Shopper Approved vs. Trust Pilot vs. Reseller Ratings

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Are you looking for a kickass online reviews platform, for your business? Have you been wondering which, between Shopper Approved, Trust Pilot and Reseller Ratings is the best for your business? At Planet Marketing, we have experience using these three companies. In fact, we have referred over 300 people to Shopper Approved and these other companies. So, you can be sure that we know what we are talking about here! In this article, we are going to;

  1. Give you a table comparing the three companies
  2. Give you a pricing comparison
  3. Tell you the company that we recommend between the three

Shopper Approved vs Trust Pilot vs Reseller Ratings Table

Google Seller Ratings Product RatingsPrice/MGet It Now!
Shopper ApprovedYesYesGet the Planet Marketing Offer
Plus 30 Days Free
Trust PilotYesYes$349
Reseller RatingsYesYesDoes not reveal its price.
You have to call to get a quote.

Which Company Do We Recommend?

The rest of this article compares Shopper Approved, Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings. Points of comparison are price and performance. We encourage you to read the rest of this article before making your choice. However, if you do not have the time this section is a summary that will help you make the right choice. So, which do we recommend between the 3 companies?

We recommend Shopper Approved
We recommend Shopper Approved

Well, if you are looking to get the most out of online reviews at an affordable price, then you should know that Planet Marketing recommends Shopper Approved. Note that we are affiliates of all of these 3 companies. However, based on our experience, Shopper Approved is the best for Seller Ratings and Product Ratings as well as online reviews in general.

We have been working with Shopper Approved for years and so far, we have recommend over 300 people to the company. Not only that, but we also use Shopper Approved for our own business. So, this is a company that we know very well. And if you are looking for online review syndication to boost your brand, then Shopper Approved will do the job for you. So, don’t hesitate to choose them if you do not have the time to read all of this article.

You can get Shopper Approved at a discount by signing up using our link. You also get 30 days free when you sign up using our link! So, what are you waiting for? Check out Shopper Approved today and we promise you, that’s a decision that you wont regret!

Pricing comparison: Shopper Approved vs Trust Pilot vs Reseller Ratings

pricing comparison shopper approved vs trustpilot
Where can you get the best deal for online reviews?

We know that pricing is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to online reviews. That’s particularly the case if you are small business like us. You are probably not going to be able to pay thousands per month for reviews. So, most people are on the hunt for a company that offers them the best value in terms of pricing. But, which between Shopper Approved, Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings is your best bet in this regard? Below, we look at how each of these companies fare when it comes to pricing;

Shopper Approved Pricing

Shopper Approved

So, how affordable is Shopper Approved when compared to Trust Pilot and Reseller Ratings? Well, you can see in the above table that Shopper Approved no longer displays pricing data. However, we can safely tell you that Shopper Approved is the most affordable for Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. How do we know that?

We have referred more than 300 people to Shopper Approved, so we know what we are talking about here! Their pricing is on a sliding scale. Visit their website by clicking on this link and call Leslie if you have any questions. Though they no longer display their pricing, they are still the most affordable.

Shopper Approved Dsiscount

Another great thing about Shopper Approved is that you get a discount when you sign up using our link. That is why we have been able to refer so many people to them. If you sign up using our link, you also get 30 days free. We can tell you that most of the people who we have referred to Shopper Approved have stayed with the company. So, if you are looking for Google stars, this is a company that you should seriously consider checking out! They are good.

DISCLAIMER: At Planet Marketing, we refer many businesses to Shopper Approved. They are our business partner. We recommend that you give Shopper Approved a shot. Get 30-days FREE when you sign up using our link!

Latest Shopper Approved Update:

Shopper Approved no longer displays pricing information on their website. However, they remain one of the cheapest when it comes to Seller Ratings and Product Ratings.

BUT you can get a bargain pricing at Planet Marketing for Shopper Approved. Click here: to check out the Huge Discount that we have negotiated at Shopper Approved on your behalf.

Take advantage of this big price difference today.

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Trustpilot Pricing

trustpilot free trial

Trustpilot’s pricing fluctuates rather wildly. For instance, if you contact them, they may offer you their “Lite” plan at $349 per month. Negotiate with Trustpilot so you can get a further price reduction. They have a tendency to hide behind the “Contact to get a quote” clause. You wouldn’t want to work with a company that’s not transparent right from the beginning. If you’re looking for the FREE version, use our exclusive TrustPilot partner link.

Update: 16/04/2020

TrustPilot’s key selling point is their vast “community” where any individual can leave a review. Trustpilot is actually a great choice, in spite of what we say above. They are a good alternative to Shopper Approved. Trustpilot will get you both Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. Once you have signed up, they will syndicate data for use for Google Seller Ratings and Product Ratings. This is the same thing that you will get if you sign up for Shopper Approved. So, if your brand advertises via Google Ads or if you have products listed in Google Shopping, then Trustpilot is one company that you may want to take a look at.

Here are Trustpilot’s current plans

The picture above shows the latest plans from Trustpilot. FREE, but cannot use on your business website. Unlimited reviews. People must validate their reviews via Facebook or email. 100 email invitations. Click here for the Free TrustPilot Account.

  • Lite approximately $4,188/yr (with one year contract)
  • Pro approximately $7,188/yr (with one year contract)
  • Enterprise approximately $20K+/yr

ResellerRatings Pricing

reseller ratings

ResellerRatings, perhaps the biggest review site, has numerous negative reviews. Their business model is suspect. Check here, here, here, and here if you’re considering using their services. ResellerRatings isn’t transparent. The company doesn’t disclose its merchant pricing structure. ResellerRatings denies that it charges merchants based on their turnover and size.

However, many merchants contend that the company has a penchant for demanding exponential increases from time to time. There have been allegations that ResellerRatings retains a business’s 2- and 1-star reviews and ratings but removes its 3-, 4- and 5-star reviews and ratings if the business chooses to halt subscription to its services.

Merchants consider these tactics to amount to blackmail because they know that their ratings will be affected adversely whenever they stop paying the amount ResellerRatings demands.


ResellerRatings does not display pricing information. If you are interested in the company, then you are going to have to “Request a Demo,” and they will take if from there. This model of doing business appears to be universal when it comes to online review syndication companies. Even companies such as Shopper Approved that used to display pricing information have seemingly joined the bandwagon. They charge on a case by case basis!

Key Features Comparison: Shopper Approved vs Trustpilot vs ResellerRatings

Google Approved
Any of these 3 companies can get you Seller Ratings and Product Ratings

The following is a comparison of some of the features that you can expect to get from ResellerRatings, Shopper Approved and Trustpilot. To be frank, there is not much that differentiates these companies, features-wise. I mean, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for Seller Ratings, then any of these companies will do. They all appear on Google’s list of companies that are approved to syndicate Seller Ratings. The same applies if you are looking for Product Ratings. Any of these companies will do. Here is a comparison of the features;

Shopper ApprovedTrust PilotReseller Ratings
Promotional Tools
Feedback Management
Optimized Review Pages
Customer Care Resolution
Social Media & Search Engine
Review Syndication
Featured Directory Listing
Customizable Survey Options
Shopper Approved Facebook App
Review Widgets
Collect Reviews and Ratings in Private
Google, Bing and Yahoo Page Indexing
Customizable “Thank You” Pages
Custom Trust Seals & Certificates
Social Sharing
Embedded Review Form
Review Syndication
Customize the TrustBox
Instant Review Notifications
Review Monitoring & Response
Automatic Feedback Service
Customize Public Profile
Improve Online Reputation
New, Smart Widgets
Improved User Management
Platform Available to Every Business
Eliminate Potential Fake Reviews
Elite Merchant Badge
Review Accelerator
Review Syndication
Facebook Integration
Survey Email Compatibility
Exit Survey
Custom URL
Reviews Panel
Largest Consumer Reach
Robust Review Aggregation System
Merchant Member Dashboard Tools
Verified Buyers Only

Pros: Shopper Approved vs Trustpilot vs Reseller Ratings

Pros and cons Shopper Approved trustpilot

So, how do these three companies compare when it comes to benefits. We have already noted that all of them will get you stars in Google Ads, which is one of the most important things. The following are some of the pros and cons of these companies;

Reseller Ratings Pros

  • Set up high converting exit survey mailers.
  • 95 percent positive customer ratings.
  • Builds your business’s positive SEO.
  • Engage customers and thank fans via ResellerRatings website.
  • Boost your business’s advertising ROI.
  • Acquire maximum reviews post checkout.

Trustpilot Pros

  • Invite your customers and build trust quickly.
  • Custom email templates permit you to collect more reviews.
  • Improve customer acquisition rates by displaying your business’s TrustScore.
  • Publicize your customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Tools that boost your business’s reputation.
  • Acquire cost-effective new customers.
  • Improved Google Seller Rating.

Shopper Approved Pros

Shopper Approved Pros

At Planet Marketing, we have a lot more experience with Shopper Approved than with the other companies in this post. In fact, we have referred over 300 companies to Shopper Approved over the years. So, we know what we are talking about here. Based on our experience, we can safely say that Shopper Approved is the best when it comes to the management of online reviews for your business. We are not saying the other companies are bad. They have their pros and cons, but shopper approved is the best. Anyway, the following are some Shopper approved pros;

  • Incorporate review and rating widgets on your business website.
  • Create your own personalized survey questions.
  • Use customer reviews to generate SEO-optimized landing pages.
  • Display the top reviews on your enterprise’s Facebook page to gain trust.
  • Have your business website included in the Shopper Approved “Featured Directory.”
  • Display milestone award badges when you hit important rating milestones on your business website.

What are the differences between the three companies?

So, other than pricing, what are some of the things that differentiate Shopper Approved from Reseller Ratings and Trustpilot? One of the things that you will notice is that online review companies will try to sell you a lot of stuff that you may actually not need. Let’s assume, as an example, that you wish to get Seller Ratings for your Google Ads. If you approach any of these companies, they will try to sell you a lot other stuff. What you need to do is stick to what you are looking for. Don’t be woed by all the other stuff. Otherwise you will end up paying for things that you don’t really need! So, what are the differences between Reseller Ratings, Trustpilot and Shopper Approved?

ResellerRatings Enjoys Massive Syndication

Reseller Ratings will syndicate your reviews to Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo
Reseller Ratings will syndicate your reviews to Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo

Google and Bing, names associated with authority, quality, and authenticity, trust ResellerRatings’ reviews and ratings in a number of ways. Google displays the company’s reviews and ratings within sponsored AdWords advertisements and throughout Google Shopping., a top merchant review platform, lists over 68,000 merchant brands and generates consumer reviews that adhere to the highest standards of ethics and quality. ResellerRatings is the reviews platform chosen by over 1,800 retail brands to generate as well as leverage reviews.

The company’s  reach establishes customer trust in key syndication channels such as Bing Shopping, Google Shopping, SEO, Facebook, AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and within your own business website.

Trustpilot: Open Platform Consumer Facing Website

trustpilot vs reseller ratings
Trustpilot is different in that it is consumer oriented

Trustpilot is essentially a third party Customer Review platform. This enterprise is different from other review websites because it is an open platform customer facing website. Anyone can visit and leave reviews. They can also view other reviews instead of just requesting a quote. Trustpilot permits you ownership of all your business’s reviews. Your reviews remain on the Internet even if you decide to unsubscribe from Trustpilot’s service.

Range of Analytics

Trustpilot analytics

Trustpilot enables you to evaluate the success of your third party review engagement efforts using a range of analytics. These analytics ensure you get the maximum revenue for your investment in Trustpilot. You can use the collected data to enhance your review request CTR for even greater success.

Social Sharing

your customers can share reviews to social media, thus increasing your visibility

Trustpilot empowers your customers to share their recommendations and reviews to their contacts as well as networks. Also, Trustpilot’s native integration tools enable you to automatically share content on your business’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The enterprise takes its slogan “Sharing is Caring” seriously. In this spirit, Trustpilot encourages visitors to tell their friends about the companies they can trust.

Shopper Approved: Optimization and Ease of Use

Shopper Approved gets you local reviews, product reviews and merchant reviews
Shopper Approved gets you local reviews, product reviews and merchant reviews

Shopper Approved is perfectly optimized for search engine as well as social media use. The main reason for your company’s third party reviews is for online shoppers to find them easily. Shopper Approved does precisely that. This enterprise’s great tools get your company’s reviews to the right places so that they’re seen by online shoppers all over the web.

You can set up personalized questionnaires for your buyers to fill out. You can find out about their satisfaction with price, their chances of recommending your products to others, and anything else about their overall experience with your company. All this information helps you spot your strengths and weaknesses and take remedial measures. The information is helpful to your potential future customers as well. Working toward positive reviews is beneficial to your business because online shoppers consider positive reviews as a favorable indicator of trust.

Most review systems necessitate you to set up complex databases or confusing coding. With Shopper Approved, these issues are nonexistent. You merely add the code to the right web page and Shopper Approved will begin collecting ratings and reviews for you. Different widgets enable you to display the reviews on your website as you please. The ease of use allows you to make the reviews easy to find for your business’s potential customers.

About Seller and Product Ratings

seller ratings and product ratings
These are examples of seller and product ratings

Online reviews have two categories: 1. Merchant (Seller) reviews and 2. Product reviews. Google uses these reviews differently in diverse locations. Google displays merchant reviews in Google AdWords as well as Google Shopping. Product reviews are primarily displayed in Google Shopping for product-specific searches.

Third Party Review Syndication Companies

So, how do you get star reviews in your AdWords ads and in your Google Shopping listings? This is something that we have previously talked about in one of our articles.  Needless to say here that only a Google approved third party review company can syndicate 5-star reviews and ratings to those locations.

What this means is that for displaying stars in your Google AdWords and Google Shopping (also Yahoo! Ad and Bing networks) paid campaigns, you need to hire the services of a Microsoft or Google approved third party review site such as Shopper Approved or Reseller Ratings or Trust Pilot. These are the top 3 third party review companies that matter today.

We recommend Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved has the widest reach

You may have already guessed that we recommend Shopper Approved ahead of Trustpilot and ResellerRatings. Let me repeat that we have already recommended over 300 businesses to Shopper Approved. So, this is a company that we know of very well. And we are not afraid to recommend them because they are good. Online reviews are something that we all need to take seriously. Managing your online reputation can be a matter of life and death for your business. At Planet Marketing we have tried out a number of the online review platforms that are out there. Based on our experience, Shopper Approved is the company that we recommend the most to our readers! By why is that the case?

  • Affordability: Shopper Approved is the most affordable of the review aggregators that are out there. What’s more, you can get an even bigger discount using the Planet Marketing Shopper Approved Offer! See our price comparison above.
  • Star Ratings: If you are concerned about getting Star Ratings, then Shopper Approved is the company that you should opt for. Of course, both Trust Pilot and Reseller Ratings will get you star ratings, but Shopper Approved is the best when it comes to Product and Seller ratings in Google.
  • Performance: Shopper Approved, based on our experience, leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to performance! If you are looking for a company that will expertly handle your online reviews, then Shopper Approved is for you.
  • Shopper Approved collects the widest range of reviews. These include product reviews, merchant reviews and local reviews.

The Shopper Approved Discount Offer

Shopper Approved Dsiscount
Take advantage of the Shopper Approved offer today!

At Planet Marketing, we have negotiated with a huge discount for those that are looking to sign up with Shopper Approved. Sign up using the link below and you get the following benefits;

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the Planet Marketing Shopper Approved exclusive discount offer today!

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of Shopper Approved, Trust Pilot and Reseller Ratings. We could, therefore, get a small fee should you sign up using our links.

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