14 Reasons Why SEO Is Still The Best Marketing Investment (Info-graphic)

Are you sitting down?

Go ahead and grab a comfortable spot before reading any further.  All set?

Here we go: you can generate more business leads with one simple change to your marketing strategy. You won’t even have to sell a fragment of your soul to get it done. All you have to do is engage in a bit of basic search engine optimization.

Don’t leave just yet!

I know what you’re thinking. I thought it at one time too. “SEO is the DEVIL,” etc. Trust me, it’s not even 1/10th the malevolent force you’ve been lead to believe it is. Your preconceptions are based on a misunderstanding of what SEO is and what it can do.

Here’s the traditional belief: You’ve got to be a high-level dark internet sorcerer to pull off even the simplest amount of SEO magic. It’s too difficult to master, and the results don’t justify the investment of time you’ll make trying to understand it all. This is false. SEO is actually simple if you know the right way to go.

Instead of fussing over the high-concept SEO trickery, the unsubstantiated rumors, and the malarkey coming from wannabe SEO gurus, take a few tips from some true experts, who are, by-and-large, predicting an SEO Renaissance on the horizon.

Thanks to a bit of well-needed disruption in search engine land, the rules concerning SEO have been turned on their head. All that’s needed is a shrewd entrepreneur (you) to come in and capitalize.

Wipe that incredulous look off of your face, and take a look at these 14 reasons why SEO is still the best marketing investment you can make if you need some more proof.

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