Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice: Pricing + 2 Alternatives

Are you looking for a great company to help manage online reviews for your business? Have you been wondering which to go for, between Yotpo and Bazaarvoice? Would you like to hear about Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice alternatives? If yes, then you have come to the right place. My name is Francisco, and I am the owner of Planet Marketing, a digital marketing company. My company specializes in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Remarketing. Over the years, I have worked with most of the major online review companies that are out there. I am, therefore, well placed to give you the information that you need to make the best decision for your business. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Show you why every business needs to get online reviews
  2. Make a comparison of Yotpo and Bazaarvoice
  3. Give you 2 Yotpo and Bazaarvoice alternatives
Seller and Product Ratings Price per month Get it now!
Yotpo Yes Call to get a quote
Bazaarvoice Yes Get in touch for a quote
Shopper Approved YesGet a Discount when you use the Planet Marketing link
Trust Pilot Yes $349

Why online reviews are important for businesses

Online reviews are something that I have talked about a lot on this website. If your business has not already been harnessing their power, then you really need to get off your behind and up your game right now! The following are some of the reasons why online reviews are important;

  • They build trust: If you go to eBay or Amazon today, chances are high that you will opt for a product that has online reviews than one that does not. That’s because reviews tell you that others have already bought the product that you are interested in. You trust that the feedback that they subsequently left is genuine. This makes it easier for you to buy a product or service.
  • 93% refer to them: Online reviews are not just for show. Research indicates that up to 93% of people refer to them before making purchases. So, reviews are a good way through which you can get the word out about your company.
  • They aid your SEO: The reviews that are left on Yelp, Google and on other platforms are a good way through which you can benefit from free, user generated content. This content is a great way of improving you search engine visibility.
  • You may get them, whether you like it or not: This is something that most people are not aware of. People can still leave a review for your business on Google Maps, Yelp and other platforms even if you have not claimed your business page on these sites. This type of feedback tends to be harmful; people are not naturally inclined to review businesses. Those that do without prompting are usually angry at something. You definitely do not want to have an angry customer have the final word about your brand! Online reviews are, therefore, something that you need to manage to effectively retain control of your brand’s reputation.
  • They can get you Seller and Product Ratings: Having Store Ratings and Product ratings in Google CPC text ads and in Google Shopping is a great way to improve your visibility. According to Google, brands that display Store Ratings on their ads get a CTR boost of up to 17%. The data that is used for seller and product ratings comes from online reviews. Google has a list of companies that are approved to syndicate data for product ratings and another for Store Ratings. Yotpo and Bazaarvoice are on both lists.

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice pricing

You are here because you wish to find out which is cheaper, between Yotpo and Bazaarvoice. So, I shall not waste any more of your time! I have previously compared Yopto with Shopper Approved, Power Reviews, Judge.me and Shopify Reviews. This article looks at how Yotpo stakes up against Bazaarvoice in terms of price. So, what, if anything, is it that sets the two companies apart?

Both companies do not display pricing on their websites

This is something that will annoy the heck out of most people! Both Yotpo and Bazaarvoice do not display pricing plans on their websites. Visit the Yotpo pricing page today and you will get the page in the screenshot below. As you can see, the company offer two plans; the Free plan and the Premium plan. To get started on the Premium plan, you need to request a demo.

Yopto does not display pricing information

According to the company, the pricing for the Premium plan is going to be based on a number of factors, including your business’ monthly order volume, its domains, its products and its traffic. This model can, depending on how big your business is, either be great of totally unfair. It is not too far fetched to think that the folks at Yotpo will probably do research on your brand before deciding how much they can charge you!

Bazaarvoice does not even display a pricing plan

You need to get in touch to get Bazaarvoice’s pricing

While you may think that the above mentioned scenario with Yotpo is bad, wait till you head over to Bazaarvoice’s website. The company does not even have pricing plans for its products and services! Now, the fact that the company has business with such companies and Unilever and Pepsi probably means it is big enough to forgo such trivialities. Unfortunately, this probably also means that it is way beyond the reach of small players! If you are willing to try these guys, get in touch by filling out the form in the screenshot above on their website.

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice alternatives

So, which companies are the best alternatives for Yotpo and Bazaarvoice. Remember we are looking for a brand that is able to handle your online reviews, including syndicating data to Google for both Store Ratings and Product Ratings, at a reasonable price. Having worked with a number of review syndication companies over the years, I can safely say the following are the best alternatives to Yotpo and Bazaarvoice;

Shopper Approved

Yotpo and Bazaarvoice are some of the biggest brands in the management of online reviews. Truth is, if you are a small to medium sized business, you may not be able to afford them. That is the reason why we recommend Shopper Approved as an alternative for our readers. So, how much does Shopper Approved cost and how good is it, as far as gathering online reviews and pushing ratings into Google AdWords and Google PLAs are concerned?

Update: Shopper Approved has joined the bandwagon and no longer displays pricing on it’s website! It seems as if “custom pricing,” is the in thing in the industry, but it can be pretty annoying if you are a customer! Fortunately, we know what they charge! And we can tell you that they are one of the cheapest for Store Ratings and Product Ratings.

The Shopper Approved Discount

We have worked with Shopper Approved for years and have negotiated a discount on our readers’ behalf. Use our link, and you will get an amazing discount when you sign up with Shopper Approved. You also get 30 days free when you sign up with Shopper Approved using our link.


Trustpilot pricing

Trustpilot is another great alternative to Yotpo and Bazaarvoice. Its major setback is that it does not offer month to month payments on its plans, the least priced of which stands at $349 per month. This gives you Google Store Ratings, as well as Bing and Yahoo merchant reviews. Trustpilot costs more when compared to Shopper Approved, but it is still a good bet for those that are serious about online reviews. You can try it out using this link.

Negotiate for a better price!

Now, a parting word; whatever the company that you are going to be settling for, don’t be afraid to haggle to get a better deal for your business. You will be surprised at some of the discounts that people argoing to be willing to offer to get you to sign up!

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