you will be able to find out there. NB: We are affiliates of some of these companies and could get paid should you choose to sign up using our link!

Better Business Bureau Business Accreditation

Out of all the companies listed here, BBB has the most authoritative badge. They have been around since 1912! Most spam sites will not join the BBB because it’s too costly. Also, the BBB goes through a verification process. Almost all our clients hate dealing with BBB because they are biased toward the buyer, but it provides instant trust.
Price – $500/yr starting and paid upfront (depends on # of employees)

Trust Guard Verified

Planet Marketing uses Trust Guard. This business identity seal has helped us build trust for prospective customers. We have no problem recommending Trust Guard since we use it ourselves. Trust Guard Business Verified will ask several questions about your business location and they will want to see something that has your company’s address, like a bank statement or a phone bill. They want to make sure your business is physically there. They will also call or text your phone to make sure it’s a legit number.

Go ahead and click on the Business Verified seal to see what it looks like.The Business Verified seals come in different sizes.

Business Seals

Trust Guard Pricing
$49/mo for Business Verified seal only

If you are interested in learning more about Trust Guard, read our blog post Trust Guard Review and Pricing


During Verasafe’s verification process, they will verify the contact information you submit at registration. So make sure you make no typos.

Side Note: Verasafe verifies your “business website”. While its seal displays “Trusted Site”, it doesn’t show on the actual seal “Business Verified” like the other companies. When someone clicks the Verasafe seal, that’s when your business address will show. Want to see Verasafe’s seal in action? Click the “Trusted Site” seal to display credentials.

Trust Seal


Trustify me

Trustify has other trust seals in addition to their Business Certified seal. They are focused on being the lowest price leader. They will verify the
Business Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Business Manager’s Address & Phone Number.

The image below is what Trustifyme’s seal will look like. Too bad Trustify doesn’t have any live seals on their own website to display the seals information!


Merchant Safe

Merchant Safe is located in Delaware, USA. They only verify sites in the USA, UK, Canada, European Union, Singapore, Australia and only a few countries in Asia. While Merchant Safe has been around for a while, it’s website doesn’t look updated. Also, I don’t think Merchant Safe’s seal looks too appealing compared to the others.

Price –


Working with any of these companies will most likely lift conversions. For many small businesses, the best value is going to be Trust Guard since they offer a $29/mo bundled service which includes a Business Verified seal, Security Verified seal, and Privacy Verified seal. I also think Verasafe is an awesome company.

Honestly, Planet Marketing has clients that have BBB and Trust Guard. While our clients hate dealing with BBB, its brand does help convert more sales and that’s the only reason they pay for the expensive service. If you are able to have BBB + Trust Guard’s Business Verified seal (or Verasafe), go for it!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, ask below. If you want us to add a company to the list, let us know.

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