Facebook Ads for Massage Therapists

Are you looking to grow your business using Facebook ads? Have you been wondering whether or not advertising on Facebook is for Massage Therapists? My name is Francisco, and I am here to answer these and other questions. Most people that I talk to prefer that I handle Facebook advertising on their behalf. You too can get professional Ads by signing up for the Facebook Ads Setup Plan using the above link. In this article, I am going to;

  1. Talk about whether or not Facebook ads work for Massage therapists.
  2. Show you how to create your very own Facebook ads!

Should Massage Therapists advertise on Facebook?

My company, Planet Marketing has, during the course of the past decade, worked with tens of massage therapists. In all this time, one of the questions that I am asked is, can massage therapists benefit from advertising on the Facebook? Today, I am here to tell you that yes, Massage Therapists are some of the businesses that stand to benefit the most from advertising on the world’s biggest social networking site. Indeed, a number are already doing it to great success! So, if you are haven’t been doing it, you have been missing out for the following reasons;

  • Facebook is the premier social Media network in the world. Indeed, the 2.1 billion monthly active users on the platform make it a gold mine as far as attracting customers for any business is concerned.
  • Facebook provides small entities such as massage therapists with all the tools that they need to properly create and refine their audiences. This makes any ads that you may create highly relevant, which increases their chances of success.
  • Advertising on Facebook is cheaper than on other platforms. A question that I am often asked is, is Facebook cheaper than Google Ads when it comes to advertising? The answer is a definite yes! Indeed, you can get going with Facebook ads for as little as $15.
  • Mastering the creation of Facebook ads is not that difficult. You only need a bit of patience (and our DIY Facebook ads marketing course) to get the hang of it.

Step by step guide to creating your own Facebook ads

Facebook ads are created in Ads Manager. If you are a massage therapist, the following are some of the steps that you need to take as part of the process of creating DIY Facebook Ads for your business;

Choosing a campaign objective

Choose an objective for your Facebook Ads campaign

The first step on the way to creating your very own Facebook ads involves choosing an objective for your campaign. The campaign objective is really important, because it tends to have a bearing on how your ad is going to perform when it is launched. Facebook offers a number of campaign Objectives as part of the ad creation process. However, you can only have one for any advertising campaign;

  • Video views
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • Conversions
  • Store visits
  • Catalog sales
  • Messages

What’s the best campaign objective for massage therapists?

A number of the Facebook ad Objectives that are outlined above can work for your massage therapy business.

  • If you have a website or landing page, as an example, you can choose to have people who click on your website directed to it.
  • You can also choose to raise awareness of your brand.
  • Perhaps you have a video that you wish to have shown to your target audience.
  • It’s also possible for you to choose “Messages,” as your campaign objective, which would enable you to chat with your prospects.

Creating your target audience: The Ad Set

Once you have chosen your Facebook Ad campaign objective, the next thing that you need to do is define the people that you wish to target with your Facebook Ads. This occurs in the “Ad Set” section, where you are provided with a number of tools that are designed to make sure that your ads are delivered only to the right kind of audience;


Where are the people that you are targeting located located?

Where do you wish to have your ads shown? Remember that Facebook has a global reach, which can be tempting for some people to try and reach out to people in various parts of the world.

Having your ads viewed by people in Malawi is hardly going to be helpful if you are a massage therapist whose business is based on Folsom Street, San Francisco, California. This is the location that we are going to choose for this example.

To be honest, a massage therapist is going to attract customers from so many miles around. It would, therefore, be a waste of time to try and reach out to the whole country.

Note, however, that you can have your ads delivered to various locations in various parts of the world. This can be useful if, as an example, your business has multiple stores around the globe.

Age, Gender and Language

Use these settings to further define your target audience

Which age groups constitute the customer base for your massage therapy business? This is another question that you can answer as part of the process of setting up your target audience.

The gender setting allows you to choose whether or not you are going to have the Facebook Ads that you are creating for your Massage Therapy business delivered to both men and women.

It’s also possible for you to further narrow down on your target audience using the language setting. If, as an example, you only wish to target Spanish speakers, then this would be the setting that you would use.

Detailed Targeting

Narrow down on your target audience using the detailed targeting section

The detailed targeting section, which covers demographics, interests and behaviors, is where you really narrow down on the people to whom you wish to have the Facebook ads that you are creating for your massage therapy business delivered. For this example, we are going to have our ads delivered to people who have expressed an interest in;

  • Full body massages
  • Massages
  • Thai massages
  • Health and wellness
  • Massage Parlor
  • Relaxation technique

Creating the Ad

Now that you have created your target audience, the next thing that you need to do is create the Facebook ad itself. One of the things that I have noticed is that not many people get it right here. Indeed, if you are not able to create professional looking content, it may be better to get others to do it on your behalf. The ad creation process of composed of a number of steps;

Available Ad types

Facebook offers the following ad types to those that are willing to advertise on the platform;

  • Carousel
  • Single image
  • Single video


I have, in the above writeup, only touched the surface of all the steps that are needed to get you going creating your own Facebook Ads. If you need to learn more, then check out my DIY Facebook Ads Marketing course! The course contains a number of video tutorials that are designed to get you going creating your own ads in no time

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