Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

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The only thing that matters for restaurants is that people are walking through your door! Here’s how we did it.

Here are the results of our Facebook ads for two of our clients. Once you see the results, I will show you how to do this for yourself.

facebook marketing for coffee shop restaurant
Facebook marketing results for our coffee shop client.
facebook marketing for pizza shop
Facebook marketing results for our pizza shop client

As you can see, the Facebook ad for the café reached 82,000 people while the ad for the pizza shop reached 36,000 people. While these numbers are impressive, what actually matters are transactions from people walking into the restaurant. 

Steps for Replicating Our Facebook Marketing Strategy

Step 1 – Start with a Facebook wall post

You’ll need to use your Facebook company page and make a wall post. You cannot use your personal FB profile. This part is easy. If you need ideas, use the text in our ads as a guide. Make sure the Call-To-Action button is relevant for you. For instance, “Get Directions” or “Send Message”.

As you can see in our ads, we used COVID to our advantage and let everyone know that our clients were “struggling”.

Step 2 – Leave Your new post up for 1 day

Let your new wall post gain a little momentum. If you have followers, you should get some Likes, Comments and Shares.

Step 3 – Go to your facebook ads manager and create a ‘reach’ campaign

Whatever you do, do NOT use a Facebook Boost Post. You will waste your money. 

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a “Reach Campaign”. You will have a lot more control over your ads if you use the Facebook Ads Manager vs. Boosted Post.

Step 4 – The Ad Set – be careful here!

We recommend starting at the top of the Ad Set and working your way down. Don’t skip steps. The most important part is “Create New Audience”. Basically you’ll be create a target audience.

  • If you’re inexperienced at Facebook Ads, set your budget to a Lifetime Budget of $100 so you don’t overspend.
  • Make sure under “Locations” that you select “People living in this area”; otherwise, you’ll be showing ads to people passing through town on the way to work or that are on vacation.
  • Limit your ads to show within a 1-3 mile radius from your restaurant’s location. 
  • If you want to show ads to 18 years old, remember they probably have to ask their parents for money. Instead, target people who most likely have disposable income like 30-55. Also, if you target senior citizens, depending on your restaurant, you may need to give them senior citizen discounts. 
  • If you own a café, chose coffee as your interest. If you own an Italian food restaurant, choose “Italian cuisine”

Side Note: If the Potential Reach is too small, remove the Interests.

At the bottom of the Ad Set you’ll see a section called “Optimization & Delivery”. This is where you set the Frequency Cap and bombard people who are within a 1-mile radius. We set this to 3 impressions everyday so people can’t escape from seeing our ad.

Step 5 – The Ad

You’ll be choosing “Use Existing Post” and promoting the wall post you created from Step 1. 

Under “Call To Action”, pick ‘Get Directions’ or ‘Send Message’ or anything that makes sense for your business. 

Step 6 – Click “PUBLISH”

At the bottom, click ‘Publish’. Your ad will be ‘Under Review’ for a few hours. 

When we launched these campaigns, our client Caffe Tazza (the coffee shop) ran out of food. Our other client Mike’s Pizza got overwhelmed and said, “Turn off Facebook! It’s overkill!”

This article only talks about leveraging Facebook to get foot traffic into your restaurant. There are many other things that you can do to get people in the door. Here is a short list:

  1. Enable ecommerce on your website so people can pre-order their food. When an order is placed, the cashier should see a printed receipt and hand it to the cook. 
  2. Google Maps – If you need higher rankings on Google Local Maps, check out GatherLocalReviews.com
  3.  Email Marketing
  4.  Text Message Marketing
  5. Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, etc.
  6.  Google Ads (this may be too expensive)

If you really want in-depth step-by-step training to get people into your restaurant, enroll in our Facebook Marketing Course.

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