10 Important Facts about Online Reviews

Are you looking to get online reviews for your business? If so, then there are a number of things that you need to know that will make your venture a success. My name is Francisco, and through my company Planet Marketing, I have, over the years, helped quite a number of companies achieve growth using online reviews. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Give you my recommended list of companies that can help you get the most out of online reviews.
  2. Highlight the 10 most important facts about online reviews.

Where you can get online reviews

Online Reviews are a digital version of the word-of-mouth phenomenon

If you think online reviews are a product of the digital age, then you would be sorely mistaken. For as long as people have been people, they have relied on the feedback that they get from those around them when making important decisions. Just consider the life of our hunter-gather forebearers. The things that made them survive was that they relied so much on the information that was passed down with regard to any of the following issues;

  • The most fertile hunting grounds
  • Which animals were dangerous
  • Which plants were poisonous
  • The tools that would get the most kills when hunting

10 Most Important Facts About Online Reviews

Here, in any case, are a few of the things that you need to know about online reviews;

Google uses data from online reviews to come up with star ratings

You need online reviews to get star ratings

Star ratings are a five star based system that is used by Google and other Search Engines to give a visual presentation of seller and product ratings. What you need to know is that Google uses data that it gathers from the reviews that are left by your customers online to come up with star ratings. This makes it important for every business to get star rating extensions, particularly in Google Shopping and in Google Ads. Sign up with any of the companies in the table at the table to get Star ratings.

Up to 90% of people will consult online reviews before making a purchase

The exact figure tends to be variable, depending on the research that is being cited, though it’s clear that a large number of people consult online reviews before making purchasing decisions. When it comes to online shopping, over 88% will take the reviews that are left across the internet into consideration when making their purchasing decisions.

What this means, in any case, is that every business that hopes to survive in the digital age needs to take advantage of this phenomenon to achieve growth. This applies to both big and small businesses.

Facebook allows people to leave reviews on business pages

This is something that not many people are aware of. Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, has actually grown, over the years, to become the biggest platform as far as online reviews are concerned. The platform is even bigger than Yelp and other well known reviews sites!

Reviews on our Facebook Business Page

To enable reviews or recommendations on a Facebook Page, all that you need to do is follow the steps that are outlined in the provided link. Facebook even showcases a rating on Facebook Pages, allowing people to get a visual presentation of the kind of experience that others have had with your business.

Online Reviews are important for local SEO

One of the things that you may have heard is that Search Engines, including Google now favor local firms for local queries. This is actually a logical progression. It wouldn’t do for someone in Uganda to be shown a list of restaurants in New York when they make a query for “restaurants near me.”

Local SEO is actually very important when it comes to small to medium sized business. Take a carpenter who operates out of the garage of his home as an example. This type of business is only going to be able to attract so customers from so many miles around its physical location.

Google recognizes that it would be futile to show search results from beyond this local area of operation when someone makes a query. That is why it shows local results first when it comes to such searches as “restaurant near me.” The best local review sites that help boost your business’ SEO include;

  • Google my Business
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Yelp
  • Trip Advisor

88% of consumers trust local reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and peers

This is another important bit of statistic, as far as online reviews are concerned. Up to 88% of people trust them as much as they do the recommendations that they get from their friends, family and colleagues.

Business is all about trust, and the fact that the people that you are hunting for tend to put stock on the information that they get from complete strangers makes it important for you, as a business owner or marketing executive to take every step to ensure that you capitalize on this phenomenon.

People spend more if a business has positive reviews

Online reviews, as you may be aware, actually do have a monetary value. Just consider the fact that if your business has received positive feedback from previous customers, people are likely to spend 31% more on it than would otherwise be the case. Again, it all boils down to building trust, which is the reason why 72% of people tend to be more trusting of a local business that has received positive reviews.

Negative reviews can be turned positive

Negative feedback is an inevitable part of life, as far as online reviews are concerned. However, instead of sweating when you get them, there are several things that you can do to turn them positive. Before doing this, you need to consider the fact that people actually expect to see negative reviews on your page.

In fact, 68% of consumers say that they are likely to trust reviews more if some customers have left negative feedback about you. The thing is that having only positive feedback makes it appear as if the reviews have, somewhat, been played around with.

That’s not to say, however, that you should actively court negative reviews. Indeed, negative feedback is something that you should actively seek to avoid, including by engaging with the concerned customer and making sure that their issue is amicably resolved.

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