5 Tips On Getting To Know Your Audience

know your audienceUse Google Advanced Segments

We 1st started off using Google Analytics advanced segments. We segmented visitors based on countries and which ones converted. By doing this you can find out how strong your presence is in the United States vs. other countries. If people are buying your products or services and they are in other countries, that is going to be a very different marketing campaign from the marketing campaigns here in the United States. You may need to think about doing international SEO and some paid search to market to people in other countries. In our experience paid search in other countries is a lot cheaper than paid search here in USA because the competition is a lot lower. We have been taking advantage of lower competition overseas for many years. Here is a real example how we use Google Analytics to discover a new audience. We found that many people in Nigeria and Ghana are dealerships, not actual individuals looking for service. So the approach there, to these people, is very different. What we did was create a new blog category specifically for those people who own dealerships.

Use a Survey

know your audienceGoogle Drive Form for Survey. Go to drive.google.com > Create > Form.

This has to be one of the best things we have done for our clients. We put the Google Drive Survey form on the actual conversion page. We asked three simple questions:

  1. Did you find what you were looking for?
  2. How would you rate your experience?
  3. What could we do better?

By embedding the Google customer survey on the actual conversion page, you are asking the right people in the right time. These people are not looking for information. They are your customers or prospects. The answers will show in a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

– iPerceptions

With iPerceptions you will insert a piece of code that will be on all pages of your website. You can choose to have a pop-up or pop-under. The survey will can be customized to show for certain actions like: Show survey to visitors with 3 page views, Don’t show survey to return visitors, Show survey to non-customers, etc.

Ask on social to know your audience

Use Facebook, Twitter or Google + to ask what topic would they like to hear about. There are tons of other social media networks to ask on so if you have a Tumblr or Reddit audience, ask there. And don’t hide what you are asking. Be blunt and ask what do you want us to talk more about.

Ask on your own blog to know your audience

If you have a blog with somewhat of a readership, ask your readers what topics you should cover. MOZ asked it’s audience what they wanted more of. I took the survey and answered that they need more advanced articles. They cater to beginner and intermediate internet marketers. But I find myself reading their blog less and less. Also they don’t cover paid search so I let them know

Ask customers

Newsletter – Yep! We blast off emails to our subscribers. We use a company called MailChimp to do the process for us. Probably about once a year we ask our subscribers what they would like to hear more about

Forum – If you have your own forum, this is probably the best place to ask

Ask for reviews on Shopper Approved, Yelp, Google Plus, 4 Square, etc and make on of the questions “What topic would you like us to write about”.


There you go! If you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, please leave them below in the comments. If this post has helped you in any way, please share using the social media buttons.

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